Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manifesting Bigfoot

The wife and I went hiking up Fryingpan Creek Trail last Saturday (9-24-2011) and as usual, I pondered the possibilities of a Bigfoot sighting.
As we walked, I tried to manifest a Bigfoot person into existence in the manner of Kewaunee Lapseritis (The Sasquatch People) and White Song Eagle (Teluke) , just to have a chance to observe, say hello, have an experience.

The trail for the first three miles or so is fairly wide and well traveled, but we did not see many others and were alone for much of the hike. 'Hello Bigfoot...we're here to visit.'
Nothing. I wondered about the physical aspects noted in most sightings, and about how a Sasquatch might travel through dense terrain. The forest around us was thick with old growth and second growth Firs and Cedars, a lot of smaller downed trees and shrubbery like Huckleberry and ferns, hemmed in by rock cliffs and steep valleys.

So to be clear, we're talking about a figure who is often described as over 8 feet and even 10 feet tall or more. This creature weighs at least 300 to 600 lbs. Looking at the surrounding forest and the trail, one would think that this guy would be inclined to leave some tell-tale signs of his presence.
On the other hand, if I was that big, I think I'd be inclined to use the path of least resistance, ie., the trail itself, so evidence of this giant might show up at least in the occasional muddy creekside.
Still, I look UP to spy any broken branches or twisted tree trunks. I look closer at the big stumps and shrubs to find any crushed vegetation or scraped off bark. Nothing.

Last spring, we hiked up the Greenwater Lakes trail with some friends. There are a couple of good sighting reports on the BFRO from the area just above our destination that day, and though we didn't see anything ( I was the only person with a sighting on my mind), we had just left the parking area in my Explorer and were only about a 1/4 mile down the hill when I heard a loud 'thunk' noise, something having hit the outside of the truck. I didn't stop or even slow down, and my guests didn't even really notice it. It was LOUD however, and my thought went immediately to a rock having been thrown. Back at home I read about rock throwing BF and found that the majority of reports indicate a very high degree of accuracy from BF to target. In the dark of night or faint light of dawn, visual acuity does not seem to matter. These guys are marksmen, as it were.
So Big Sas can apparently thunk you with a rock from a safe distance with little problem, and there are a few reports of much larger rocks, boulders even, being tossed into water or into nearby bushes, ostensibly to frighten the attendant humans, and those reports indicate good success at this too.
But in getting back to the manifesting of a Bigfoot creature, I feel more comfortable with the concept that we just aren't dealing with a hairy giant who stomps his way around the forest.

This entity seems to have the ability to move effortlessly through any terrain and almost never leave any evidence, unless he wishes to be noticed. Then, we have reports of much commotion, bushes being rattled and trees being pushed over. Bigfoot is a moody fellow. He either wishes to be noticed (and avoided) or he wishes NOT to be noticed. Either way, it would seem evident that he doesn't really like to have humans around.
That's a problem. There are waaaay more of us then there are of them. And we have cars and backpacks full of food, rain gear and radios. We have insatiable curiousity. We can go nearly anywhere and be relatively comfortable for long periods of time. So if Sasquatches are stewards of the wild places, as has been promoted by others, he has his work cut out for him.
Like the 'Alien on the White House Lawn' scenario, why can't Bigfoot make a formal entreaty for humans to stop interloping in the deep forest, especially for purposes of extricating oil or trees, for mining and the destruction of the earth. I think the reason why not is because it would go something like this:
President Obama: "It has come to the attention of the White House and myself, through the auspices of the Department of Natural Resources and the US Forest Service, that we have come to an impasse in regard to our use of this Planets trees and wild areas. In order to set things straight, we have been contacted by a representative of the Planet, who some of you will recognize as a Bigfoot Creature. So without any more delay, I turn the microphone over to Mr. Bigfoot."
(note: The camera sees a big furry mass enter the frame, then slowly pans up to his face. A LONG way up.)

Bigfoot: 'Urrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!....(samurai chatter), grunting, Errraaaaghhh!'
He crushes the podium with a massive fist and the camera people scatter, the camera falling on its side. The viewer sees only a giant foot as it walks past the camera and then...nothing.
Ok, so I got off on a tangent, but I stand by the concept that there will never be a meeting of the minds in a big, televised public way. For one, there is no benefit to a true meeting of the minds (although it could be argued that a fake, trumped up meeting might not be out of the question for it's use as population/mind control), and two, I still maintain that we're talking about animal entities that do not occupy physical space at all times. Underground is a good place to hide, and I believe that there are humanoids there who do not wish to be fully known, but I am officially lumping Bigfoot into the same spaceship as Gray Aliens, and if you want to really flesh out the menagerie, I'll include Lizard men too.
(Next week: Is Bigfoot an Ancient Alien?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Trouble with Tracks

With all due respect to the great work of Dr.s Krantz and Meldrum, as well as the whole coterie of bigfoot plaster casters around the world, I have an issue with the nature of many of these purported Bigfoot footprints. Though I have read Dr. Meldrums work on stride analysis, and I have read and reread much of the P/G 'Patty' story regarding the footage and how it may relate to human locomotion, the two points that stick out are 'in line gaits' and 'print depth in substrate.'

