Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zeroing in on Bigfoot

'Staring contest....GO!'

As the owner and writer of this Blog since 2005 I have focused on the weird stories I have come across, mostly as reported on the BFRO database, as it is the best, most detailed source available in the world. I chose to use the term 'Bigfoot' on most of the post titles to maintain a theme consistent with the Blog title of Bizarre Bigfoot, but as the reports pile up I think the term itself has become a bit jaded and even inaccurate.

Yes, these creatures seem to have oversize feet, as documented in observer accounts and myriad plaster casts, but the most compelling parts of the phenomena are about its size and form.

This is a giant, for one thing, and it apparently exists in the out of doors year round without the need for clothing or a heat source. For these reasons, and for the purpose of brevity while typing, I have sometimes come to refer to Sasquatches as 'GHH' or Giant Hairy Humanoids.

(Another part of my reason for the GHH designation is Thom Powells suggestion that the name 'BIGFOOT' may have become offensive to the ear of dedicated researchers.)

So, with that stated, the other notable feature that the BFRO database provides is what I think is THE most important aspect of any discovery science: locations.

'Stump or GHH?'

The BFRO database numbers over 4500 reports and climbing, and of those reports from 39 separate counties,  the highest number of researched, investigated stories comes from Pierce County, (76 to date) where I have a homebase.

Further distillation of places in Pierce County turns up a near tie between the Yelm/Spanaway/Joint Base Lewis McChord areas and that of Greenwater/Upper Greenwater/Mt. Rainier areas.

I know all of these places fairly well having visited them and hiked through them for years.

In even closer examination, the woods above the town of Greenwater (which have had weird things happening there since 1970 until 2016) edges out the Spanaway area for visual sightings, as opposed to track finds, sounds etc., which I maintain are more important for the fleshing out of what this creature is about.

    'I KNOW I left my keys here somewhere!'

Heres is an excerpt from a favorite Upper Greenwater BFRO report.

YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring



STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pierce County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please read account

NEAREST TOWN: Greenwater

NEAREST ROAD: Fs rd connecting to 410

OBSERVED: My husband and I were up off of highway 410, about 5 miles outside of Greenwater (on the FS road right after the fire station on the left side of the road)around the first part of June in 2008. We had come from Tacoma and I was trying to get my husband acquainted with being in the woods at night, so we headed up to a place I liked to go occasionally to start a fire and cook some food and relax. It was a site for what looked like an old rock quarry alongside the right hand side of the woods. I chose the spot because it was fairly open to the road and there were also a large number of campers dotted throughout the woods and along the river at the time. It should also be noted that it was foggy.
'Don't make me tell you again.'

We pulled into the muddy rock pit(we were driving a '69 220 Mercedes) drove in about 50 feet and then noticed something in front of the car. My husband seemed panicked and wondered what the hell it was. It was gray(light colored)big, human shape, visible right in front of our car no more than 15 feet from the front bumper. Even though I knew it wasn't human or a known animal, I told him it was a deer's butt and not to be scared. He has stopped the car at this point and then we both witnessed the creature climb up the side of the quarry at a high rate of speed. He was terrified, but for some reason, I wasn't scared at all even though I had just something unexplainable. I convinced him to park and we got the stuff out the trunk headed up the other side of the quarry and started the fire. By the time it was really going it was dark out and we were just sitting and talking. It also started to rain a little. I had the unnerving feeling that we were being watched. That was when we saw headlights coming up the road and turning into the quarry.

'Park Ranger Jones - RIP'

 It was the sheriff. He stopped at our car then came up the side of the quarry in his truck, shining his search beam on us as he ascended. After asking what we were doing he left and headed down the side of the quarry in which we had seen the creature earlier. I noticed about a quarter of the way down he stopped and shone his light into the woods at which time the previously viewed creature was spotted standing at the edge of the woods. It turned around and headed back into the woods and the sheriff sped down the side of the quarry. I bet he remembers it, but I don't remember his name.

The lady who made the report goes in to include this unusual statement,  'We left immediatelly. It should also be noted that I didn't feel scared at all and I almost forgot that I had seen the creature until we drove home and my husband reminded me. It was almost like my mind was trying to dismiss it because I didn't know or could make sense out of what I had seen.'

The BFRO invesigator  who took this report, Kirk Brandenburg, wrote, 

'The female witness could not explain why she was not frightened by the sighting and does not understand her own reaction. She did get an uncomfortable feeling of being watched as they sat by the fire. The male witness was frightened by the sighting and continued to be unsettled. After the second sighting, the witnesses quickly packed up and left at the husband's insistence. As the wife indicates in her narrative, her response was possibly due to a mental defense mechanism engaging to help her cope with what she saw. '

The woman's lack of fear COULD be explained as a 'defense mechanism', but it is one that I've never heard of, as her own husband can attest, fear is a the natural reaction humans have when they encounter what most would agree is a boogeyman. 

An additional detail is important too. Both witnesses are members of a Western Washington Native American Tribe. 
'I don't FEEL scary..'

I have been to the location of this sighting a number of times, and I've walked up around the general area the witnesses said they saw the creature walk to, and though the quarry has been altered, overall it is a fairly steep and rugged route out of the area. It is not easy to climb around much less depart from 'at a high rate of speed', as the woman wrote in her account. 

