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Bigfoot World Gone Crazy?

It’s been a while since my last entry here on Bizarre Bigfoot, mostly because we have not had any solid developments worth noting. As I keep tabs on the internet end as much as a non-facebooker can, I continue to see a swelling of adherents in the non-physical Sasquatch camp. This evolution of thought is mixed for me now, because even though my belief about the nature of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon has always been one that includes a paranormal aspect, I was not prepared for the depth and width of the weirdness that increasing numbers of people are ascribing to the Giant Hairy Humanoids. 
Meldrum and Randles - Giants in the Physical BF World

Having spent time with Derek Randles and Dr. Meldrum, the two main holdouts that Bigfoot is a solid animal, I felt comfortable letting them keep the faith while I added the possibility that these Ultra-Humanoids might also just be able to do stuff like run super fast, detect nearby humans with super senses and to hide like they’re almost invisible. But in just ten minutes of surfing ‘Bigfoot’ on youtube and it’s now a situation where Sasquatches are phantoms from another planet that can read minds, possess bodies, materialize marbles and turn into trees.

Cussing internally 

I feel like Rene Dahinden now, in a camp full of drunken ghost hunters.

So I am divided now. While I completely respect the journeyman's work that Derek Randles and Dr.s Meldrum and the late John Bindernagel have done, and that this sort of ‘boots on the ground', evidential detective work is necessary, I also maintain that the reason we still do  it have a body or fossil evidence is that GHH creatures truly do have the ability to work outside our understanding of physics. It’s the only thing that makes sense given the large number of credible witness accounts.
The struggle now is to reign in the wilder theories and to try to apply some semblance of science fact. With as much accuracy and non-judging as I can muster, let’s check the list of the most circulated weirdness;
1) Dr. Johnson says Bigfoot people are healers from another planet and that he recently helped them immigrate here with a homebuilt thingamajig to the woods of Southern Oregon where they have taken residence as trees, coming out in phantom form at night to excite, caress and heal people who come and sleep on open cots.
2) Mike Paterson (really a sincere sounding, intelligent guy from Ontario) continues to interact with a non-human creature he calls Nephatia, with mostly audio and some video clips of an off-camera voice that croaks out apparent responses to his entreaties of communication, but mostly the way a parrot or might respond. Mike also claims that marbles and small stick figures continue to materialize at the hand of his ghost-like friend.
Mike P - Could use a haircut..

3) An acquaintance of Mike’s, Christopher Munch, has gone on radio interview purporting to channel a Sasquatch personality in order to explain why contact is being made with humans. The theme is the familiar complaint that humans are on the brink of destroying the planet.
'You are really messing up, humans.'

4) With less internet presence and more focus on books and conferences, authors Thom Powell and Ron Morehead stand out as guys who started their research of Sasquatch from a physical evidence perspective but have both morphed their views to believe in a Quantum explanation for why the GHHs can be interact with humans but still not be visible to our eyes. 
Ron Morehead - 'These are non-physical beings.'

5) To an even smaller effect are the bandwagon jumpers on YouTube who employ the easy uploading tools there to make lots of claims of contact with Bigfoot creatures who can become invisible, can project emotions of fear, awe and excitement onto these people who camp and explore only a few feet into the forests behind campgrounds during daylight and overnight visits. The notables are Barb Shupe and Samantha Ritchie, both from my neck of the woods near Greenwater, Wa. Both Barb and Samantha post videos of campers and forest trompers and video stills of what they say are Bigfoot creatures in various states of materialization.
6) Lastly there are the YouTube posters who claim psychic contact as channelers and sensitives. The names have become unimportant because it seems like new ones pop up every month, but the message is still the same: humans must cease efforts of nuclear war and divisiveness and pollution and come together before we kill everything.

Barb and Samantha with a friend

The parallels to the UFO/Abductee experience are important to include here. Both Sasquatch and UFO Alien/Occupants are considered to be ethereal and highly elusive. Both come to humans with warnings to mend our ways. But the connection diverges with the apparent technological capabilities the Aliens possess and their penchant for kidnapping and experimentation. Where Sasquatch only wishes to bond with us puny humans, Alien Grays want to probe and impregnate our women.

'Yo...where the women at?'
I am being a little flip here, but the salient points are now noted.

Also, it bears mention that there are undeniable similarities to both the aforementioned social phenomenon and that of demonic possession.
Though I haven’t included the recounting of the Adam Davies/John Carlson/Matthew Johnson story here in this post, the devilish aspects of that story seem to dovetail with known details of demons and demonic possession, ie.,appearance and disappearance, deep human feelings of fear and long-standing visitations that span decades. 

Davies and Carlson - What did they see?
Just some Bigfoot image I found online..

Can we discount that the creature visitations that campers in the woods of the West Coast of North America are not evil tricksters? It would seem just as likely that they are off-planet ghosts, and so we are left only with what Astrophysicist and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek called ‘high strangeness’.

And there is the important distinction here too, that Dr.Hynek also evolved in his opinions, from UFO debunker to an acceptance that ‘a technology exists which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.’ ‘We have gone from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in some seventy years, but its possible that million-year-old civilization may know something we don't….I hypothesize (condensed) the psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.’ 
Dr. John Bindernagel - RIP

Friday, December 29, 2017

Not Discovering Bigfoot - Todd Standing Fools The Experts

                                              ( Phil Poliing Overlay Comparison)

Note: For the purposes of clarifying this event, I will assume the reader is mostly familiar with the names and reputations of the individuals involved.

In the Fall of 2013, Todd Standing invited Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel up to a
a habituation site Standing had been working to show them what he considered to be a Bigfoot hotspot, and the place that he claimed to have filmed the creatures in high definition video.

The draw that coaxed the scientists to attend was the compelling video clips Standing offered in his documentary, 'Bigfoot North' and also on Les Stroud's 'Survivorman: Bigfoot', which aired in March of 2014.

The most pertinent result to come from this event is not the videos themselves, which after careful examination by expert and accomplished video people has been deemed to be fakery, but the statements
released by the scientists who visited Standing's habituation area.

