Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bigfoot, ETs and Us

If we can imagine a world where Sasquatch/Bigfoot has been 'discovered', ie., solid video from multiple sources, along with the acknowledgment of academia, including the addition of the species to the taxonomic record, how will this scenario play out from that point? Lets extrapolate. Let's say Derek Randles suddenly announces a huge development in his research: Contact has been made, a group of Sasquatches has communicated with Derek and his people and they acquire excellent video footage showing Derek shaking hands with an 8 foot tall, hairy biped. It is picked up and is aired on the Today show and all other major networks. According to Randles, a rudimentary language is employed with hand signals and yes and no verbalizations. The Olympic Project has retained a legal firm, the entire ten acre compound is fenced with 8 foot cyclone and razor wire and armed guards are manning the entry gate.

Contrary to conspiracy theory, Military/industrial complex reps are nowhere to be found outside of local police who patrol the site for crowd control and unwanted interlopers. The Olympic Project, along with Dr. Jeff Meldrum invites the major news networks to bring scientists specializing in human/ animal sciences with the assurance that the Sasquatch People wish to give a message to all of mankind, vis a vis Derek and his advisors. Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Estaban Sarmiento, and a few other highly regarded, credentialed individuals show up and are let into the compound. Once the TV news hits around the world, oddballs begin to move en masse towards Port Angeles. They line the roads everywhere within ten miles of the Olympic Projects acreage. Police use helicopters and their limited SWAT material for crowd control but after about three days the Governor calls in the National Guard and a ten mile perimeter is established with check points and additional razor fencing that runs through all access points including forest service roads all the way to the coast. A standing order to shoot down personal drones is made and a couple of drones are knocked out this way, but not before shaky footage is obtained, sold and aired of something big and hairy moving under the canopy of big Fir trees, away from a camouflaged kiosk that has a multitude of heavy power cables running to it. The first, highly coveted feeds from the Olympic Project Camp begin to air on TV, showing a table with three people seated with their backs to the cameras, two men and a woman in the middle. in front of them is a section of weirdly-lit wooded terrain, tree trunks and stumps. In the low light, the viewer can make out the outline of a large humanoid mass with furry edges standing behind jagged stump.
Not Danzig

The shaggy form shifts, eyes blink showing some white around dark pupils. In comparison to the tree trunk the creature is huge. It moves and you can make out the massive arms and a flash of an enormous hand as it slides down the log to reposition itself to be facing the camera. There is no dialog, no clear voices yet, just the regular clicking of some camera shutters and muffled, excited whispers from somewhere behind the scene. A man's voice begins, "Dave, are the mics on? Are they on? Can we get a feed check?" And then, a loud snort. It sounds like a bull, exhaling and steam is seen rising from the area of the creatures face. A few people beyond the camera exclaim and gasp and then a woman's voice is heard. "Excuse me, excuse me....can we begin?" The woman is only shown from behind, a blonde head of curly hair, but then a screen title pops up, 'Autumn Williams-Crypto-Resaercher' ( misspelled) and the voice continues, "Can you hear me? Can, ah...can you understand me, what I'm saying?"
Autumn Williams 
There is no response, and aside from the camera clicks and distant generator noise, all we see from the green forest set is more steam and a slight shifting of the mass of hair and muscle. Then, a sound. It's a low rumble, like a throat clearing, and then "WE..." The people in the tent breathe sharply, a deep, guttural sound, like a cross between a lion and some bovine animal rasps, "WE SSPEAK...NOT WELL" It's an amazing, historic moment. Inter-species communication from a creature that the vast majority of humanity has never conceived could truly exist. And in fact, so far there is still no proof that they do. The idea of a bipedal human-hybrid hunkering behind a log and speaking human English is too much to assimilate, with too many convenient problems solved like the rewriting of the human taxonomy for most of us to stomach. The main question that stands out immediately: What's in it for Bigfoot? Bigfoot, a silly name for a relationship with a concept-shattering entity, the term Sasquatch at least honors some First Nations People, but still, what can humanity do for what ostensibly, historically, has been a humanoid free agent since a time before humans understood fire or tool use? Because this scenario is so unlikely to ever happen, we can only speculate as I've done here, and we can reflect on the only input we do have, which, as specious as it may sound, does answer that big question. The leaders in the field of Sasquatch/Contactee communication are, in order of total content, Kewaunee Lapseritis,Mike Paterson and maybe to a lesser extent, Joan Ocean.

