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Not Discovering Bigfoot - Todd Standing Fools The Experts

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Note: For the purposes of clarifying this event, I will assume the reader is mostly familiar with the names and reputations of the individuals involved.

In the Fall of 2013, Todd Standing invited Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel up to a
a habituation site Standing had been working to show them what he considered to be a Bigfoot hotspot, and the place that he claimed to have filmed the creatures in high definition video.

The draw that coaxed the scientists to attend was the compelling video clips Standing offered in his documentary, 'Bigfoot North' and also on Les Stroud's 'Survivorman: Bigfoot', which aired in March of 2014.

The most pertinent result to come from this event is not the videos themselves, which after careful examination by expert and accomplished video people has been deemed to be fakery, but the statements
released by the scientists who visited Standing's habituation area.

The Toddster nearly convincing Meldrum

After returning to his lab at Idaho State U, Dr. Meldrum wrote on his facebook page:

The account offered on Todd Standing’s Kickstart site is accurate in so far as my involvement is concerned. Following the events that occurred last Fall in Alberta, Todd asked me not to discuss my experience extensively until he the chance to finish the production of his documentary. Therefore, I have said very little publicly and openly about it. I will let him share the details with those attending the summit or the airing of his film in Seattle the following Tuesday. I will say that I did witness and interaction, i.e. Sonya talking reassuringly to something large and heavy that was circling our camp under cover of darkness at the end of a burmed road. It reacted to her approach and eventually broke from the treeline and crossed the gravel road to the opposite treeline. I observed through night vision an upright silhouetted figure, forward-leaning, arm-swinging, moving smoothly. Was it a sasquatch? I am not certain, but under the circumstances and based on the reconstruction conducted the next day, it strikes me as a real possibility that it was.
~ Don Jeff Meldrum

After heavy criticism on the blogosphere, later, Meldrum posted this:

I have been challenged and badgered to respond to the criticisms aimed at Todd Standings images. So today I set things aside and wrote a quick and dirty response to Falconer and Poling report. I still have not drawn a conclusion myself, but I am certainly not convinced by their arguments that these are definitely hoaxed. I continue to be dismayed by the tenuous arguments and baseless certitude by so many on this. A lot more work needs to be done.
Let me reiterate — neither my visit to Nordegg for a few days, nor my co-hosting, what I thought turned out to be a very interesting radio show, constitute an endorsement of everything else that Todd has done. I am still considering the evidence.
~ Don Jeffrey Meldrum

Dr. Bindernagel in the Nordegg

For his part, Dr. Bindernagel said on camera in Standings 'Bigfoot North':
 “After spending time in the field with Todd Standing… I am firmly convinced he has in fact filmed portraits of the Sasquatch face.”
Dr. Bindernagel has not, to my understanding, qualified or redacted this statement publically, but I was at the Sasquatch Summit in '14 and watched as Standing tried to get Dr. Bindernagel to agree that a creature had walked up the knoll behind their campsite in the Nordegg and to Dr.B's credit, he denied that he had ever agreed that it had happened. You could almost see Todd's jaw hit the floor.
So, at this point, I think Standing is 90% enthusiastic Sasquatch BOOSTER (without the benefit of hard evidence for existence) and I reserve 10% for the 'he may actually be making contact with' the animals in question. 
That said, his four best video footage examples, which we are coming to know as 'Blinky', 'The Muppet', 'The Uphill Creature' and 'the Dark Devil' are all too suspicious in nature for me to put credence to, more likely that they are a combination of high end puppetry and, especially in the case of 'The Dark Devil', far more likely to be a human in makeup. Standing is smart and clever, and when I met him in 2014 he promised that he would have 'evidence that will prove once and for all the existence of Bigfoot.'  Unfortunately, what he has supplied does not give us enough information to truly conclude he has filmed a new species of humanoid.

Statements that Standing makes are little more than hollow boasts, and it is how a circus promoter talks, and it's difficult to reconcile given Standings persuasive manner and intelligence. In the documentary, you can actually see the process of cajoling Todd uses in turning Meldrum into a supporter. 

Based on the aforementioned suspicious video footage, some 'treepee' structures, missing apples and some depressions in muskeg substrate (all 'results' that could easily have been created by a friend of Todd's who could have camped just beyond being detectable by Standings group camp in the Nordegg) he then films himself 'leading' Dr. Meldrum with these scant summations of proof in an attempt to shore up his position as nothing less than 'the man who discovered Bigfoot.' 

Micheal Jackson? WTH?