The Toddster nearly convincing Meldrum

After returning to his lab at Idaho State U, Dr. Meldrum wrote on his facebook page:

The account offered on Todd Standing’s Kickstart site is accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned. Following the events that occurred last Fall in Alberta, Todd asked me not to discuss my experience extensively until he the chance to finish the production of his documentary. Therefore, I have said very little publicly and openly about it. I will let him share the details with those attending the summit or the airing of his film in Seattle the following Tuesday. I will say that I did witness and interaction, i.e. Sonya talking reassuringly to something large and heavy that was circling our camp under cover of darkness at the end of a burmed road. It reacted to her approach and eventually broke from the treeline and crossed the gravel road to the opposite treeline. I observed through night vision an upright silhouetted figure, forward-leaning, arm-swinging, moving smoothly. Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.
~ Don Jeff Meldrum

After heavy criticism on the blogosphere, later, Meldrum posted this:

I have been challenged and badgered to respond to the criticisms aimed at Todd Standings images. So today I set things aside and wrote a quick and dirty response to Falconer and Poling report. I still have not drawn a conclusion myself, but I am certainly not convinced by their arguments that these are definitely hoaxed. I continue to be dismayed by the tenuous arguments and baseless certitude by so many on this. A lot more work needs to be done.
Let me reiterate — neither my visit to Nordegg for a few days, nor my co-hosting, what I thought turned out to be a very interesting radio show, constitute an endorsement of everything else that Todd has done. I am still considering the evidence.
~ Don Jeffrey Meldrum

Dr. Bindernagel in the Nordegg

For his part, Dr. Bindernagel said on camera in Standings 'Bigfoot North':
 “After spending time in the field with Todd Standing… I am firmly convinced he has in fact filmed portraits of the Sasquatch face.”
Dr. Bindernagel has not, to my understanding, qualified or redacted this statement publically, but I was at the Sasquatch Summit in '14 and watched as Standing tried to get Dr. Bindernagel to agree that a creature had walked up the knoll behind their campsite in the Nordegg and to Dr.B's credit, he denied that he had ever agreed that it had happened. You could almost see Todd's jaw hit the floor.
So, at this point, I think Standing is 90% enthusiastic Sasquatch BOOSTER (without the benefit of hard evidence for existence) and I reserve 10% for the 'he may actually be making contact with' the animals in question. 
That said, his four best video footage examples, which we are coming to know as 'Blinky', 'The Muppet', 'The Uphill Creature' and 'the Dark Devil' are all too suspicious in nature for me to put credence to, more likely that they are a combination of high end puppetry and, especially in the case of 'The Dark Devil', far more likely to be a human in makeup. Standing is smart and clever, and when I met him in 2014 he promised that he would have 'evidence that will prove once and for all the existence of Bigfoot.'  Unfortunately, what he has supplied does not give us enough information to truly conclude he has filmed a new species of humanoid.

Statements that Standing makes are little more than hollow boasts, and it is how a circus promoter talks, and it's difficult to reconcile given Standings persuasive manner and intelligence. In the documentary, you can actually see the process of cajoling Todd uses in turning Meldrum into a supporter. 

Based on the aforementioned suspicious video footage, some 'treepee' structures, missing apples and some depressions in muskeg substrate (all 'results' that could easily have been created by a friend of Todd's who could have camped just beyond being detectable by Standings group camp in the Nordegg) he then films himself 'leading' Dr. Meldrum with these scant summations of proof in an attempt to shore up his position as nothing less than 'the man who discovered Bigfoot.' 

Micheal Jackson? WTH?

The point here, I think, is that in light of the lack of the hard, necessary evidence of bones, Standings tack is to build scientific consensus with parlor tricks. His motovations are difficult to understand: he wants fame and fortune, that much is clear. And efforts to have Sasquatch protected by law in the Nordegg are just further examples.

I really like Meldrum, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights with him in Port Angeles in March of 2013 and he was very gracious and patient with my incessant questions. But like a politician, he is very good at talking his way around a subject like definitive proof without really admitting he fully agrees. And though I have heard him speak a few times, I have not personally met Dr. Bindernagel, but still have much respect for his refusal to accept all of Todd's 'evidence.'

In 'Discovering Bigfoot', we did hear Bindernagel say, 'After spending time in the field with Todd Standing, I am firmly convinced that he has in fact filmed...portraits of the Sasquatch face.'

But after seeing Dr. B's response to Standings on stage badgering and Bindernagel's subsequent refusal to corroborate, I suggest that this is still Dr.B coming to his senses and withholding final agreement. 
I read the post made by Phil Poling and Daniel Falconer about Discovering Bigfoot and I concur with both men's summary statements. Poling said, basically, the 'eye blink is CGI' and that 'Blinky' is simply Todd Standing in makeup.
Falconer stated that the creatures were 'contrived props' staged to appear real and that Standings method of releasing this information as suspicious because it is 'drip fed..for a fee'.
Dark devil, or dude in greasepaint?

This fall in 2017, Standing released further supposed live BF footage in 'Discovering Bigfoot' that viewers are calling 'the dark devil'. The scant few seconds of video show a blackish face, mostly obscured by downed timber, zoomed in to show what looks like a furrowed brow, an eye and black, shiny skin. Opinions on this newer piece of footage is still rolling in, but in my view it is also just a human in makeup, staged so as not to show enough to discern otherwise.

The ultimate goal of anyone interested in Cryptid research is certainly a body. We need bones in order to study the aspects that living creatures possess. Video proof is specious at best, hair/scat/meat DNA would be useful if verifiable, but it too falls short of a final agreement.

As much as we might respect the experience and expertise of scientists like Meldrum and Bindernagel, because of the lack of a body and/or bones, Todd Standing's efforts to get them to agree that his videos and area were real also fall short of the mark. And until that Sasquatch body is delivered to a lab somewhere where a group of biologists and anthropologists can agree on what lay before them, then there is no more to be said of any usefulness, really, on any existing or even new photographs or audio clips or video footage.

NOW that I have thoroughly denigrated Todd Standing and called into question Meldrum and Bindernagel's abilities to tell fact from fakery, I will state finally (and repeatedly) that my own belief about the huge number of witness accounts of a GHH (giant hairy humanoid) around this country and around the planet has more in common with (get ready) UFOs and Ghosts than a relict hominid species of proto-human. Remember, the name of this blog is 'Bizarre Bigfoot', and while I cannot posit any evidence to support my belief, neither can anyone else to support THEIR belief. We are still in the dark here as to the origins of all of these fantastic claims, and so it is my contention that logical thinking must eventually arrive at a collection the things that defy conventional explanation.

'Whoa, dude, shit's on fire yo!'

To summarize, here are some talking points.

1).Sasquatch, Ghosts and UFOs/Aliens – many witness accounts with zero physical evidence.

2).Photos and videos are unreliable, burn marks on abductees and plaster casts of footprints do not constitute proof.

3).Alien bodies, just like Bigfoot bodies are not available for examination. One could conclude that governmental/military interests control and withhold these artifacts, but again, we have no proof.
Unless more than one reliable, credentialed whistle blower comes forth to expose a coverup, we are still at square one.

4).There is still the possibility, however slim, that this is basically a hallucinatory/sociological phenomenon.
I knew it...

Examples of shared hysteria are known to science, and the human mind is another complicated thing to figure out.