Lapseritis is an herbalist/healer and self-proclaimed Crypto-Anthropologist from rural Washington State who claims that a concurrent communication from both Extra-Terrestrial and Sasquatch intelligences contacted him telepathically a few years ago. Since that contact, Lapseritis has written two books, 'The Sasquatch People {And Their Inter-Dimensional Connection} and 'The Psychic Sasquatch'.

Kewaunee is making an important point attention! 
             Love this art - He looks so confident

Mr. L tours the country lecturing (mostly at UFO conferences) and has recently posted on his website (SasquatchPeople.Com) a series of 'letters' from the aforementioned to humanity chronicling the history and future of our relationship with these apparent, sometime off-planet entities. The message is written in a way that sounds like a Native American with a College education might write it, with only a couple of odd word uses (for example, specie, for species) and the tone is familiar to UFO abductee stories. ”We are not giant apes nor even related to them, as your cryptozoologists pretend; nor are we primitive hominids, nor even more related to them than to you, as some of your anthopologists tend to believe. Recognizing our true origin from the Star Elders and our spiritual wisdom, is the acceptance of yours. We are offering you your best opportunity to re-enter into inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations, and to realign with the Cosmic Order, to join back in our Star Elders Council, like your first ancestors did.” The entire 'message to humanity' is available for free at this link:

The second most prolific paranormal Sasquatch conduit may be Mike Paterson.
                                                   Mike Paterson, (let's pretend this is Mike, ok?)

 For newbies, Paterson is a Canadian dude who happened to be contacted by a largely invisible creature while camping in the woods near some friends of his who owned a cabin and property somewhere in Ontario. Paterson, like Lapseritis uses Youtube as his main message delivery vehicle and his videos are a combination of quizzical, child-like name exchanges coupled with shots of footprints in the snow and gifts of marbles and twisted sticks. There is a focus on the audio portions of Patersons relationship which feature guttural howls and squeals interjected with an occasionally recognizable word or name. Patersons attitude and delivery are endearing if incomplete in explanation and after listening for a while it feels like a man taking care of a mentally-challenged family member. (Sorry,MP, no disrespect meant, just trying to reach the masses). Mike Patersons work hit a road block when a relation of his hosts interfered with his occupation and forced Mike to regroup. One important offshoot of his content is his partnering with documentary-maker Chris Munch (Letters From The Big Man) and who subsequently started his own youtube channel (Fir and Cedar) where Munch has employed a group of 'sensitives' to explain the Sasquatch and their counsel for us 'hairless ones'. I won't introduce the sensitives again (it's in a previous post and available at Munchs channel) but the message is very similar to Lapseritis' theme, with Lapseritis siding much more thickly on the doom and gloom aspects of Global Warming, pollution and enslavement by our 'lower lords'.


 The only other online, sizable Extra-normal Sasquatch content comes from a lady named Joan Ocean, a counselor and author who resides in Hawaii and who offers dolphin and whale swimmimg sessions. Ocean also claims a series of physical and non-physical contacts with Sasquatch persons that she has decided have names like Medicine Woman and who write responses to her letters in decent penmanship.
and maybe . I have not listed two of my favorite paranormal Sasquatch writers since they only report on and comment of anecdotes they have heard from others. Linda Moulton Howe and Thom Powell are probably the hugest profile people on this subject ( followed by Stan Gordon) and they deserve their own, upcoming post. I welcome comments from anyone on the communicators above and if I have impugned anyone, I apologize as I am the blogger of a site called Bizarre Bigfoot and i am just trying to grok this bizarre  mystery.                               Joan Ocean - w/ Whale photobomb.                                                                     

