Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bigfoot Photos Don't Cut It

As humans, we rely heavily on our visual abilities to make sense of the world, at least initially, and so when an image of something that does not immediately fit in our frame of reference is ejected from our brains as unclassifiable, we begin the search.

The Internet, as an electronic extension of the collective human brain is the first logical place to look.

Tons of people upload photos of stuff they've seen and can't figure out.  Trail/Game cam pictures, summer vacation campground photos, panoramic tourist shots, we are rife with high quality cameras now but we still can't seem to get very good photographs of what many believe is just an oversized forest ape living in the great woods all around us.

                                                          Blobsquatch Number 75634

Why not? What is so hard about obtaining one single, sharp focus, full daylight image of this cryptid animal?

Some say that it's Bigfoots terrific wariness. He (or she) is highly attuned to the presence of a camera (and guns if you prefer) and that his great physical prowess allows him to disappear too quickly.

There is merit in this position, if you have ever tried to take a photo of a wild animal you will understand. Wilderness locations, with big trees, bendy roads and mountainous terrain are not often conducive to obtaining easy imagery with sketchy availability of light and decent unobstructed backgrounds.  Animals by nature tend to blend with they're surroundings, and if we add in the concept that Sasquatches are more nocturnal than diurnal, they have the additional benefit of cover of night to aid in their subterfuge.

So because they may be wary as well as nightowls, we are relegated to trail cams for our best chance at a good picture. Plenty of people use them, with varying degrees of success.

J.Burke attaches his game camera to a tree near a trail on the Olympic Projects land in Port Angeles, Wa.

Sadly, the world of Bigfoot evidence is so bereft of clear VIDEO (as opposed to simple still images) as to make a baby cry.
That said, we DO have the Patterson Gimlin 16mm film
And though it is a treat to see moving images of our favorite prey, in the post 2000 world of computer tech, we can no longer trust ANY thing. Besides the fact that video evidence is not (usually) permissible in a court of law when deciding the outcome of a case, the ability of that 9 year old nephew you forgot you had to manipulate digital images is so advanced now that he can literally make monkeys fly out of you know where.
So, until we have a situation where Mr. Foot finally tires of the rumors and backbiting, the stale peanut butter sandwiches with tracking devices sloppily inserted in them, and he comes out of the forest for a proper press conference, I am afraid we will never really know them.
LOOK!!'s a Sea Dragon! What? You aren't buying it?...( bad).

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