Lastly, I will repeat my support for The Law of One material. As bizarre as it sounds, it seems increasingly likely that channeled information from advanced, non-human intelligences have explained all of this weird stuff. Now it's your turn – copy and paste the link, report back!

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Ape Canyon 1924 ~ Revisited

I Fought The Apemen of Mt.St.Helens, Wa. -Fred Beck's Story

The website Bigfoot Encounters posted this important story, written by Beck in 1967 in it's entirety and it's worth discussing again because of it's paranormal aspects.

'I Fought The Apemen of Mt.St.Helens, Wa.' is a classic of Sasquatch literature now, along with Ivan Sanderson's 'Abominable Snowman - Legend Comes to Life' published in 1961, the short story 'The Old Man in The Crater' by E.S. Ingraham circa 1895 (reproduced in full on this site) and perhaps could also include Teddy Roosevelt's 'The Wilderness Hunter' from 1892. The reader should note that it is possible Fred Beck and his friends were aware of those stories before he wrote his own encounter.

I will relist here now the introduction and a few excerpts throughout this posting followed with my perceptions of the overall event as experienced and cataloged by Fred Beck.

I urge the reader of this blog to read Beck's story in it's entirety first. It can be found at the link below:

I Fought The Apemen of Mt.St.Helens,Wa.
By Fred Beck - 1967

'It is my intention in this book not only to tell you about the historic encounter I had with these mysterious creatures, but also to reveal to the public what I believe they are. Truth often is stranger than fiction, but the strangeness comes from the clouds surrounding our minds, not from the mystery itself.
This is not a large book, but may the largeness be conveyed by the picture I hope to paint of truth. Much has been written about that day in 1924, and I feel it right that I express my views at last.
Chapter One - The Attack
First of all, I wish to give an account of the attack and tell of the famous incident of July, 1924, when the "Hairy Apes" attacked our cabin. We had been prospecting for six years in the Mt. St. Helens and Lewis River area in Southwest Washington. We had, from time to time, come across large tracks by creek beds and springs. In 1924 I and four other miners were working our gold claim, the Vander White. It was two miles east of Mt. St. Helens near a deep canyon now named "Ape Canyon" — which was so named after an account of the incident reached the newspapers.'

Ok, first of all Fred Beck and his four prospector friends built this cabin in the early 1920s while staying high up on the mountain in tents. They hewed the pine logs over the course of the summer months and chinked them and braced them into a 'very sturdy' structure with a rock fireplace at one end and no windows whatsoever. After the cabin was completed the men continued prospecting in the area for the about six years, but during that time they found tracks in creekbeds and around springs that made them apprehensive.

What they made of those tracks is not reported, but if Fred and his fellow miners were not aware of the previously mentioned stories, we might assume that indian legends were the source of any framework to compartmentalize the assortment of huge footprints left in the mud there. Either way, it would be reasonable to assume that seeing the large tracks would ramp up the imagination of anyone camping in the remote mountains and so some suspicion to the claims of an Apemen attack is relevant.

While the story was leaked to the press nearly immediately after it happened, it is curious that Beck himself remained silent about it until 43 years later.

'Hank asked me to accompany him to the spring, about a hundred yards from our cabin, to get some water, and suggested we take our rifles — to be on the safe side. We walked to the spring, and then, Hank yelled and raised his rifle, and at that instant, I saw it. It was a hairy creature, and he was about a hundred yards away, on the other side of a little canyon, standing by a pine tree. It dodged behind the tree, and poked its head out from the side of the tree. And at the same time, Hank shot. I could see the bark fly out from the tree from each of his three shots. Someone may say that that was quite a distance to see the bark fly, but I saw it. The creature I judged to have been about seven feet tall with blackish-brown hair. It disappeared from our view for a short time, but then we saw it, running fast and upright, about two hundred yards down the little canyon. I shot three times before it disappeared from view.'

Beck claims that all of the men on the mountain during the encounter were crack shots, owning well-made hunting rifles and this is not unusual in itself, but why the men fired at the creature, standing across a creek at the length of football field away seems suspect.

'Each of us settled down in his crude, but welcomed bed, and soon fell asleep. About midnight, we were all awakened. Hank, who was sleeping on the floor was yelling and kicking. But the noise that had awakened us was a tremendous thud against the cabin wall. Some of the chinking had been knocked loose from between the logs and had fell across Hank's chest. He had his rifle in his hand and was waving it back and forth as he kicked and yelled. (Hank always slept with his gun near by — it was a Remington automatic, my gun being a 30-30 Winchester, which I still have).

I helped to get the chinking off him, and he jumped to his feet. Then, we heard a great commotion outside: it sounded like a great number of feet trampling and rattling over a pile of our unused shakes. We grabbed our guns. Hank squinted through the space left by the chinking. By actual count, we saw only three of the creatures together at one time, but it sounded like there were many more.'

Keeping in mind that the five men were inside a windowless cabin, asleep when the first noise happened. We could assume that a low lantern was burning inside to allow them to move about during the night if necessary, but how would the prospectors be able to see anything clearly through cracks in a log wall in the dead of night, even with moonlight, which is not mentioned?

'The attack ended just before daylight. Just as soon as we were sure it was light enough to see, we came cautiously out of the cabin.
It was not long before I saw one of the apelike creatures, standing about eighty yards away near the edge of Ape Canyon. I shot three times, and it toppled over the cliff, down into the gorge, some four hundred feet below.'

At this point in the story, shooting one of the creatures who apparently attacked the cabin seems understandable, but in subsequent searches during return trips by interested parties alerted to the story, nothing was found.

 'When Hank shot the one peeking around the tree, he exclaimed, 'Don't worry about that devil, Fred, I got him right in the head!' Later on I examined the tree and there were three nicks where the bark had been grooved by his bullets. The one I shot by Ape Canyon, I had plainly in my sights. He just tumbled over into the deep gorge. Some people think the melting snow water, which flows heavily summer afternoons, washed him away. Some others think the creatures came and packed their own away, and retired with them back to hidden lava caves. My views are plain on the subject."

Fred Beck explains why he thinks the Apemen were not wholly physical creatures at about this point in his 22 page booklet, stating, “Abominable Snowmen are from a lower plane.” So clearly, Beck had read Ivan Sanderson's book by the time this was written in 1967, prompting his use of the term, but his description of the creatures differs from Sanderson's version of a white-coated, light skinned monster.