One last thing: The cop who came through immediatly after. Who summoned him?  Ostensibly, there could be a police report about this, but Brandenberg does not mention it. 

These are the stories that keep me interested in the whole crazy subject. My last post, 'Bigfoot Doesn't Exist' was a dour, bout of frustration on my part, because the answers remain so elusive. 
But I'm still interested, as I believe that a more complete understanding of the GHH that explains how they have eluded us will almost certainly usher humans into a new paradigm of our place in the world.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bigfoot Doesn't Exist

'Mahalo, dude'
There, I said it. After what is basically my entire adult life, I am ready to embrace the truth that Sasquatch is a myth.  This conclusion is born out of frustration, yes, and many would say that unless I am willing to truly devote all of my time and resources to the search, I could never believe they exist. 

But that would be foolish too. 

Should I stay the course like Rene Dahinden, who died still believing in a hairy, bipedal forest monster? Should I spend more than 50 years searching like Peter Byrne or John Green only to find nothing but a few questionable hairs and reams of ridicule and doubt?

What about the thousands of 'eyewitnesses' who claim to have seen a giant ape-like creature? 
Or the special few who seemed to have recorded images or sounds that point to a non-human  thing? Can I completely discount all of that as imagination or hoax?

In the paucity of hard evidence, a person who is on the fence has to decide, at some point, whether a few anomalous DNA samples and some blurry video footage is enough to keep them on the path of discovery. 

This is the case for Jeff Meldrum, who rests his reputation as a tenured, full Professor on the fruition of scientific consensus. 

It's the case for serious investigators like Derek Randle and his Olympic Project team, who chase and catalog, lecture and argue that Bigfoot IS a real, extant creature, it's just that...he's real elusive. 

This is where my rope starts to get thin, when humans have cataloged every other creature that we co-exist with down to the bones, and yet there are still intelligent people out there who think big hairy forest people exist WITHOUT any bones. 

Also, I think it's too much to accept that raccoons and porcupines are so good at eating bones that this is why we have never found any, just doesn't wash when bears, cougars and mountain goats are also elusive, yet we have their bones to add to the mammal taxonomy. 

Also, I have personally seen and photographed bears and mountain goats. (Still working on cougars, but I'm pretty sure they exist).
                                                                              Bear hemorrhoids...the worst.

You, the Sasquatch Whisperer are asking, 'How hard have you really looked?' 'What are my field credentials?'

That's a fair question, and I am miles behind the hard core investigators like Derek, Meldrum or the crew of Finding Bigfoot. What I have done is paltry, but:

1). Spent several overnight trips with BF-related individuals as well as luminaries, with recording gear and a serious attitude of quiet patience.

2). Attended four conferences that featured the big names in Sasquatchery including Doc Meldrum, Derek and his team, Thom Powell, John Bindernagle and was in attendance when Todd Standing was shouted down by the crowd for grandstanding on weak evidence while fellow panelists like Les Stroud worked hard at staying neutral. 

3). Have personally bugged the hell out of Meldrum, Powell, Randles, Tom Baker, Scott Taylor, Standing and Stroud with pesky questions. 

4). Have dug into the meatiest eyewitness accounts with people like John Carlson, Scott Taylor and Randy Hunt, all of who claim to have witnessed Sasquatch or similarly-related entity's.

5). Have had four inexplicable experiences that could be construed as Bigfoot-related, ie.
      a).On a hike up a ridge in the Gifford-Pinchot as dusk approached, wife and I got the     distinct, unnerving feeling of being watched. On the hike out we found a pile of bones, provenance undetermined, but likely Elk.
      b). Another hike at Packwood Lake had us stopped after a wood knock noise. The lack of sound in that section of trail was palpably creepy and hastened our departure.
      d). Hiking at Mud Mountain Dam, our group of three got temporarily lost and stumbled onto another fresh pile of bones, probably deer, but not established.
      d). During an overnight stay at The Olympic Project's HQ in Port Angeles, I experienced a sudden onset of extreme cold and fatigue that layed me out just prior to a night hike. I shivered in my sleeping bag for twenty minutes thinking I was becoming deeply sick until the feeling stopped abruptly and I rejoined the group feeling as well as ever. 

So....do any of these experiences help me ?

Apparently not, because I'm posting this rant. 
So now, are you are fully ready to argue for the GHH (Giant Hairy Hominid - my term)?

You: 'But S.A.R., there's thousands of reports...from credible witnesses!'

Yes, the BFRO in particular has lots of witness accounts...and they're fun to read but are they really enough by themselves to make a case for existence of a previously undiscovered species?

In a word: No. Eyewitness accounts are admissable in courts of law, but recent court cases based on memory recall and individual perceptions proved that they can be unreliable and biased. Consider that bears can and DO walk around on their hind legs and when upright an adult brown can clear 6 feet pretty easily. Also, people lie for a variety of reasons.

This, coupled with false identification and outright hoaxes leaves us with delusion, not a GHH.
'I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.'

You: 'But Your Majesty, they've got footprint casts...and, and HAIR and stuff.'