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bigfoot and The Gov'mint

A couple of thoughts that I've had recently regarding the whole enchilada. One is that I am happy to go into the woods and look for signs of Bigfoot, even see one personally, BUT...I would not do it alone and I don't wish to do it at night. To date I've done two overnight trips and, of course, saw and heard nothing important, so, the thing is, if you do see a huge hairy bipedal Man-Ape and nobody is with you, you're basically just another crazy person. And if you see one at night, it's far too difficult with the technology we have to ascertain unequivocally whether you saw a Bigfoot or if it was just a bear or tree stump on a windy night. Naysayers, I hear you out there. "He's a'skirred!'
And you would be right. Hell, how many Sasquatch witness accounts involving abject terror do you need to read to believe it's a likely outcome. I get the heebie jeebies anytime I'm camping at night, and bears DO exist and citing behavioral patterns where they 'always avoid humans' doesn't help me. So, I'm ready to go camping nearly anywhere, even at night, but I will be with friends, a big campfire, music and libations. I'm not going to lay on the ground alone in the Nordegg Wilderness like Les Stroud and 'make myself vunerable' like he does. Dude has balls, no doubt about that. This stated, the other thought that occurs to me is that as a fully developed high order primate myself, I have the capability and right to be anywhere on the planet I wish to go. It may be arguable at to whether humans are smarter than the Sasquatch people (they do, ostensibly sync perfectly with the natural world with no need for the trappings that humans require), but dammit, why should I kowtow to Bigfoot anymore than I do to bears. Out in the deep woods, many of us carry firearms for protection as we hunt, trap, fish, harvest trees or just plain go camping. Sasquatch may live there, and we can be respectful of them and their habitat, but we all live on the same planet and we're going to have to get along, so...make way Big Ones, the little ones are here to stay. Think about those two statements and let me know what you think.
'You wanna dance, tough guy!...Bring it!'
Now, on to another topic. The Gov'mint. Those bastards, those nameless, faceless authoritarians who rule our legal lives are up to something in regard to their knowledge of Sasquatch. The reasons range from, 'Sasquatches should be protected and left alone as undiscovered branch of the human family' and 'If they acknowledge Bigfoot existences, public lands would become overrun with Peta members, tree huggers other protectionist activists who would force the gov'mint to run developers and loggers out,' and finally to 'Bigfoot is an alien, we can't have humans mucking around with them because it might expose our dark plan to turn them loose en masse to depopulate the planet, ala 'Planet of the Apes II'. What evidence do we have for Governmental involvement and coverup? The most frequently cited examples are the 1999 Battle Mountain Fire Story, which author Thom Powell broke and which is a wonderful mix of caring humans tending to a badly burned BF who they find along with the Goverment interference in hiding that same creature in a lab on a college campus for further study before release. The other story, and one that I somehow missed until yesterday is the one listed below. Read it and I will comment at the bottom. Note: stolen from Bigfoot Evidence' site: 'It has been years since the story broke and still no one has come forward to claim it actually happened-- until now. Running a Bigfoot blog, we get some strange emails every once in a while. This morning, we received an email from someone who claims to be a former National Guardsman, saying he was there and he saw the Bigfoots. This person gives a detail account of the experience that he and four other guardsmen had with the creature and all were told to keep quiet about it. We know how much some people like to pull our leg, so, as always, we'll let you be the judge: Dear Shawn: I was reading some of the stories about Mt. Saint Helen on the message boards and wanted to share this one. I only ask that you withhold my name. I was a National Guardsman at the Mount Saint Helen site and this is the first time I have ever spoken about what I saw firsthand. I lived in Spokane, Washington and was 24 at the time this all took place. I have read some of the other stories and they only tell part of the story. I was placed on a special cleanup crew farther up the mountain. A large tent was set up and it was be guarded by armed soldiers who were not part of the guard. There were numerous soldiers on the scene that were not members of the guard. We were given a briefing by soldier who said that “after he spoke to us, we would forget about him and what he said at the end of the mission”. This was strange as we never dealt with anything before. Myself and four other guardsmen were told to follow a