'Question: "Can you tell a little more about the Apemen's physical appearance?"
Answer: "They are about seven feet tall, but many people have seen larger ones. They had large ears and a head that was in proportion with their large muscular body. Their shoulders were tremendous but they had slim hips. They were hairy but not shaggy. In general they possess a very stout physical frame, but looked more like a giant human than an ape."
By the time Beck and his friends escaped to safety, the story grew legs rapidly. His friend Hank told the local ranger, who told someone else and soon the local newspapers got a hold of the story.
This version, from 1964 explains the Indian connection:

Longview Daily News (Sat-Sun, June 27-28, 1964)
The legend of the apemen of Mt. St. Helens returns, like hay fever, with summer weather.
The story of the apemen of the beautiful conical mountain situated in the Cascade Range of Southwest Washington, is a favorite in the area, but it just may have some basis in fact.
There is more basis to support it than Nepal's Yeti or northern California's "Big Foot" and probably as much as Loch Ness' monster.
Last summer, two different Portland groups who visited the region reported sighting the monsters, usually described as from 7 to 10 feet tall, hairy and either white or beige-colored.
Three persons in a car on a lonely forest road said they saw one of the creatures when it flashed across the headlight beams of their car near the wilderness area which includes such places as "Ape Canyon."
A Portland couple fishing on the Lewis River south of the mountain saw a huge beige figure "bigger than any human" amble off into the brush.
Old timers aren't surprised, just amused. The apeman legend actually is older than the white man's habitation of the Pacific Northwest.
Indian Legend
Forestry employes have investigated many reports of the strange creatures. According to Indian legend, the "apes" were the ferocious Selahtik Indians, a band of renegades much like giant apes in appearance who lived like wild animals in the secluded caves of the Cascades.
The first recorded encounter of the apes with white men was in 1924. A group of five prospectors rushed into Kelso to report that a group of great, ape-like creatures had attacked them in the middle of the night.
The miners said they had been working a mine on the east slopes of Mt. St. Helens. During the daytime, they saw some of the apes and fired at them to halt an apparent attack. One of the apes appeared to have been hit and rolled into a deep ravine. That night, according to the account, the apemen hurled rocks onto the cabin and "danced and screamed until daylight."

At this link, the BFRO posts the original news story printed in 'The Kelsonian' from 1924:

My main interest in the “I Fought The Apemen” story is how Beck went instantly for the inter-dimensional explanation. In the 1920s in this country spiritualism was a popular subject and there were a number of practitioners who offered seances and contact with departed loved ones.

Those modern mystics were motivated by money more than any real belief in ethereal beings, but Beck had to have been aware of the trends and practice. Nonetheless, he explains that he himself had a special connection to the otherverse.

'In this book I will reveal thoroughly what I know them to be. First of all I will say that 'they are not entirely of the world.' I know the reaction we experienced as these beings attacked out cabin impressed many with the concept of great ape-like men dwelling in the mountains. And I can say that we genuinely fought and were quite fearful, and we were glad to get out of the mountains but I was, for one, always conscious that we were dealing with supernatural beings, and I know the other members of the party felt the same.

The events leading up to the ape episode were filled with the psychic element. Since a young man I had always been clairvoyant. When just a boy I was in the pasture playing with my beanshooter. I had bought it with some long earned coins. It had a twisted wire handle. I lost it, and as I was crying, a kindly woman came up to me and put her arms around me. I felt warm all over. "Little boy," she said, "don't cry. Go home, you will find your beanshooter there."
I went home and found it, and as far as I knew then it was the same one. But years later I found the one I lost. It was weather beaten and the rubber was rotten.
I would be sleeping on the hard benches of the Adventist Church my folks used to attend, and I would have my head in a lady's lap, only when I mentioned it to my folks, they said there was no one else there and took it to be a boy's musings.
As I grew older, I saw visions and eventually I was holding spiritual meetings. After 1924 I spent many years in healing work.'

Fred Beck's apparent psychic abilities aside, he felt responsible for the sour turn of events admitting that the miners provoked the Apemen by shooting one at first sight. At the same time, he suggests, “No one will ever kill one,” nor would they ever by captured. This prognostication is still proving to be true which lends credence to Beck's non flesh and blood position. While he shares a similar assessment with First Nations people, his version veers away from a spirit form to a more science-based explanation that precedes quantum physics, as that science was not part of our regular vernacular in the twenties or even in the mid-sixties when the booklet was published.

Today Beck's cabin is gone aside from a bit of detritus left under the dirt at the site. But Beck left decent descriptions of the locations for anyone who wishes to visit for themselves.

Ape Canyon is well established today as a part of the Mt.St. Helens park system, and though the eruption of 1980 wiped out much of the north side, the areas Beck described where the Vander White mine was located are still there.

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Channeling Bigfoot

I KNOW you're in there!

Note: the reader is advised that while I am now in agreement with Thom Powell that the term 'Bigfoot' is less palatable than 'Sasquatch', I continue to refer to it because it is still the more common term online and because that's the name of my blogsite. Also, keep your sense of humor, people. SAR

To begin, I want to cover the latest developments in the Sq world and this means we need to talk about paranormal stuff.

Unfortunately, the only new info we have is just more personal, anecdotal stories. Videos and radio shows and podcasts are hard for me to listen to because, as an invested researcher who has been reading and digging and asking questions about Sasquatch for 20 plus years, they take too long to get to the information I'm interested in, so in order to speed the assimilation of info, I am writing this much like a Wikipedia page.

Dr. Matthew Johnson
As a lecturer, Matthew Johnson is also hard for me to listen too because he becomes pedantic, defensive and childish often and he repeats himself. Johnson makes lots of amazing claims during his presentations, including that the Bigfoot creatures he meets (mostly as phantoms or in 'dreams'), have the ability to 'cloak', they call him 'Matt', he hears footsteps, gets bumped into and he cites his own physicality often. (He is 6'9" and about 300 lbs.) He sometimes carries a .44 Magnum pistol he calls 'Maggie.'

Dr. J
And once again, Johnson leads the pack with his 'interaction area' YouTube posts and his conference diatribes.
Johnson cites the Portal Incident at each Con, repeating that the devilish little critters seen by Adam Davies and John Carlson are NOT demonic (as Carlson maintains) he goes on to state as part of his 'Great Reveal' series of videos on YouTube. 
Doc, Davies and Carlson - Not The Three Amigos
Here are some truly fantastic revelations: He claims that in order for him or his attendees at SOIA to have any contact with Bigfoot people, they must first go visit the Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery, where the electromagnetic force (which Johnson calls 'the juju') will rub off on them.

I've actually been here. Total BS, but fun.
Johnson claims that he has had at least 10 witnesses to portals at SOHA and SOIA and that he can now re-open portals at will.

At his new Southern Oregon Interaction Area, (SOIA) he claims to have helped immigrate as many as 23,542 Bigfoot Souls from their dying planet to Earth where they entered our dimension as orbs, then became trees. 