Mmmm, not so much. Again, search youtube for 'bear tracks' and look at how amazingly similar they look to a very large human footprint. Also, those annoying hoaxers are getting increasingly good at faking trackways, ask any well known Sasquatch researcher and they will admit that they have seen faked prints.  As to hair, and 'stuff' (which is what we will call bigfoot shit for now) SURE..lots of hair and stuff has surfaced and gotten tested. Sykes, Ketchum, et.al., have made claims of 'novel DNA' but since we don't have a body/specimen to type against, that stuff is a basically a 'one-off', meaning, it is not repeatable and hence not real in a scientific sense.  I'm starting to feel like Bill Nye now, but maybe we should just ask him.

Bill: 'nobody has come up with strong proof.'
(Bill Nye The Science Guy's Big Blast of Science-Perseus Publishing - 1993)

Ok, so Bill's out.

You: 'But what about those dudes, like Meldrum and Krantz and Bindernagel? huh, HUH!?'

Yes, these gentlement are real scientists and they all think 'something' big, hairy and bipedal is cruising around out there. But they're still just three dudes with an opinion...man. There are many more scientists who disagree with the good Drs. and biologist Bindy. They cite that pesky requirement of a body to add to the taxonomy.

'Hey..I feel like I exist..that should count for something!'

Dr. Krantz, probably the father of modern scientific inquiry into Sasquatch-related shit believed that Bigfoot could be a relict population of Gigantopithecus. Fossils of Giganto mandibles and teeth WERE found in Asia but due to the lack of a full set of bones, it is arguable as to whether that creature was bipedal or ambulated on all fours. Also, Dr. Krantz's work failed on scrutiny when it was determined that he had fallen for hoaxes.

Meldrum, who currently carries the brightest torch for existence, believes they exist based mainly on his examination of numerous plaster footprint casts. He IS an expert on primate locomotion ( what a cool job title!) so we should consider his point of view carefully. BUT, because we don't have a living, breathing creature to observe actually making these tracks, we still forced to speculate as to it's existence. Bottom line. I like him, have bothered him a few times with stupid questions, and I like Bingernagel too, especially when he bailed on Todd Standing at the Sasquatch Summit in 2014 when the Toddster tried to get Bindy to agree that they had found bigfoot prints on a hillside. "No," he said.

So what are we left with?

Those reports from eyewitnesses, as compelling as they feel, are not enough. We need a body, really.
And after we have that body, it must be made available to the whole of the scientific community and to establish independent corroboration. This is a big deal, after all, the rewriting of history.
'Saddened, S.Quatch walks forlornly back to his cave.'

Do I think it will happen? No...just as I don't think we will ever see governmental acknowledgement of Aliens, Sasquatch will remain a mythical figure. I now open the floor for discussion.

Your turn!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Waiting for Sasquatch

I walk along the fringe separating the sixth fairway from the thick scrub of woods on the eastern edge of Surfside Golf course, occasionally shining my anemic flashlight into the paths left by golfers looking for lost balls. It is well past dusk, the wife and dogs walk ahead of me down the middle of the fairway. The moon is a crescent in the dimly lit sky, next to a faint Venus.
Of all the places on the planet where a Sasquatch might be, this location should be one of the most likely in the world. (click for more)

According to the BFRO database, (THE most complete and diligent forum for investigated reports of Hairy Humanoids) Washington State has 622 investigated reports, with Pierce County having the highest number in the state (75) with King County being 2nd at 46. Grays Harbor County, just up the coast has 42 reports.

At this writing, I am in Pacific County at my beach cabin, but my main home is right next to the border between King and Pierce, the two counties with the highest incidence of Bigfoot accounts in the entire world.

Why do I think my current location is ripe for an encounter? Two reasons: 1). Just about a mile from where my flashlight punches into the dank woods lives a man who claims to have a family of Sasquatches who he shares sandwiches with, and 2). this place FEELS Bigfooty.

That wholly unscientific assessement is a weak argument, yes, but the entire supposition that we share the planet with a giant, hairy humanoid that is so ghost-like that it can almost never be seen much less photographed is a visit to Crazytown in itself.

My wife yells at Dog number two because I have let it off the leash and the dog furrows into the wet bushes. My focus on sleuthing is interrupted by her worry, and I cannot argue with her because we HAVE seen bears here just last summer. At that moment, when I turn to see where she is in the dark
I see a light across the fairway, on hole number 5.

Its another human, with a flashlight and I am surprised. On our frequent night time golf course sorties, I have never seen another person here and so I stop behind a big tree and watch them walk beyond the tee box and out of view back toward the clubhouse. An employee out checking sprinkler heads or...?

Dog number 2 is back out running toward the sand traps in the sixth green and so I follow, wondering if there might be a nice, fat footprint in the perfect, freshly dampened substrate.
No such luck, Chuck. I found the telltale cloven-hooved tracks of a deer, though, arguably an important Bigfoot food source, and I saw the fresh prints dog 2 had made.

It's not THAT big, is it?

I tried to mash my own boot into the edge of the trap, finding it rather firm underfoot. Bigfoot prints have been found in sand before, most notably in the dunes near Tillamook, Oregon, but these traps are raked regularly so my small hopes are further diminished.