group of soldiers and not to speak to each other and to remain very quiet overall. We were told to get into a jeep and wait. We sat in the jeep for maybe a half hour. Eventually another jeep arrived carrying a civilian and another member of the military. The civilian was brought into the tent and he emerged a few minutes later followed by a large hairy creature. It looked like a large man covered in fur and the best way to describe it was like “Beast” from X-Men only brown. The creature looked to have some burns and had a bandage on its arm. At first we were afraid but when it walked by we could see its eyes and it just looked very sad and somber. He climbed into the back of a pickup with the civilian and the two were speaking in a weird language I had never heard. It would cough at times. We followed the truck to different areas. There were 5 total stops. Each time we stopped we were told to follow the civilian and the creature. Each time we followed them to rocky areas where there were caves. The creature would make a sound and then listen. At the first area he made a sound and we all just waited in silence. After a few minutes, the creature looked at the civilian and then at the ground. The civilian at one point touched its shoulder and called for a canteen to give the creature a drink. The same thing happened at the next area but this time there was a response to the sound. After a few minutes two soldiers emerged from the cave carrying a badly burned creature just like the one with the civilian. The creature bent down next to it and looked it over for about five minutes. It then spoke softly with the civilian. It turned and walked back to the truck and we were told to follow as we were walking away we heard a shot and we knew it was one of the soldiers putting the creature out of its misery. There was no response at the third or fourth site but at the fifth there was another return sound to the creature. This time it was different and soldiers carried out a creature with a badly burned left leg. We were then ordered to all help get a very large stretcher from the truck and to help place the creature on it and carry it back to the truck. We then immediately returned to the base camp. The creature was carried into the tent while the other creature and the civilian spoke. We were ordered to stay in the jeep until we were to be debriefed. As the creature turned to walk into the tent it looked at us and made a waving gesture with its hand. We took it as a thank you for what we had done. By the time we were ordered out of the jeep we were all in shock. We were called over to an area to be debriefed and it was just strange. I will never forget what was said because it was just not what was expected. I thought I would hear “You took an oath and now you need to live up to it for your country with a threat also implied. A different high ranking soldier just said “look, do you all really want an explanation? You saw what we were doing. These creatures live in these areas; they mean no harm and want to be left alone. Do you really want to do anything that may cause them trouble? They are like us in a lot of ways. If you need or want to talk about this just wait about 30 years, by that time there will likely be no reason to keep them a secret”. We were then ordered back to the guard camp because “they were breaking it up so nobody saw too much and knew everything that happened”. We did not speak of it and after a few months I just took the attitude that these things live out there and honestly my life is no different because of it. I only bring it up now because people have been writing a lot about MT. Saint Helen and I believe that the whole story should be told. I will also say this. I like to camp and hike and have done so many times throughout the Northwest. Every time I would look for signs of these creatures, tracks, listen for sounds etc. I never saw or heard anything other than what I did that day on Mt. Saint Helen.' Story end.
Ok, so we can choose to believe it or not, and it's even more fantastic than the Battle Mountain story insofar as the creature 'speaks' to the civilian (native american?) in a language both understood. And we would have to assume that the civilian and the Sasquatch must have had some sort of relationship that went back at least long enough for them to learn to communicate. Let's say, five years. So if you have Giant Forest Persons existing with the knowledge and understanding of (at least) the National Guard, is it safe to assume that the Park Service bigwigs know? How about the Dept. of the Interior and the Whitehouse? Rumors have abounded for decades about The Whitehouse and Area 51, and those rumors get more substantiation every couple of years with declassified documents being released. Why hold back on Bigfoot disclosure? Why are Sasquatches different than UFO occupants? That's another question for another blog post, isn't it?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bigfoot Photos Don't Cut It