Not a Free Energy Machine, but close.

Johnson used a device on loan from his friend, inventor Steve Bachman they called a Free Energy Machine, which consists of a set of deep cycle marine batteries, an inverter and a series of plastic wheels fitted with Magnets. Its design is claimed to be based on Tesla models. 

The device was used last June, after being upgraded with additional batteries to bring as many as '4000 souls an hour' from a dying planet here to Earth. 

The Bigfoot people live an average of 220 years, with some reaching 300 years of age.
Not a day over 230
Forest People are healers. They healed his leg, which was afflicted with a 'life-threatening DVT clot' and that during a follow up 'catscan' after a colonoscopy he was 'healed' (but does not say from what.) Johnson says that Bigfoot individuals he has met have the names 'Seska, Onx and Zorth'. He was told by Onx via 'mindspeak' that the background of dark red sky and decaying vegetation witnessed by himself, Davies and Carlson was 'their home world.'
Help us..we're not scary at all.
Was told by Seska that their planet started to die and that their sun burned out. 25% of the dying planets population was able to immigrate to Earth by manipulating a portal.
Is that McGiver in there!!
They need the help of humans to save the remaining inhabitants. Johnson claims that the 'president of the planet' and the 'council of 12', a Bigfoot named 'Zorth' told him the following; 'We do not knock on trees, we 'pop' them...from the inside.' He claims that Jon Erik Beckjord harassed him with '50 phone calls a day' and told him 'They're in the trees, Matt.'

J.E. Beckjord- Maybe not so wacky after all.

He visited Lori Simmons in Marblemount, WA. where he learned from Lori that there is a 'Big Guy' living in a tree there.

Lori Simmons
Nice kid, also maybe right about the tree thing.

According to Johnson, the Bigfoot people love bible scripture.

Who doesn't! (satan maybe, but he's dumb.)

They travel power lines because they use the electrical power from the lines (somehow.)

Zorth told Johnson, 'We don't eat mammals, we have coyotes and Cougars as pets and the deer you see us kill are for our pets.'

I just met you and I love you, Zorth!

'We eat squirrels and rodents.'

Johnson says that Zorth told him 'The Treykons' eat mammals, and were created by the Annunaki to mine the planet. They are 6 to 8 feet tall, have red glowing eyes and are malevolent.
If you see this jerk, run.

They take people, as per David Paulides suggestion.

Two witnesses, Steve Bachman and Mike Kincaid both claimed that 'They live in the trees.' (Not in the branches, per say, but INSIDE the trees.) 

Zorth- 'We are beings of light, we are the orbs.'

Zorth -'We are inside the trees during the day, we get nutrients through the roots, and energy through the sun.'

Zorth- 'We can shape-shift into anything.'

Johnson claims he saw a Pterodactyl fly over him at his Southern Oregon Interaction Area (SOIA) and was told by Bigfoot that there are a number of portals there, at least one of which goes back in time. 
The 'P' is silent
Johnson shows a photo of a maple bar he left on his Puyallup, Wa. bedroom dresser. It has what Johnson claims is a lip mark on it from a Bigfoot that entered his bedroom. 

Johnson has a 36" long piece of scat that he has shellacked and which he claims came from the Bigfoot named Zorth.

(Note: Again, I am aware of the terrifically absurd tone of this story, but am trying to remain as neutral as possible to get it on paper.)

Now that we have covered to latest from the King of Strange Bigfoot Stories, we can move on to Mike Paterson.

Mike Paterson - When he was in a band.

Mike Paterson is a Sasquatch researcher/experiencer from Ontario, Canada. He posts his videos on a YouTube channel and they include blurry photos, clear footprints in snow, a fair amount of audio with various grunts, howls and apparent guttural attempts at English speech. Paterson shows photos of 'gifts' he has received like twisted stick figures and glass marbles,both of which seem to show up out of nowhere. Paterson has cultivated a relationship with the Sasquatch people and claims they have told him their names, including, 'Nephatia' and at least two other names. Patersons methodology of contact has been to just pitch a tent in his chosen area of interaction and then to wait with his audio and video recorders on.

There seems to be very little online in the form of written explanation of Patersons experiences, but all the information I list here is gleaned from YouTube/podcasts and video clips from a few different sources including the YouTube sites 'Fir and Cedar' and Patersons own 'Sasquatch Ontario' channel. Paterson fields queries about his contacts on the YouTube message boards, he does podcasts and Internet radio shows and has partnered with Documentary filmmaker Christopher Munch. (Letters From The Big Man). Munch, in turn, took the incentive to contact a series of 'sensitives' who claim contact with Sasquatch people. He publishes their video interviews in his YouTube account 'Fir and Cedar.' Somehow, Munch himself has become a channeler of the Sasquatch people, though I have not yet learned how this came to be.  

In a June of 2016, interview/podcast with Keegan Reid, Mike Paterson and Christopher Munch related Mikes history of interactions and Munch's channeled message. 

Munch channels a Sasquatch individual they called 'Telemarskis' where he cites nearly every known paranormal concept, straight from Velikovski, including the Annunaki and Illuminati, The nephelim, the dogmen and GOATMen, (he called the Fayne?) Draco/reptilians, greys and (zeta) reticuli.

Munch is asked by Reid to allow Telemarskus to speak, which Munch does instantly, no trance state required.

A normal voice, only slightly different from Munch's, each answer preceded by 'Of course' and ending with 'thank you' following each response. Munch never stammers or repeats, speaks slightly haltingly but doesn't screw up.  Paterson, who was apparently in the same room as Munch during interview, does not seem surprised, just weary. 

Telemarskis/Munch responds quickly to Reid's questions about 'Eye shine' ( all colors), represent differing states of mind, that the Sasquatch people have been on the planet since the Annunaki created them through genetic tinkering with Gigantopithicus and that Lemuria is also cited as a source/location.

The interview ends.

I can see you...

Munch's Fir and Cedar YouTube channel features a number of interviews with other Sasquatch sensitives like Kathy Odom, Jann Weiss and Andrew Robson. The central message is about how humans are destroying the planet, just as Sasquatch experiencer/channeler Kewaunee Lapseritis maintains. 

This message of concern for the planet has a deep historical precedence in UFO literature. Cessation of war, pollution and genocide as the only humanity will survive is among held theme passed from Alien abductors to their temporary captives.

This concept speaks to the idea of myths and storytelling as a constant in the human experience. That for whatever reason, humans have a genetic need to have overlords calling us on the carpet to straighten us out. In the same way that mothers warn their children not to stray too far from the campfire and safety of the clan, our Alien/Sasquatch/protectors seek to keep us from hurting ourselves. But are they really?
Dudes, you are, like, totally harshing the planet!