I am angling toward a dark corner of the seventh tee box here, a place I have passed numerous times during golf rounds and wondered about for its perfect concealment. From a place just inside the scrub one can see the all the way to the clubhouse and down the expanse of both the ninth and sixth fairways, basically the entire golf course perimeter on two sides.

My fantasy is to come here at night with a Sasquatch researcher/friend, with just a sack of snacks, a couple of comfy lawn loungers and sleeping bags, and a night vision/flir equipped video camera. We will make no fire, we will be very quiet for the most part, but will àlso allow ourselves to be noticed from time to time by any wildlife by chatting normally.

MopFoot, leaving the scene of a mess

In this way, according to my acqauintances in the Bigfoot Research world, our chances of an encounter are dramatically increased.

I could jam some apples into the the stubs of broken tree branches, or, as in the case of my nearby contact, leave peanut butter sandwiches on a tray, but that requires more time and patience.

Wait, WHAT? 

In the ongoing field of hairy hominid research, patience IS the key. The hot trend revolves around 'habituation', which is just how any serious study of primates in wild places is done.

Go to where they are seen/Bring something they like to eat/Leave, but return later and watch quietly/Repeat often. Also, do it at night.

Out on the beach, proper, I walk each day and contemplate our concepts of time. Its easy to do in a place that is so devoid of the markers of time. Sky meets Ocean, meets Sand. On overcast days, all are shades of gray. The wind blows swift, low curtains of sand grains against my legs and Sandpipers flit through exceedingly rapid tumults in swarms like a single organism. This feels timeless.

Humans think in terms of hours. How long has it been since I ate something? How long until the sun goes down? How many days until the weather gets cold. These signs, hunger, aversion to cold or darkness are built in to our genes through evolution. They are preciously short indicators as opposed to the forces that sculpt the earth. This is probably why Global Warming is such a hard sell to the general public. We, as untrained, short-lived citizens, have difficulty with the concepts of geologic time.

And some suggest, as a growing number of Sasquatch researchers believe, our quarry is particularly long-lived, numbering the days into the mid-one hundred rountinely.  Wild speculation, of course, but some species of turtles live well past 100 years and Bowhead Whales (also Greenland Sharks) have an AVERAGE lifespan of 200.

Is it conceit that makes us think we can lure a giant forest man-ape into meaningful contact with a P,B&J or just a special brand of crazy?

Look, I TOLD you..NO WHEAT BREAD, dude.

My contact here at the beach believes that Sasquatches do not like wheat bread. He believes that the sandwiches he makes, Peanut butter and jelly on WHITE bread are the best food to offer Bigfoot, through trial and error. The wheat bread sandwiches were ignored while the white bread treats were scarfed up, on one occasion, in broad daylight, just paces away, him on his covered deck, an 8 foot tall Bigfoot behind the corner of an old truck canopy, they both enjoyed their lunch.

Last July, I spotted him standing outside his snazzy 4WD coupe across the street from Jacks Country Store and pulled in to chat with him. I am keeping his identity on the down low because I think its best, though he is a fairly open book about his experiences. In fact, most of what I know about him I learned from the internet and the BFRO. I will call him R.

R contacted the BFRO with the wild story of his ongoing relationship, and investigators converged here to see for themselves. Their verdict: R is telling the truth.

On the street corner, R is talking with an older man, smoking a cigarette and being animated. He is tall, a big man even, with longish hair and beard. He favors sleeveless sweatshirts that show off his upper arm tattoo.

I try not to act too pushy, but I want to know everything I can learn about his visitors.
'Ehh...they dont come around as much during the summer when everbody comes to the beach.'
I am supressing my bullshit meter now, and he continues, 'but I found a big footprint on the side of an embankment by the house the other day.'

This is a far cry from his online claim of hearing and seeing a Sasquatch try to speak an apparent name.

R rambled for an additonal twenty minutes about recent positive changes in his life and and I knew any useful information was not going to surface, so I handed him my business card (carpentry) and asked him to email if he could about having me stop by to see his situation.

Maybe he feels his 15 minutes of public adoration are done now that the BFRO people have backed him up, so having a fan club is less of a draw now.

I am on my own, then, and this is what one of those investigators, Scott Taylor, told me.
'Just go out in your own backyard at night and wait quietly.....they will come to you.'
'I, ah, tried to reason..with you people...but, ah..Obamafoot OUT!'

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Paranormal Bigfoot and the Tide of Perception

   'You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.' Dylan

Maybe it's lazy thinking, maybe it's the natural progression of opinions over time, prodded by the frustration of lack of evidence, but more and more people in the world of Bigfoot research are veering to what Thom Powell calls the 'woo woo', the weirdness, the inexplicable aspects of Sasquatch reports that do not fit neatly into the hard science box.  Click here for more.

                                                               Erik Beckjords idea of Patty

Doc Meldrum must be really tired of fighting off wackjobs (like me) who pepper him with bizarre, wholly unscientific questions like 'So, ah, Doc..if Bigfoots can, like, disappear whenever they want, why don't they just come to the supermarket to get their donuts and stuff?'

'I like the ones with sprinkles.'

When I asked him this (not really, I asked far more sciency questions) he was very patient and didn't seem all that rehearsed, but always answered the way a professor who likes his job would answer: by not saying much.

Why not? Because we STILL don't know very much. Let's make some lists.