As humans, we rely heavily on our visual abilities to make sense of the world, at least initially, and so when an image of something that does not immediately fit in our frame of reference is ejected from our brains as unclassifiable, we begin the search.

The Internet, as an electronic extension of the collective human brain is the first logical place to look.

Tons of people upload photos of stuff they've seen and can't figure out.  Trail/Game cam pictures, summer vacation campground photos, panoramic tourist shots, we are rife with high quality cameras now but we still can't seem to get very good photographs of what many believe is just an oversized forest ape living in the great woods all around us.

                                                          Blobsquatch Number 75634

Why not? What is so hard about obtaining one single, sharp focus, full daylight image of this cryptid animal?

Some say that it's Bigfoots terrific wariness. He (or she) is highly attuned to the presence of a camera (and guns if you prefer) and that his great physical prowess allows him to disappear too quickly.

There is merit in this position, if you have ever tried to take a photo of a wild animal you will understand. Wilderness locations, with big trees, bendy roads and mountainous terrain are not often conducive to obtaining easy imagery with sketchy availability of light and decent unobstructed backgrounds.  Animals by nature tend to blend with they're surroundings, and if we add in the concept that Sasquatches are more nocturnal than diurnal, they have the additional benefit of cover of night to aid in their subterfuge.

So because they may be wary as well as nightowls, we are relegated to trail cams for our best chance at a good picture. Plenty of people use them, with varying degrees of success.

J.Burke attaches his game camera to a tree near a trail on the Olympic Projects land in Port Angeles, Wa.

Sadly, the world of Bigfoot evidence is so bereft of clear VIDEO (as opposed to simple still images) as to make a baby cry.
That said, we DO have the Patterson Gimlin 16mm film
And though it is a treat to see moving images of our favorite prey, in the post 2000 world of computer tech, we can no longer trust ANY thing. Besides the fact that video evidence is not (usually) permissible in a court of law when deciding the outcome of a case, the ability of that 9 year old nephew you forgot you had to manipulate digital images is so advanced now that he can literally make monkeys fly out of you know where.
So, until we have a situation where Mr. Foot finally tires of the rumors and backbiting, the stale peanut butter sandwiches with tracking devices sloppily inserted in them, and he comes out of the forest for a proper press conference, I am afraid we will never really know them.
LOOK!!'s a Sea Dragon! What? You aren't buying it?...( bad).

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Great Bigfoot Habituation Race

It is arguable that the holy grail of the Bigfoot phenomenon is either a body, or a documented, long term habituation study (with clear, daytime video evidence).

What is more convincing to you, the laymen? Rick Dyers hoaxed 'Hank' body lasted for a few weeks, roiling up the online boards, blogs and forums.

And following the fall of that debacle the main thrust of interest in the subject focused on guys like Todd Standing and his pets, Meldrum and Bindernagel.  Todd stole more than the limelight, apparently, because the interwebs teem with stories of hab theft by Todd from previous seekers of bf.  

The Browns (Jon and Sara) were particularly incensed, after Standings thermal footage was released (and, at least initially, endorsed by Meldrum) and this pulls interest away from the Browns 'Grays Harbor Thermal' footage.

Who else is tripping on Habituation locations?  How about Mike Paterson? Mike of Sasquatch Ontario' Youtube fame (note the order of the name) was posting a large amount of audio (including some nebulous video)from Ontario, covering the middle portion of the Canadian territories while Standing had dibs on the eastern portions in Alberta, (along with Ontario Sasquatch) until his Youtube account was killed for 'copyright infringement', purportedly at the hand of the property owners wife. Some undisclosed personal conflict, apparently.

 Mikes stuff was patently weird, with great emphasis on woo woo like speechifying and the gifting of marbles. Youtube being the tool of choice now for disseminating Bigfoot video and audio, the content is subject to the whims of any complainant, hence Mikes departure. I looked for a Facebook page for him but didn't find it.  It has been suggested that he will resurface soon with his own dedicated site.

And this is how the big reveal has evolved.  Ten years ago nobody had a personal drone, nobody had a phone that was capable of high definition video and trail cameras were mostly still just for bear, deer, cougars and elk. Now we have multiple habituation locations where researchers do overnight forays into the woods and/or simply leave sandwiches on a stump. My friend Ben uses high quality audio gear to record sounds throughout the night as video is just too difficult to obtain. He also uses trip wires with shriek alarms (though I believe none have ever been truly tripped. 

As these on-site waiting games continue, our knowledge base increases and this is appropriate and akin to any good study of animals in the wild. 

Hunker down, get comfortable and be patient, because just like the study of Mountain Gorillas in Burundi, hairless humans are in Sasquatch territory once we leave the comfort and confines of our homes, RVs and tents.

At the last Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores I met a man who claimed a family of Sasquatches were routinely visiting his home on the Long Beach peninsula. His story, documented by Scott Taylor of the BFRO is without question the most amazing, potentially huge advance in Bigfoot/Human interaction stories. I withhold his name (as does the BFRO) to preserve the mans privacy. I own a residence very near this families location and, with his invitation 'sometime this summer', I hope to visit it in the next few weeks.

His experience includes attempts at speech and physical contact, but stops short of any extra-normal claims. I asked him, 'Do you think there is am ongoing plan, where we are being educated little by little by these creatures?' He said 'Yes..this is part of a larger plan.' That was all. 