Neither is the channeling of non-human intelligences is a new concept, if we consider that mediums who claim this ability have done this since the time when gypsies made money by gazing into Crystal balls and, really before this time when biblical figures claimed to be messengers of God. The phenomenon of a simple mortal, becoming a source of hidden messages or wisdoms by dint of magical intervention is as old at written history itself. 

The differences between Moses, JZ Knight's 'Ramtha' a 35,000 year old warrior, Jane Robert's 'Seth', Carla Reukert's 'Ra' and Kathleen Odom and Kewaunee Lapseritis' Sasquatch People are subtle but similar enough.

35,000 years old!

Biblical prognosticators and law givers like Moses spoke the word of God unequivocally, creating edicts and commandments, as rules to live by, whereas modern channelers, chosen as conduits by less demanding voices, merely enlighten and guide the host and their listeners. Odom and her friends, now including Christopher Munch, seek to convey that the Sasquatch People are loving, benevolent brothers to mankind. Answers to all questions seem to come easily to these channelers, if only we will listen.

How bizarre.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sasquatch in Ocean Park

Looks pretty good, where's the right foot?

I had asked Thom Powell at the Summit last fall if he was interested in visiting the Ocean Park area since there are some very unusual Sasquatch stories from the area and he emailed back to confirm.
He drove up from Clackamas, Oregon, east of Portland, took him about 3 hours, the same time it takes me to drive from Auburn. Note: This blog post will be longer than usual, so...get yer coffee topped off.

Not Moser, but not far off

I brought my friend Moser to fix some plumbing and had invited my friend Bob as he owns property 
nearby, and also Bob had sasquatch stories to relate.

                                                                                         Here's Moser

We were to meet in town and guide Powell into my neighborhood. Moser turned on the heat and water and I put away groceries while waiting for Thom's call.

Not Thom...Thom has a better beard.

Powell is a tall guy, rangey with a five day growth of beard. Thats all I knew about him other than he has written three books about Sasquatch, two of which i have read. Once at the cabin, he handed me a copy of another book he wrote, 'Shady Neighbors' that he had explained covers additional aspects of Sasquatch behavior that I was interested in as well. Moser was there to fix plumbing and to diagnose my gas fireplace failure, but he is also an interesting guy to hash over weird topics with as he has a good mind for getting to root questions quickly.

Not Bob, but that could be him in the back.

Bob, who is a friend of my wife's sister, and lives near my place in Auburn, was delayed until the following day. Bob is a veteran hiker and former Eagle Scout and is also a smart guy, well read and able to discuss nearly anything with an open mind and a solid sense of humor. 

This is Bob, with Thom's guitar

The plan was simple. I wanted to take Thom to a beach area that had been the location find of some Sasquatch prints years ago, as reported by a man named Paul Freeman, who Thom knows.
Also, there is a large, mound formation that is located a couple of miles away, quite coincidentally right next to property that my friend Bob had recently purchased. The serendipity of these events, ie., my recent purchase of the beach cabin, Bobs very unusual recent purchase of nearby beach lots (at auction, without inspection) the also recent, highly unusual Sasquatch reports from this exact location coupled with my own abiding interest in the overall subject feels like more than a coincidence to me.

                             Moser inspects the mound
It was bound to be a good weekend. I no sooner had the beer in the fridge than my phone rang and Thom informed me that he was 10 minutes from Ocean Park. Moser and I piled into the van and headed down to meet him. On the way, I hatched a plan.We would meet Thom and pick up additional groceries, then have Thom follow us NOT back to the cabin, but instead we would detour to Bob's lot, where Bob owns a dilapidated mobile and rusting car body. Having just purchased the lot, he hasn't had time to clean it up, and I wanted to prank Thom making him think the sagging trailer with no doors and broken windows was where he would be sleeping. 
Here's Thom, holding...a BIG foot.

We met up at the IGA and shook hands, picked up veggies to go with the New York steaks Moser had packed and we were off. The lot is only a couple of miles away, so in five minutes, I whipped the van into the tight driveway and Thom followed. Moser, laughing, said, "I'll grab some grocery bags so he really thinks this is the place."

We got out and Thom climbed out and I watched his face closely while I said, "Well, this is it, you're room is in the back, we'll stay in the front.."

Thom slept in the back, almost.

He shifted his eyes along the sloping, moss-covered mobile, took in the broken windows and door and stairs and turned to me, not smiling. Then Moser rounded the corner and broke out laughing again. "I KNEW something wasnt right about this..!", Thom grinned and the gag was complete. 
We put the grocery bags back in the van and walked to property boundary. This is the location where, about four months ago Bob found a large, beer can-sized turd, right next to his Camper Van after a long night of howling noises he'd never heard before. Bob is not a person prone to wild speculation, but as a longtime outdoorsman and pragmatic guy he knows what an owl sounds like. Just as we reached the property edge, where a swollen creek runs, Moser whispered loudly, "What the hell is THAT!"

Thom leaned in and I walked over and Thom said, "Yeah...I see it too, a whitish, tan thing...its moving!"

The scrub brush here is thick and hard to see through and as the shape moved out of view, we determined that it must have been a deer, which are plentiful there. Later, on a return visit I would photograph two of them here, one with a mottled tan and white, winter coat it was shedding.
We walked back to the vans, and I told Thom that this was the place where the mound photograph I had sent him was taken. In addition to the weird, 15 foot tall green mound, there were 'No Trespassing' signs posted that featured an odd silhouette of a Sasquatch. Why? Just for fun? Maybe...
We left Bob's driveway and pulled around the corner and there it was.

                                                    The mound, when the sign was still there.
The mound. last week. Sign gone.

                                                                  Not a photo, just cool art.

A pull out on the roads edge was big enough for two vehicles, so we got out and looked at the mound. The signs have been torn down, perhaps by souvenir seekers, but a heavy iron Trespassing sign remained. 

Thom tilted his head, impressed with the big green mound and said, "I've got a shovel."
He's diggin it

Powell's last two books covered the Sasquatch mystery from rumor to deep theory and one of those theories includes the idea that Sasquatch MIGHT possibly go underground. Also, Thom, as a three decades long teacher of Earth Sciences, is following the work of other authors researching the mounds, rock structures and stone walls that riddle the landscape of this country without proper explanation. 

 Moser and Thom: 'It's sandy.'

Time to dig into one mystery. Here is where things got a bit weird. 

No sooner had Thom and Moser slammed that shovel into the base of the mound, then a rumbling pickup truck drove up, stopped and backed up slowly. I was snapping photos a few paces from Thom and Moser and I shouted to them, but knowing we were technically still trespassing, Thom had smartly stowed the shovel in a bush and we all began walking out as a scruffy, bearded man appeared from behind his beat up truck. " You guys KNOW you're trespassing, right!?"
We all apologized while walking, in near unison, but Thom added, "We just wondered what this mound is made of...".