What We Know For Sure -
Sasquatch witness reports number in the thousands. While visual sightings don't constitute solid evidence, there's a powerful pattern here that requires more digging.

The Patterson/Gimlin Film. The holy grail of BF evidence, it's been so deeply researched that the possibility that it represents actual photographic proof also begs more research from science types.

We have DNA. Ketchum and Sykes have tried to get the word out that 'novel DNA' from 'non-human' sources have been found repeatedly among the many samples submitted and tested. This said, the internet argument rages on because, on the internet ANYBODY can pose as being intelligent and correct about something and cause crapstorms of controversy. The task of ferreting out what is true and real becomes very onerous, so we're often left hanging unless scientific methods are published and consensus is reached by at least a few educated and trained specialists.

  Sykes and Ketchum...I think.

What We THINK We Know-
Sasquatches can disappear at will. Lots of stories, but of course, no photographs. (Unless you count Todd Standings strange photos, or Melissa Hovey's 'Sasquatch back' game cam picture, considered by supporters to be among the best out there.) Yes, photographing an invisible creature might be a contradiction by description, but the rumors of Bigfoot vanishing mid-step are fairly numerous.

Bigfoot can read minds, communicate telepathically. Why not? This is such a highly personal claim that unless it happens to you, it will always be up for dispute. Those that claim to hear them in their head are also growing in number. Is this a form of social media hypnosis?

Sasquatches can 'zap' humans, other animals. Reports, again, anecotal, suggest that people who see a Bigfoot are momentarily paralyzed, and/or feel incapacitated by sudden sickness, which lifts after the encounter is over. Again, a highly personal perception, but I myself have had an very unusual experience during an overnight stay at Derek Randle's Olympic Project site. After Derek announced a night hike to check some bait stations, I headed for my van to get my audio gear. The moment I stepped out the door of the main meeting place, I was hit by a strong wave of nausea. It so palpable that I nearly fell against the side of the building, but managed to weave my way to the van, parked in the pasture between the meeting hall and the treeline. I felt like my body had dropped in temperature to the point where I was instantly shivering. The outside temp was cool, but not freezing. I got to the van and crawled in back and it was all I could do to get inside my sleeping bag. My head pounded, I shivered and I think I slept for a few minutes. When I came to, I was sweating and felt the dizziness and pain was gone. I got up, grabbed my gear to join the group but back at the shop they were gone. I have never had a sudden onset illness like that before or since.

Bigfoot travels interdimensionally. This claim falls as a subset of the invisibility aspect, but there are visual reports of Sasquatches coming into and going out of view through a sort of window that opens and closes in plain view. Skeptics chalk this up to tv shows like Star Trek or Stargate, but believers suggest a connection between the phenomenon and the writers of those shows. Even though I'm a crazy 'bizarre' bigfoot aficionado, this idea makes me chuckle.

So...Scientists vs. Non-scientists/laymen, the debate will continue vs. Educated Professional and Ordinary people, but let's make a formal list of the Notables here too:

Notable People Who Believe Bigfoot Is A Flesh And Blood, Physical Creature That Is Just Really Good At Avoiding Humans Camp.

Dr. Meldrum - He's never going to cave and say he heard one in his head or saw it disappear in front of his eyes. He'd almost certainly lose his tenure and his job at Idaho State. We need him, too. Somebody has to hold the line and not buy into things that cannot be proven. Stay the course, Doc.

Dr. Bindernagel – Dr. B is unlikely to change his mind either. I watched in person at the Ocean Shores Sasquatch Summit when Bindernagel, a guest at the request of Todd Standing, brought in to back up Standings' claim of BF activity in Ontario, actually BACKED AWAY from agreeing with Standing at the moment he took the stage. It was surprising, as Meldrum was much more enthusiastic about Standing. Todd's face visibly dropped when Dr. B said, paraphrased, 'Well, no, actually, I never saw an actual footprints on that hillside.'

Notable People Who Originally Thought Sasquatches Were Forest Apes, But Now Think They Are Paranormal.

The way the wind is blowing tells me that the following people are among a growing group who have come around in their thought process to accept that Bigfoot is not just a human-throwback, but a special lifeform that can do things humans cannot.

Johnson, Davies and Carlson

Dr. Matthew Johnson. Johnson saw a big hairy creature while hiking with his family at the Oregon Caves Monument. He claimed that it followed him as he hurried his family to safety. Today Johnson has stated publicly that he thinks Sasquatch creatures can travel through portals, read minds and communicate mentally with humans.

Scott Taylor. Taylor is a BFRO investigator who had worked hard at vetting reports that come in to the BFRO hq. He knows the importance of detailed questioning, checking for sign(s) and following up on further developments. Recently he has visited Johnson's Southern Oregon Interaction Area and on Dr. J's Youtube site he concurs that 'there's Squatch in this area.' Also he is on board with them possessing unusual capabilities.

Adam Davies. Brit cryptozoologist and author approached the subject of Bigfoot as a physical creature but after a visit with another researcher, John Carlson to Matthew Johnson's original Southern Oregon Habituation Area had an encounter with small, hairy creatures that seemed to appear out of a portal.
He speaks about the experience rarely, but agrees that there is far more to the phenomenon that meets the eye.