And In this vein, we have individuals like Kewaunee Lapseritis (and more recently, Christopher Munch) who are way past the nights of cowering in a tent and have moved on to full-on telepathic communication. The messages are very similar to each other, though Lapseritis' long diatribes are fraught with vague warnings about 'waves' of non-humans soon to arrive with bad intent, while Munchs assimilation of Bigfoot sensitives like Kathleen Odom and Andrew Robson are gentler and more about human apathy for the planet. 

And we have heard this before.

The main thrust of many UFO abductee messages, obtained either directly from memory of a proclaimed real experience or garnered through hypnosis speak of the terrible legacies of pollution and the threat of nuclear proliferation by humans and that, like the return of Jesus, a day of reckoning is nearing soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. Johnson's Bigfoot Portal

If you have not seen or heard about Dr. Matthew Johnson's recent revelation of a paranormal Bigfoot encounter then you're in for a treat.

After a paucity of boring months following the Meldrum/Standing blowout, with no Bigfoot happenings, things are beginning to move.
Johnson spoke at the Bremerton Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference on April 24-26 and had some news.

"Portals are real, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not making this crap up," said the Dr.
"The adolescent male (Bigfoot) says 'It's OK, that's just a portal and those are two guardians who are making sure you guys don't go into the portal, so they're scaring you away,''

In a nutshell (no jokes about packaging) Dr. Johnson claims that in June of 2014 while visiting his habituation site in Southern Oregon he saw a 'portal' between dimensions open and close several times and inside that 'doorway' were two small entities that looked like snack-sized versions of a family size Bigfoot (my descriptives).  Also, Dr. J said that when he fell asleep he 'dreamed' that a Sasquatch spoke to him to explain that those small creatures were guards, stationed there to keep anyone from entering the portal.

The DreamSquatch also said there was nothing to worry about.
"that night, I was sleeping, and you've heard of mindspeak, right? Well...they entered my brain. The adolescent male says 'It's ok, it's just a portal and those are two guardians making sure you guys don't go in to the portal.  'Your friends are triggering it because they're getting too close to it and light keeps it shut down."

The video is here:

                                         Little dude reminds me of those things that live under my dishwasher

So, the interesting thing about this story is that Dr. Johnson has not previously been known to allow for a full-on paranormal explanation for Bigfoot. The Dr.'s own bio claims him to be 'one of the most credible people in the bigfoot world.' His first encounter near the Oregon Caves National Monument in 2000 was pretty typical and as far as I can tell he has not made any claims of strange aspects until now.

To recap, Johnson claims:
His SOHA (Southern Oregon Habituatoin Area) has a portal at the 6:00 o'clock position
He experienced 'mindspeak' and a calming message from a teenage Bigfoot
Three months after his June visit with Adam Davies and John Carlson, he saw a 'squatch walk out of the portal.'

Here is Dr. J in his own words, about that night:
'I was having a lot of Squatch activity from the 9 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position and from the 12 o’clock position to the 3 o’clock position.  Suddenly, Adam and John were calling me to come over to where they were standing.  Well, I was frustrated and told them to come over to where I was standing and experiencing the Squatch activity.  They yelled at me to come to where they were again so I walked around the back of the Suburban and dropped my jaw.  Apparently, Adam Davies and John Carlson triggered an Interdimensional Portal to open up.  While looking through the portal, we could see red sky with dark scraggly looking vegetation.  Finally, there were two 3 to 3.5 foot tall hairy beings who were guarding the portal.  Adam referred to them as Interdimensional Midgets.  Adam, John, Grady, and I all saw it.  We all talked on the telephone with Cynthia about it.  I have both nights recorded on Audio to back up all of the above.'

The fact that the Dr. had witnesses is a pretty important detail. Adam Davies is gaining ground as a credible bigfoot investigator, a Cryptozoologist, tracker and world traveler, he has appeared on tv and is also an author. John Carlson writes on his website 'The Paranormalist' that he is ' an avid reader with a long–standing interest in all things strange and unexplained,' and he relates a 'missing time' event in his teenage years that some of us have heard before.

For the time being, both men are keeping mum. But Carlson apparently said he would write about his experiences at his website soon.