The scruffy man shouted over his rumbling truck engine, "EARTH...what ELSE!" and he got back in his truck and idled down the road slowly. I was fairly amazed at the timing of this event. In the four minutes it took us to park and walk to the mound, thirty feet off the road and stick a shovel into it, than man shows up to angrily intercept our intrusion. Wow..

As the truck became more distant, Thom walked back and retrieved his shovel, and we got in the rigs and headed toward my place. A quarter mile of land exists here from the corner where the mound is to the driveway where the man had backed in to watch us drive past. On GOOGLE Earth maps, it looks to be at least 50 acres of wet, swamp and thick scrub lands.
As we passed the man in his truck, I looked in my rear view mirror to notice two of the original green placard signs with the Sasquatch on them, still intact on an adjacent fence. This is where Scruffy lives, and maybe, also where Sasquatch does too.

Back at the cabin we went over the strange encounter, Thom suggesting that, "its not too unusual to have a truck drive by...just people running errands on a Sunday afternoon." But the timing of the mans arrival felt weird to me, almost as if he was called or that he saw us from a distance parking and trespassing on his land. The noticable paths around the mound and the mans response when Thom wondered what the mound was, of 'It's EARTH...what else!'  indicated that this guy had dealt with interlopers many times.

He still has a couple of the silhouette placards on his driveway fence, too. Why continue to use the image of a Sasquatch on a 'No Trespass' sign and expect curious people to not stop to take a look see? 

The fence between the road and the mound is too deteriorated to slow any egress, and also, why would this landowner care that people might want to walk around a pile of grassy dirt?
There is nothing else there except for a swollen stream and mushy grass and scrub trees.
Vehicle egress would be foolish unless it was a backhoe or tractor. Whats so special about this swampy acreage that would prompt a man to shout curious types away.
The three of us decided that cocktail hour had arrived and just as Thom began preparing martinis, my phone buzzed. Bob was texting that he was close by and his arrival was imminent. It wasn't quite enough of an announcement to stop cocktail prep, but a good reason to have one more and by the time he pulled in to the driveway Bob was able to share a toast with his choice of libation, a cold beer.

Bob's inclusion to this cadre of like-minded esoterics was a good thing. He has hiked the Washington Cascades for many years and has collected at least a couple of good Sasquatch stories, and he has read fairly extensively on topics as diverse as Zecharia Sitchin's 'Twelfth Planet' and 'Worlds in Collision' and alternative thinker, Stuart Wilde's 'The Quickening' and 'Silent Power.'

After beer three, Bob sat at the dining table and expounded on life in a humorous, knowing way.
“Think about this body we occupy...this bag of meat filled with bones and's preposterous...PREPOSTEROUS!”

What he means is...once you get to the basic question of existence the amazing conditions required to make these combinations of physical substances and objects become a highly useful, reasoning human defy scientific explantation. But for the spark of some divine influence, humans should be just that bag of mush and bone without any real use.

Thom Talks

Though I have met Thom only a couple of times, and have never discussed anything very deeply, he begins to allude to a thick knowledge of all the topics we broach. He knows Sitchin, he knows the Annunaki Gold theory, he knows stuff like the Higgs-Bosen Partical and the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory of wormholes and he expounds at length on this last topic in his latest book, 'Edges of Science.'

That's Saski hair he's got, not.

Moser's take is similar to Bob's and different at the same time. He believes that the world does not owe us existence and that you have to ask for and work for what you want. He has lived a hard-scrabble life at the enslavement of alcohol, but along the way has learned how to repair ANY item he comes across and to somehow ingratiate himself with everyone he meets. It's a little weird given his off-putting, bum-like exterior. He believes Sasquatch must be an off-planet creation because of it's continuing appearances without solid physical leavings and, he believes he'll have another drink.

The Glenlivit; Founders Reserve - smooth.

We ate and drank the night away and didn't solve any real problems of the world, but not for lack of trying. In the morning, Bob was gone. The last I saw of him, he was outside by the fire ring, beer in hand, ingnoring the light rain by himself. Donny says, “I got up at 4:30 to take a leak and Bob was still out there by the fire.” Outside, his car was gone, but he'd left his Nikon camera and some CDs.
I texted, no response.

Thom made coffee (a strong, excellent Oregon brand, with a tobacco-ey undertone) and turkey bacon and eggs, Moser moped and I played Thom's amazing guitar. Later that night we would jam, and Thom plays a good harmonica, with Moser nodding in approval, we did The Sasquatch Blues quite effectively.
                                                                     Thom and his really nice guitar
Thom's harmonica set

After breakfast, we piled in the van for the Leadbetter Wildlife Park, at the very end of the 26 mile Long Beach Peninsula.

The rain let up mercifully and with Thom riding shotgun and Moser in the jump seat behind we tooled over and up to the Leadbetter National Wildlife Refuge, a day use only State Park with several miles of bayside beach. On the way we drove past the mound again and saw the Sasquatch silhouette signs and the shouting man's black pickup still in the same place. That swampy acreage includes a slough named for the Espy family who homesteaded here in the 1800s and it adjoins the back side of the acreage that surrounds Leadbetter Refuge. In the middle of Refuge is an enormous mansion and estate owned by a millionare who restricts access far more diligently than Mr. Sasquatch Silhouette here.

On the long straight road toward the Point, we pass a left turn with a huge ornate gate with near life-sized, roaring stone Lions on either side and twin Gargoyle knockers on the rusting iron gates, proper.

The Gated Entrance

A squawk box intercom sits to the left, but there is no sign, no indication that the owner of this gate and the 600 acre property behind it is a multi-level marketing genius named Craig Tillotson. Tillotson is the founder of Nuskin, a dietary supplement and personal care products. Since it's inception in the early 1990's, the 2-plus billion dollar company has suffered losses of upwards of $50 million due to questionable business practices, even being sued by the Chinese Government as a 'suspected illegal pyramid scheme.' Further lurid scandals for Tillotson involve his ex-wife Sandie, but those details only serve to illustrate further the problems that come with big money.

On the huge tract of land is a main house oak-timber mansion said to be the largest in the country.
Next to it is a man-made lake with a sailboat in it, stocked with live sturgeon and including a life-sized Loch Ness Monster lurking in the middle. Gargoyles and Dragon sculptures adorn building interiors and exterior walls. At the property edge, right at the dune line is a 140 water tower made to look like a lighthouse. Quad trails surround the acreage and access to the retreat is restricted to two entrances, both of with feature the oversized, European style gates.