John Carlson. Davie's tent mate on that visit also experienced high strangeness and both basically agree on what they witnessed. The only difference, as Carlson has said in radio interviews is that he felt the 'entities were evil', and possibly 'demonic' whereas Davies seems to stop short of that classification, at least in public.

'Be vewwy vewwy qwiet!'

People Who Have Thought All Along That Bigfoot Was A Ghost/Spirit/ET.

Kewaunee Lapseritis. Author and Master Herbalist, Lapseritis is deep into the esoterics of other-worldly Bigfoot, beginning as a Naturalist, he dove head first into the paranormal fray when he was contacted by both an ET and a Sasquatch at the SAME TIME. That would twist anybody's melon, but Mr. L seems pretty constant and clear in his lectures, citing the messages he continues to receive that repeat warnings to humans that we're messing things up and it's probably too late to all come together and fix it.

Indian Peoples All Over The Nation. Look at any First Nations myth about Monsters and you will find the Sasquatch mentioned as a 'people' or 'tribe' not much different than them, aside from having the ability to do all the aforementioned stuff like go invisible and read minds. It's always hard for white people, non-natives to accept the wildness of these claims, but more and more they are beginning to make sense. Non believers = Zero. Indian Peoples – One.

This list is going to grow as time goes on, of course. And I maintain that the 'woo woos' will gain ground over the scientists, perhaps at our peril, but at least we MIGHT learn something about Sasquatch and in turn, something about ourselves. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Old Bigfoot?

The old joke goes: How Old Bigfoot?  Answer: Old Bigfoot just fine! But is he really fine?

How long do Sasquatch creatures live?  What? You have no idea? You say, 'look dude, we don't even know if they truly exist much less what their lifestyle and life expectancy might be.' 

Ok, ok, for the sake of argument and useful speculation, let's say they exist and that they are physical, flesh and blood creatures. Now we can cite the numerous witness reports to dress out size, weight and basic physiology.

I stink, therefore I am!

This is a biped, it has two arms with human-like hands at the ends. A single head and the basic torso that all humans share. There are reports that Bigfoot creatures have nipples, which further humanizes them, suggesting a typical birth process that create little Bigfoots. How cute!

But if we can theorize that this bipedal hybrid animal is a mammal that must live on our plain of existence, then we might be able to conclude that they eat and drink and breathe the same air we do. Since the bulk of Sasquatch sightings are mostly from this country, I cite the statistic that average human life spans in the United States are said to be 76 years for men and 81 for the ladies. 

But humans are not Sasquatches. As clever, highly evolved Homo sapiens, we have erected (forgive the pun) a complex cage of mitigating circumstances that both lengthen and shorten our lives. Good medicines and Doctor/surgeons fix things that go south in our bodies, while we work hard at ruining our health with lethargy, drug addiction, food additives, pollution and stress. 
I feel pretty good for my age!

So your average Bigfoot should ostensibly be much better off in terms of his health, given that they don't consume the awful things humans do, they run like the wind, they breathe cleaner air and the only stress they might have is when they slip up and are forced to dodge an occasional semi-truck. 

Even though Sasquatches don't undergo the surgical procedures that humans use to prolong life, I maintain that since they do not ingest the bad things we ingest, they are unlikely to need to have diseased organs removed and/or replaced. It's a wash.

Humans like Okinawans lived very long, healthy lives due to their diets and social customs. Mostly vegetarian, along with regular exercise and in the close-knit families who include grandparents living with their children's children, many Okinawans lived well over 110 years. That number plummeted after the 1960s when more westernized diets became popular in Japanese prefectures and cancer rates began to rise. This suggests that clean living increases life span, which puts Mr. Natural in a good place for a long life.
I should buy a boat

But according to the work of Oregon Zoologist, Dr. W. Hennner Fahrenbach, in 1998:

'By applying scaling formulae to the 660 lb body of the average sasquatch, a gestation period of about 9 months and an average life span (in captivity) of 36 years can be estimated. This life expectancy implies an occasional survival into the fifth decade, reports which account for descriptions of some animals as looking old and wrinkled, having "rotten, snaggle teeth" and unkempt, matted "angora goat dreadlocks" or patchy, worn hair. Survival times for gorillas in captivity range into the middle of the third decade of life.' 

This is a sad conclusion. While it is understandable that a scientist might make this conclusion based on captive animals, our friend the Bigfoot is hardly a typical zoo animal. While his habitat may be continually encroached upon by loggers and developers, BFs are not dependent on the food sources of zoo animals nor subject to the stress of being caged and observed for decades.

This said, we do have good reportage of Sasquatches that are not exactly the picture of health. 
From the BFRO:
Willie Nelson called....wants his personality back.

'So I got to see a Sasquatch up close and personal. My window was down and I was no more than 20 feet from him. His face was human looking except that he had no chin and he had a somewhat heavy brow ridge. The nose was a human nose and was more european than african looking. The eyes were black, the skin was grey as was his hair and he had more or less human teeth...what was left of them. His teeth were in terrible condition.'

And from the BFRO investigator, Scott Taylor:
'He remarked that the teeth were all yellow, chipped, and some were missing. It is quite likely that this creature was old.'

But how old, Scotty? The witness did not venture a guess and how could he?
I know I have a birth certificate lying around the cave somewhere, dang it!