The point here, I think, is that in light of the lack of the hard, necessary evidence of bones, Standings tack is to build scientific consensus with parlor tricks. His motovations are difficult to understand: he wants fame and fortune, that much is clear. And efforts to have Sasquatch protected by law in the Nordegg are just further examples.

I really like Meldrum, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights with him in Port Angeles in March of 2013 and he was very gracious and patient with my incessant questions. But like a politician, he is very good at talking his way around a subject like definitive proof without really admitting he fully agrees. And though I have heard him speak a few times, I have not personally met Dr. Bindernagel, but still have much respect for his refusal to accept all of Todd's 'evidence.'

In 'Discovering Bigfoot', we did hear Bindernagel say, 'After spending time in the field with Todd Standing, I am firmly convinced that he has in fact filmed...portraits of the Sasquatch face.'

But after seeing Dr. B's response to Standings on stage badgering and Bindernagel's subsequent refusal to corroborate, I suggest that this is still Dr.B coming to his senses and withholding final agreement. 
I read the post made by Phil Poling and Daniel Falconer about Discovering Bigfoot and I concur with both men's summary statements. Poling said, basically, the 'eye blink is CGI' and that 'Blinky' is simply Todd Standing in makeup.
Falconer stated that the creatures were 'contrived props' staged to appear real and that Standings method of releasing this information as suspicious because it is 'drip fed..for a fee'.
Dark devil, or dude in greasepaint?

This fall in 2017, Standing released further supposed live BF footage in 'Discovering Bigfoot' that viewers are calling 'the dark devil'. The scant few seconds of video show a blackish face, mostly obscured by downed timber, zoomed in to show what looks like a furrowed brow, an eye and black, shiny skin. Opinions on this newer piece of footage is still rolling in, but in my view it is also just a human in makeup, staged so as not to show enough to discern otherwise.

The ultimate goal of anyone interested in Cryptid research is certainly a body. We need bones in order to study the aspects that living creatures possess. Video proof is specious at best, hair/scat/meat DNA would be useful if verifiable, but it too falls short of a final agreement.

As much as we might respect the experience and expertise of scientists like Meldrum and Bindernagel, because of the lack of a body and/or bones, Todd Standing's efforts to get them to agree that his videos and area were real also fall short of the mark. And until that Sasquatch body is delivered to a lab somewhere where a group of biologists and anthropologists can agree on what lay before them, then there is no more to be said of any usefulness, really, on any existing or even new photographs or audio clips or video footage.

NOW that I have thoroughly denigrated Todd Standing and called into question Meldrum and Bindernagel's abilities to tell fact from fakery, I will state finally (and repeatedly) that my own belief about the huge number of witness accounts of a GHH (giant hairy humanoid) around this country and around the planet has more in common with (get ready) UFOs and Ghosts than a relict hominid species of proto-human. Remember, the name of this blog is 'Bizarre Bigfoot', and while I cannot posit any evidence to support my belief, neither can anyone else to support THEIR belief. We are still in the dark here as to the origins of all of these fantastic claims, and so it is my contention that logical thinking must eventually arrive at a collection the things that defy conventional explanation.

'Whoa, dude, shit's on fire yo!'

To summarize, here are some talking points.

1).Sasquatch, Ghosts and UFOs/Aliens – many witness accounts with zero physical evidence.

2).Photos and videos are unreliable, burn marks on abductees and plaster casts of footprints do not constitute proof.

3).Alien bodies, just like Bigfoot bodies are not available for examination. One could conclude that governmental/military interests control and withhold these artifacts, but again, we have no proof.
Unless more than one reliable, credentialed whistle blower comes forth to expose a coverup, we are still at square one.

4).There is still the possibility, however slim, that this is basically a hallucinatory/sociological phenomenon.
I knew it...

Examples of shared hysteria are known to science, and the human mind is another complicated thing to figure out.

Lastly, I will repeat my support for The Law of One material. As bizarre as it sounds, it seems increasingly likely that channeled information from advanced, non-human intelligences have explained all of this weird stuff. Now it's your turn – copy and paste the link, report back!

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  1. Hard science demands a body and bones to study. There have been and are many picture and video hoaxers. But, when farmers,ranchers, runners, hunters, atv-users, campers, hikers, skiers, and woods-workers see them or hear them or witness their behaviors or strengths; we must realize that thousands of these non-sasquatch seekers are experiencing something unusual and often very scary in rural areas of the United States. I don't believe these common citizens are lying about their often very scary experiences.


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