In addition to Leadbetter Farms, Tillotson owns a 4 acre estate in Boulder City, Nevada he dubbed 'Pirate's Cove' that features an 18 room mansion, man-made 50,000 gallon lake with a replica pirate ship in the middle.

Invitation to these playgrounds for the wealthy is hard to come by, and though there is a webpage suggesting the estate may be rented, word around town is that it only open to employees and family of Tillotson.

My interest in this whole strange area is buffeted by a couple of things. One is the recent reports on the BFRO of Sasquatch encounters that are so over-the-top in terms of possible advances in research as to be hard to swallow. The first is this one:

Not a photo, people. Just cool art.

Year 2011
Season: Spring
Month: March
Date: 15

Location details: Edited to preserve the location
Observed: I have been having encounters with what I believe is a family group for almost 2 years
now. Prints, wood knocks, smells, dog panic, sightings, and verbal interactions. Our house as lifted.
The newest is snow angel marks in grass and clearings with trails blocked by X formations made
with trees. Visit 2 or 3 times weekly. Less in winter, I'm not out as much, keeping it quiet. No other
people notice. I'm on 2.5 acres. Lake in back yard center of long beach peninsula, rural. Square mile of forest 300 yards away. Clams on beach, oysters in bay. 

Go to the link above for the rest of this amazing report investigated by BFRO's Scott Taylor.

I met both Scott Taylor and the property owner at the last Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores and was stunned by what they told me that wasn't in the report. I detail all of this on a previous post on this blogsite, but to summarize, the property owner (who lives somewhere within about a mile of Leadbetter Point claims this:

1) A sasquatch family visits his mobile home and eats peanut butter sandwiches
2) A large male has appeared to offer to shake hands
3) The same large male has made an attempt to speak, saying what sounded like it's name.

This is all vetted by Scott Taylor, an aerospace engineer, as well as another investigator Peter Smith and including local radio personality Johnny Manson.

And now get ready for the really weird stuff:
Scott Taylor told me to my face that these Giant Hairy Humanoids are not simple flesh and blood, ape hybrids, but creatures capable of becoming invisible, of communicating telepathically and of transforming into 'orbs'. After I picked up my jaw, the property owner walked up.
“Did he tell you about the orbs?...Good, yeah, that's what they do.” I have met the owner a three times now and he knows me to be a resident of his area, so he doesn't hold back with the details.
“Ya ever see that white foamy stuff that's on the beach?...well, that's SEAWEED that the Bigfoots eat and throw up...they only want the iodine!”

I just shook my head. It's a lot of information to process, and though I could easily just blow it off as bullshit, the number of people who have credibility is growing. Thom Powell, Scott Taylor and Peter Smith, all BFRO investigators at one point, but also Matthew Johnson, Kewaunee Lapseritis, Mike Paterson, Andrew Robson, Christopher Munch and Munch's collection of Sasquatch 'sensitives' agree               across the board that what we are witnessing is the thinning of the veil between the physical world of the human species and the other dimension(s) that the Sasquatch seems to spend the bulk of it's time in..

While you process that, I will continue.
In addition to these paranormal believers, there is Paul Freeman. Freeman was a Sasquatch hunter who first got the attention of Anthropologist Grover Krantz with track casts he had made near the Blue Mountains of Walla Walla, Washington, and who then produced a VHS tape he made of two Sasquatch creatures walking in the woods there, aproximately 80 feet away from his position.
The details of Freeman's amazing footage have been well documented by Thom Powell and with his permission I link it here:

Ray Crowe and Paul Freeman in Long Beach
Lastly, the thing that drives me to bring Thom to Leadbetter Point is Freeman's own words, as told to Sasquatch investigator Ray Crowe:

'Paul noted, Bigfoot tracks have been found at low tide in the clam beds near Ledbetter Point, on the North end of the Long Beach Peninsula.Also, he says that on the mainland adjacent to the sound, tracks have been found at low tide in the oyster beds.'

Also, the Property Owner told me that he has found shells on the bay side access trail near his home that he claims are the leftovers from a Sasquatch lunch there.
Leadbetter Point

We drove on past the scary gate and soon reached the parking lot for the Wildlife Refuge. A quick check of the map at the trailhead showed the route out toward where the sandy coastline ringed the Willapa Bay. That was the destination, but I told both Thom and Moser that the trail floods in winter. We set out anyway.

Thom checking the map before leaving

Winter storms and high tides had knocked trees into the surf, forcing us to trek inland at points and to step over the downed trees where we could. At less than 1.5 miles, we hit a left turn that takes you southwest, through a marshy section, but Thom and Moser thought they might be able to cut across to the oasis of sandy beach in the distance.  We slogged on, but soon the water was surrounding our boots. When it got just below ankle deep we retreated, and aimed back toward the trail.  At a new trail sign we saw the path that lead to the ocean beach and while I was fiddling with my cellphone camera, they took off.
Mid trail sign

I tried to keep up for a while but it became soggier and deeper and so I just stopped. Moser and Thom were alerady out of earshot, so I turned back, expecting them to do the same. Back at the sign, I waited and chatted with some birders who showed up to photograph cranes. Ten minutes, 15 minutes, I figured they might catch a connecting trail so I began walking back to the van. I didn't think to text Thom until I was almost back at the parking lot, and he rang me back, "Ah....ah, we are, sort of having some trouble here..." he sounded a little uncertain, " We're gonna turn back, now, water is getting pretty deep..stay in touch."

It was twenty minutes before they came up out of the brush and I could see that Moser was wet up to the knee, 
Thom somewhat less for his height. The upshot of the foray into the refuge was no prints, no sign, no Sasquatch.

On the way back

But on my way back to the van I took some photos, the spindly trees covered with light green lichen moss, a deep mat of moss on the ground soaked with water, it's passable for a man to move between these birch saplings but 
might be tight for an 8 foot, 1000 lb. biped. Still, it feels like suitable terrain for a mythical creature. 

The confluence of these people, at this location, seems like more than a coincidence. There is ANOTHER link in this chain of events too. A year ago in April my wife and I purchased a building lot in Packwood, Washington. I had no real thought about a Sasquatch connection at the time, but was just acting on the opportunity to own some view property at a good price in a place we like to hike.

This is all we found, Jack Squat

Sasquatch enthusiasts know that the White Pass/Gifford Pinchot Forest has produced a number of good eyewitness reports, and the wife and I have had two interesting hikes here that had Sasquatch feel to them.

The search goes on, and maybe it will always go on, but with the new mindset that the Sasquatch may truly be a 
entity that exists not just in our reality, but in another one separated by some invisible force, we are closing in on 
some important truths, nonetheless. 

SAR -March 31 2017

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