Firstly, as a layman, armchair researcher I am not seeking to roil anyone, but only want better explanations for why a creature that is ostensibly larger and heavier than a standing Grizzly bear, leaves footprints in soft soils or mud that do not correspond with a height/weight ratio for that animal. Let's pick an average of 8 feet tall and 350 lbs. to begin. Any engineer or math person will tell you that the a bipedal foot track for human weighing in this neighborhood, in soft soil or mud will sink to a much more noticeable degree than that of a more normal 200 lb.clothed human.

Yet in photo after photo we find these tracks to be nearly equal in depth. The footprints of the surveyor is usually indistinguishable from that of the purported cryptid, except for it's length and to a lessor degree, it's breadth.

The other aspect that does not fit is the gait issue. How can we accomplish a true in line gait, to a degree where a string line may show a near perfect alignment, when this animal we're seeking MUST by sheer physics, possess a pelvis and hipbones that allow for a separation necessary to put two legs to the ground, and hence two feet to the earth, where they should leave prints that are diagonally opposed, at least by a few inches off of center.

Answering this still does not address the problem of the 'disappearing trail,' where whole sets of prints simply vanish in soil or muck that had not ended itself.

I submit the photo above for perusal. I took this picture on a forest service road must above Mud Mountain Dam last Saturday, (an area with at least one sighting according to the BFRO). The print is relatively deep, in soft mud and fairly clearly human, showing a toe pattern, a narrowing at the instep and a rounded heel.

It looks large, so is it evidence of a hairy bipedal throwback to human ancestors?

The answer: No...this print was one of twenty or more in the area, made by people who just enjoyed mucking about in the mud near the White River reservoir just below this set of prints. My point is, it is easy to let your mind run wild, when a simple, much more pedestrian explanation will suffice.

Ok, now it's your turn. Educate me please.


Monday, May 2, 2011

The Origins of Bigfoot - An Explanation

In any regular search of the internet for information about Bigfoot, the focus of most search results is usually about things like a new sighting, some fresh footprints, a blurry trailcam photo or some shaky, nebulous blogsquatch footage.

While it's understandable that the sensational things tend to rule the day, after you've hunted Bigfoot online for at least a few weeks, you begin to tire of the silly and the mundane and if you have any kind of critical thinking skills, you want more.

I don't claim to be anything other than an interested observer and writer, but I have come to some conclusions that may help explain the whole phenomenon, and also may rankle those that insist on the tangible in all aspects of their experience.

To sum up the story of Bigfoot, we have to include all facets of the history of reports, and this includes accounts of Bigfoot appearing to defy our current understanding of physics.

One of the things that sticks out in my mind in many BF encounters is the appearance of footprints. Tracks that seem to be in near perfect alignment, one big foot after another, with no apparent allowance for the spacing that hips should imply. Also, the fact that many of these footprints seem to simply stop after just a few yards, irregardless of the condition of the ground they were made in, and also again, the strange way that some footprints do not sink into the ground nearly as deep as the body they are connected to should allow, given the creatures enormous height, and ostensibly, their enormous weight.

Another anomaly that troubles me is the apparent ability of an entity, often described as 'huge', standing between 6 and 9 feet tall and weighing as much as an automobile being able to 'glide' up a very steep grade with little or no difficulty. On occasion, one will read a report of a BF approaching or leaving an encounter while making a good deal of noise, breaking branches and breathing loudly. Why do some accounts include this noisiness, and some others report no sound at all.

Here is where I make my position known. Though I am hardly alone, I suggest that what people are seeing, hearing, smelling and fearing in the forests and other natural areas around us are not one simple flesh and blood anthropological predecessor to modern apes, but are instead one of three different forms of entities that were on this planet far longer than humans, and may very well be here long after we are gone.

To get to the point, my summation is one that I have come upon while researching a series of documents known as The Law of One, or The Ra Materials.

The Law of One is collection of information that was compiled by a group of individuals who channeled the energy of a non-physical entity that called itself
'Ra' and which was documented over the course of three years.

It's easy enough to search out this information for oneself, by simply googling 'The Law of One' where the bulk of this fascinating story is well-cataloged.

I will leave that verification up to the reader of this blog, and will now include the pertinent portion of it for your perusal here:

The Law of One books were channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty between 1981 and 1984.