I cruised Dr. Johnson's colorful website 'TeamSquatchinUSA' and found the link to his story:

So, this is good news in my estimation, as this blogsite IS called 'Bizarre Bigfoot' and since it's inception I have placed my beliefs about Bigfoot/Sasquatch People in the paranormal catagory.
While there has been precious few incidents where credible witnesses experienced high strangness during a BF sighting, there has been thousands of reports to date of the regular 'big hairy thing, ran across the road' sort.  I think it's safe to say that SOMETHING big, hairy and bipedal is hanging out in the forests of this country and a few others and I think it's now safe to say that there are very weird aspects that speak to a extra-dimensional explanation.
                                          'I'm not mean, I'm just drawn that way.' Sasquatch, probably.

I expect that Dr. Johnson (and perhaps Adam Davies and John Carlson) will eventually come to consider that Quantum Physics may indeed help explain what they experienced, and that perhaps even 'The Law of One' transcripts might contain further explanation. If you want to know what I'm talking about, go here:

But be forewarned, this is a long way away from Gigantopithicus Blacki.

I hope Dr. Johnson does not hammer me for including his story and a few picutures on this site.
 Dr. J, if you read this and want me to alter or take down anything, just say so, but I'm in your camp so to speak and am glad to hear a supportive voice from a previously mainstream part of the Bigfoot world.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boring Bigfoot: The Latest News

Google ‘Bigfoot’ and you’ll get 7,640,000 hits, and on Youtube, the number is 1,080,000 posts.
Over a million posts with Bigfoot in the title. I think it’s safe to say that the hairy hominid is alive and well, at least in cyberspace.

Certainly there are repetitive posts, ads and extremely dumb stuff, so I usually try to mine sites like Guy Edward’s Bigfoot Lunch Club and Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters and (reluctantly, Bigfoot Evidence, but I ignore the comments section since it’s full of imbeciles).

Nothing earth-shaking from the BFRO, just the same Class A,B and C reports.

                                      You don't just come out here for the huntin' do ya?

In this way I try to stay abreast of developments and as of the last week of February, not much is noteworthy.  Doc Meldrum is basically in hiding and Todd Standing finally sat down.

                                                 This dumb photo chaps Bigfoot's ass..

Les Stroud was supposedly working on a new Bigfoot episode for Survivorman, but I haven’t seen an air date yet.
Sara and Jon Brown haven’t posted anything truly new since the Grays Harbor Thermal image and Bryan Sykes and Melba Ketchum haven’t come up with any useful data either.

Todd Neiss is speaking in Portland and Derek Randles has new, retooled website at Olympic Project, but this is about it as far as news.
                                                 Todd Neiss and a real bigfoot he found. 

Back to Youtube,  the first six pages are ads and ‘Finding Bigfoot’ episodes and old stuff we’ve all seen. Finally, by about page 12 you run into ‘Barbara and Gabby’s ‘Cloaked Bigfoot’.
Alternately, a cursory search on Youtube with the term ‘Sasquatch’ soon reveals the weird stuff.
Sasquatch Ontario and Kewaunee Lapseritis  are arguably the two most prominent proponents of paranormal bigfoot and both agree that Sasquatches are a people and that they have a message for us ‘hairless humans.’

This is where things get really weird.

Kewaunee ‘Jack’ Lapseritis is the author of The Psychic Sasquatch’ and ‘The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection ‘.  The first book is very interesting and in my opinion, possibly will become a landmark work in the overall field of Bigfoot research, the second one is more of the same, but weirder.
Kewaunee lectures around the nation and his message is basically that The Sasquatch people are here to help us and that  ‘the planet is dying at the hands of exploitative man and in 2012 there will be a huge shift in human consciousness that most earthlings are ill prepared to face.’
That date has passed of course, and I havent’ noticed a ‘huge shift’….maybe just a small one though.
Kewaunee is a gentle fellow, long gray hair in pony tail and flannel shirt. He looks like a guy who might be selling herbs at a farmers market, and in fact, KL is a master herbalist and health practitioner too.
                                    Hey, ah..I have some 'herbs' back in the van if yer interested.

 While he is ostensibly a likeable guy, his youtube videos are a little hard to listen to, as it’s basically about how messed up humans are and how we are doomed as a species. He also has a Sasquatch-sized ego, with a self-described resume that dwarfs that of regular, Bigfoot researchers. In his message, Kewaunee pushes the telepathic connection aspect pretty heavily and while this blogsite IS called Bizarre Bigfoot, I can only assimilate so much in one sitting when it comes to the high strangeness that the aging hippie dude is putting down.