We can estimate the age of a horse by looking at it's teeth, however. And while we don't have any Sasquatch teeth handy, let's assume that 'yellow, chipped' teeth in 'terrible condition', even some ostensibly missing, would put Hairy the Squatch at least forty or so, ok?
We know that Apes, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orang-Utans have average life spans of around 40 years and that gorillas in captivity can live as much as 50 years. Cheetah, Tarzan's sidekick, lived to be 80 years old, which is a long time to play second fiddle to a TV star.

So we could conclude that a Great Ape hybrid might live as long as this.

Old Yellow Top, a purported Sasquatch creature that frequented Cobalt, Ontario Canada was first reported in 1906, and still apparently around as recently as 1970, which would put him at about 64 years of age, and it seems fair to assume he didn't just pop onto the scene as an adult.

So, until we actually bump into a Sasquatch birthday party and can count the candles, the jury will remain out. It seems safe to say that if Bigfoot was eligible for Social Security, there would be some checks going out to some pretty woodsy addresses as the best estimate for a senior Squatch comes in at over 64 Seasons. Happy Birthday Big Guy...look under the log, I left you a toothbrush.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Invisible Bigfoot

This morning as I let my dog out to do his business in the yard, I noticed the same phenomenon I’ve seen many times before. If I stand very still with the door slightly ajar as I watch him, he does not seem to notice me and he soon walks out of my view.

The practice of an animal becoming stock-still in order to avoid detection is a common one throughout all of the natural world, including that of Sasquatch.

DATE: late Nov. 1990-92
STATE: Texas
COUNTY: Red River
NEAREST TOWN: Manchester, Texas
OBSERVED: I was deer hunting 10-12 years ago in late Nov. I was on a deer lease in Red River County. I was sitting on a stool and observed deer scrapes on trees along a creek bed. I was watching for these deer to approach. After I had been sitting there for an hour or so I turned my head and noticed what looked like an 8 or 9-foot tall stump that wasn't there earlier. It was approximately 120-130 yards away. I raised my deer rifle and looked through the scope at it. Through my 6X scope, I was able to see it as close up as if it were 30 feet away from me. It was looking right at me. It was a large ape-like creature. I kept it in my sight for 15-20 minutes. It never moved. I then heard a snap off to my left. I turned my head to observe where this noise came from. I didn't see anything. When I turned back to the creature, it was gone! It had been standing in grass that was knee-high to me, about a foot and a half to 2 feet tall. I feel that it couldn't have moved away in the short period of time my attention was drawn away. I feel that it dropped down in the grass to avoid detection. I feel that the snapping noise was made by another creature to divert my attention from the other one. At this time, I got up and left everything but my rifle and backed out of the area. I had this thing dead to rights in my scope but couldn't shoot because I did not feel threatened.”

Come ON people! How conceited are we to assume that Bigfoot conspires to trick us with misdirection and by hiding in plain sight?  Are we so self-important to believe that these creatures should need to play games like hide and seek?  Maybe we are, and maybe they do, but it seems like a waste of time for Bigfoot to toy with hunters this way.
You would think they would be more concerned with avoiding us altogether so they can spend time chasing down a deer or something. But the most important parts of this hunter's story is how insanely fast the huge creature disappeared, and how the creature did it so quietly. In the two seconds this guy turned his head, it was gone.

My point here is that if a creature the size of a Volkswagen Beetle stood on it's end can disappear from sight in the time it takes to turn your head, without making any discernible noise, it must be doing so in a non-physical way.   In other words, the Bigfoot isn't running way, he's dissolving from view. He might still be there, but we can't see them for reasons that have not been satifactorily explained to date.

All of this lack of success leaves me feeling a bit militant about Bigfoot being a real, live creature.

To be fair, ultimately it is up to each of us to make up our minds, do our own research if we want incontrovertible proof.
Look, the exit is THIS way, dude!

Bigfoot, WISHING he was invisible right about now.

But one source of information about BF invisibility can be found on Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo site;
'Invisibility of Bigfoot has been known about since at least the 60’s. People who know about, do not become Bigfoot researchers because they are pretty sure it is a waste of time trying to study something that is invisible most of the time. People who do not know about it, may become Bigfoot researchers because they do not know what they are up against. So the law of natural selection weeds out those who know about Bigfoot invisibility in the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Green’s book describes the evidence but fails to reach any conclusion.'

 Here is a link to that page, and it's an amazing story:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What is Bigfoot?

What AM I?
Like any good mystery, the saga of the search for Sasquatch has plenty of twists and turns. To date, it's been nearly 50 years since the P/G film surfaced and news media reports have seriously considered big hairy monster stories should be worth printing. It's probably time to revisit the original question: What is Bigfoot?

As recently as five years ago, it was complete heresy to suggest that Bigfoot was anything other than a full on flesh and blood, throwback to human ancestry. Bob Gimlin and his buddy Patterson sparked the speculation and our obsession with body mechanics, muscle groups and how they relate to known primates like gorillas and chimpanzees and the mammary-blessed, live Girl-rilla that is Patty has been the dominant theory ever since.