Ms. Rueckert was the main channel for Ra, while Don Elkins and Jim McCarty handled the documentation and questioning.

Questioner: Are there any people such as you find on Earth on any of the other planets in our solar system?
Ra: Do you request space/time present information or space/time continuum information?
Questioner: Both.
Ra: At one time/space, in what is your past, there was a population of third-density beings upon a planet which dwelt within your solar system. There are various names by which this planet has been named. The vibratory sound complex most usually used by your peoples is Maldek. These entities, destroying their planetary sphere, thus were forced to find room for themselves upon this third density which is the only one in your solar system at their time/space present which was hospitable and capable of offering the lessons necessary to decrease their mind/body/spirit distortions with respect to the Law of One.
Questioner: How did they come here?
Ra: They came through the process of harvest and were incarnated through the processes of incarnation from your higher spheres within this density.
Questioner: How long ago did this happen?
Ra: I am having difficulty communicating with this instrument. We must deepen her state.

This occurred approximately 500,000 of your years ago.
Questioner: Is all of the Earth’s human population then originally from Maldek?
Ra: I am Ra. This is a new line of questioning, and deserves a place of its own. The ones who were harvested to your sphere from the sphere known before its dissolution as other names, but to your peoples as Maldek, incarnated, many within your Earth’s surface rather than upon it. The population of your planet contains many various groups harvested from other second-dimension and cycled third-dimension spheres. You are not all one race or background of beginning. The experience you share is unique to this time/space continuum.
Questioner: Is there any particular race of people on our planet now who were incarnated here from second density?
Ra: I am Ra. There are no second-density consciousness complexes here on your sphere at this time. However, there are two races which use the second-density form. One is the entities from the planetary sphere you call Maldek. These entities are working their understanding complexes through a series of what you would call karmic restitutions. They dwell within your deeper underground passageways and are known to you as “Bigfoot.”

The other race is that being offered a dwelling in this density by guardians who wish to give the mind/body/spirit complexes of those who are of this density at this time appropriately engineered physical vehicles, as you would call these chemical complexes, in the event that there is what you call nuclear war.
Questioner: I didn’t understand what these vehicles or beings were for that were appropriate in the event of nuclear war.
Ra: I am Ra. These are beings which exist as instinctual second-density beings which are being held in reserve to form what you would call a gene pool in case these body complexes are needed. These body complexes are greatly able to withstand the rigors of radiation which the body complexes you now inhabit could not do.
Questioner: Where are these body complexes located?
Ra: I am Ra. These body complexes of the second race dwell in uninhabited deep forest. There are many in various places over the surface of your planet.
Questioner: Are they Bigfoot-type creatures?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct although we would not call these Bigfoot, as they are scarce and are very able to escape detection. The first race is less able to be aware of proximity of other mind/body/spirit complexes, but these beings are very able to escape due to their technological understandings before their incarnations here. These entities of the glowing eyes are those most familiar to your peoples.
Questioner: Then there are two different types of Bigfoot. Correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the final question.

There are three types of Bigfoot, if you will accept that vibratory sound complex used for three such different races of mind/body/spirit complexes. The first two we have described.

The third is a thought-form.
Questioner: I think that it would clarify things for us if we went back to the time just before the transfer of souls from Maldek to see how the Law of One operated with respect to this transfer and why this transfer was necessary. What happened to the people of Maldek that caused them to lose their planet? How long ago did this event occur?
Ra: I am Ra. The peoples of Maldek had a civilization somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent the complex of thought, ideas, and actions which you may associate with your so-called negative polarity or the service to self. This was, however, for the most part, couched in a sincere belief/thought structure which seemed to the perception of the mind/body complexes of this sphere to be positive and of service to others. The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war.

The escalation went to the furthest extent of the technology this social complex had at its disposal in the space/time present of the then time. This time was approximately 705,000 of your years ago. The cycles had begun much, much earlier upon this sphere due to its relative ability to support the first-dimensional life forms at an earlier point in the space/time continuum of your solar system. These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot or tangle of fear. Some of your time passed. No one could reach them. No beings could aid them.

Approximately 600,000 of your years ago the then-existing members of the Confederation were able to deploy a social memory complex and untie the knot of fear. The entities were then able to recall that they were conscious. This awareness brought them to the point upon what you would call the lower astral planes where they could be nurtured until each mind/body/spirit complex was able to finally be healed of this trauma to the extent that each entity was able to examine the distortions it had experienced in the previous life/illusion complex.

After this experience of learn/teaching, the group decision was to place upon itself a type of what you may call karma alleviation. For this purpose they came into incarnation within your planetary sphere in what were not acceptable human forms. This then they have been experiencing until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted vision of service to others. Since this was the conscious decision of the great majority of those beings in the Maldek experience, the transition to this planet

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