Sasquatch Ontario is the other big hitter in the Weird Bigfoot ballpark.  Mike Paterson has been documenting what he says is a family of Sasquatches interacting with him in a remote location in Ontario, Canada.  His videos are soothing  if not fully revelatory, and they include the apparent voice of a Sasquatch ‘friend’ he calls ‘Nephatia’.   Nephatia leaves the occasional foot and handprint around the area, with Mike taping items like marbles and handwoven twigs, which, according to him appear suddenly from thin air.
                                      The only known photo of Mike Paterson...BlobMike.

Paterson’s demeanor is engaging and, as opposed to the doom and gloom of Lapseritis’ videos, pleasant to hear. I say hear, because the bulk of the information Paterson offers is audio (there are the usual nebulous photos of blob squatches).

His call and response routine with Nephatia sounds like a man coaxing a child to come out of the woods.  Frequent words of kindness permeate the dialogue, which is mostly Mike himself as he observes prints in the snow or the sudden arrival of a marble.  ‘Hey, Buddy…how are you?’ , upon which we hear the guttural response of the creature as he forms English words like ‘brother’ and ‘flower’.    Further in the the video catalog shows Mike turning over the reigns to his new friend, Christopher Munch, the producer of ‘Letters from The Big Man’.

Munch has been posting a series of interviews with ‘sensitives’ who explain telepathic communiqu├ęs they have had with the Sasquatch People.  It’s not as alarming as Lapseritis’s stuff but there are still plenty of warnings about ‘huge changes’ for humanity.

                                    Munch is a serious dude...never see him smile. Until now.

To be clear, I like both Paterson and Lapseritis and their scenarios to a degree because, while it’s way out in woo hoo land (the place where empiracal, physical evidence cannot find a foothold) at least the end game is more about bettering humans and the planet as opposed to the flesh and blood mindset of ‘shoot 'em or cage them, catalog and dissect 'em.'

That said, at some point if I had a direct phone line to the Sasquatch people, I would ask them to give us hairless ones some sort of unequivocal sign that they exist and that they have noble intentions.  A grunting, disembodied voice, a set of huge bare footprints in the snow, a marble and a blurry bit of video are not cutting it and if the goal of the S.P are to enlighten us little people, they’re going to have to step up the campaign in a meaningful way.


If I was hanging out with Kewaunee and he had the Sas People on the line, I would ask them to help us know they are real by making a physical appearance in a place where thousands can see them with their own eyes.

All of this information comes courtesy of YouTube, by the way, which is the tool of choice now for disseminating Bigfoot video and audio.

And so this is how the big reveal has evolved.

 Ten years ago nobody had a personal drone, nobody had a phone that was capable of high definition video and trail cameras were mostly still just for deer and elk. Now we have multiple habituation locations where researchers do overnight forays into the woods and/or simply leave sandwiches on a stump. My friend Ben uses high quality audio gear to record sounds throughout the night as video is just too difficult to obtain. He also uses trip wires with shriek alarms (though I believe none have ever been truly tripped.

As these on-site waiting games continue, our knowledge base increases and this is appropriate and akin to any good study of animals in the wild.

Hunker down, get comfortable and be patient, because just like the study of Mountain Gorillas in Burundi, hairless humans are in Sasquatch territory once we leave the comfort and confines of our homes, RVs and tents.
In this vein, we have individuals like Kewaunee Lapseritis (and more recently, Christopher Munch) who are way past the nights of cowering in a tent and have moved on to full-on telepathic communication. The messages are very similar too,though Lapseritis' long diatribes are fraught with vague warnings about 'waves' of non-humans soon to arrive with bad intent, while Munchs assimilation of Bigfoot sensitives like Kathleen Odom and Andrew Robson are gentler and more about human apathy for the planet.

And we have heard this before.

The main thrust of many UFO abductee messages, obtained either directly from memory of a proclaimed real experience or garnered through hypnosis speak of the terrible legacies of pollution and the threat of nuclear proliferation by humans and that, like the return of Jesus, a day of reckoning is nearing soon.

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