The five main theories currently flying through the blogosphere are (in order of mundane to plain bizarre:

1). Bigfoot isn’t real. Sightings of big hairy monsters are a combination of mistaken identities of bears, moose or elk or humans in gorilla costumes or are just plain hoaxes and pranks.

2).Bigfoot is a 'missing link', flesh and blood, non-human primate. They live in small groups in forested areas around the planet, with heavier concentrations in the Pacific Northwest.

3). Bigfoot are a people, an ape/human hybrid ‘tribe’ that has co-existed with humans since before recorded history. The lack of fossil evidence is due to their cultural practice of burying their dead in caves and/or from animal predation. They have high intelligence and are mostly adept at stealth and contact avoidance.

4). Bigfoot is human hybrid that was ‘engineered’ by advanced non-human, off-planet cultures and was designed to perform physical tasks and/or as a way to monitor human influence and effect on the planet.

5). Bigfoot is an alien entity from a different planet altogether, having arrived on earth only a few thousand years ago (to explain the lack of fossil record). They came because their planet was destroyed by war. (google 'Bigfoot, Maldek' for a fun surprise!).They have capabilities that defy our understanding of physics, including invisibility, mind reading/communication, as well as interdimensional access.

'I can't SEE!'

These five are the most popular theories, there are more, but they are too outlandish to include, like the idea that Bigfoot is a cyborg or even a robot suit that Aliens wear when they want to do some spying or adventure trekking around Earth.

For me, the problems with believing in the ‘leftover ape from prehistory’ theory is the missing fossils and the lack of other any other evidence like good photos, videos, hair and scat.
Sure, some say that stuff exists, but it’s surely in such short supply as to make positive conclusions scurrilous.

So that leaves the weirder explanations open to consideration. The sheer number of witness accounts is no longer compartmentalized as mistaken identity. Too many very good, even trained observers with reputations at stake tells me that there really IS a non-human critter hanging around some of the unpopulated places of the nation and the world.

So why is Bigfoot so much harder to photograph than a bear, a wolf or cougar? Is it possible that the oversized two-leggers are just so hyper-aware that they can sense and avoid human presence better than any other creature on the planet? This seems specious too. Wolves are extremely sensitive animals, with smell and hearing capabilities exemplified by huge ears and a long snout. By all accounts, Sasquatches are much more human like, with small ears and nose, a body type that is more suited to hunkering down than to rapid flight.

Look close. That's a bear carcass, baby.

So what is their secret? Just their habit of only coming out at night? That’s a non-starter since there are tons of known animals that prefer the dark of night to hunt, and since there are plenty of daytime sightings of Bigfoot. Also, there is the ability to disappear quickly without a trace is documented in witness reports, some suggesting a triple Usain Bolt action, some claiming the ‘flash of light’ method. 

What other creature might we compare to Sasquatch that fits this criteria?
It would have to be critter that can almost never be photographed, a beastie that leaves no trace of it’s passage or presence and an entity that has is far smarter and capable than humans. Agreed?

How about one of these:

This creature has been witnessed by many people, it defies being photographed just like Bigfoot and seems to come and go at it’s complete leisure. In order to evade us dumb humans, it supposedly defies physics and travels between worlds.

See where I’m going with this? Yep, Bigfoot is an alien. NO, wait. I didn’t say that.

Bigfoot does not run around in a spaceship and abduct people. But there are similarities.
If you ask Bigfoot sensitives like Jack Lapseritis  he will tell you that Bigfoot IS an off planet entity whose agenda is to warn humans not to screw up earth with War and pollution.

'Why won't anybody pick me up? Is it my breath?'

What do I believe? Well, if you lump up the previous bulletin points like ‘scarcity, a number of human-like traits along with extraordinary capabilities and apparent communication with select individuals, I have to go to Dr. Google for an answer;

Search - 'disappear instantly, communicate telepathically, warn humanity'

The first link is for ‘Yeti, Yowie’ and ‘ ETs’

Then this one:

So, are The Sasquatch and Aliens the same thing? Of course not. How could an 8 foot tall Forest Gorilla fit in one of those spacecraft along with all those little bug-eyed dudes? Humorously, there are reports of Bigfoot actually walking out of a spacecraft and even being seen inside of them chatting with Grays about the days events. I’m much too far in to La La land to discount that scenario now. But the supposition that Bigfoot works in collusion or at the behest of the smaller, bug-like creatures does make some sense. A few authors have suggested that Bigfoot is a created life-form, just as humans were bio-engineered, by an advanced culture and tasked with doing the heavy labor that the spindly little Grays could not manage in our Earthly atmosphere.

Still with me?

'You are one UGLY baby...but, you're mine, I guess.'

Even as far back as Zecharia Sitchin’s work on The Anunnaki, the connection between advanced life forms and Bigfoot was made evident. Sitchin suggested that The Anu’s came to Earth looking for Gold because, you know, it’s bitchin’ stuff, and in order to get at it, they created humans to dig it up. When humans proved to be underbuilt and way too hard to control, they went back to the lab and came up with a better version. The new human was a lot hairier, which precluded the need for pesky clothing, could lift tons of stuff easily and was happy with a few berries and maybe a deer carcass. 

'Whoa there, you look TASTY!'

Check the link:

Is this what I believe Bigfoot is?  Heck, why not? You have a better explanation, I’m listening.

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