Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manifesting Bigfoot

The wife and I went hiking up Fryingpan Creek Trail last Saturday (9-24-2011) and as usual, I pondered the possibilities of a Bigfoot sighting.
As we walked, I tried to manifest a Bigfoot person into existence in the manner of Kewaunee Lapseritis (The Sasquatch People) and White Song Eagle (Teluke) , just to have a chance to observe, say hello, have an experience.

The trail for the first three miles or so is fairly wide and well traveled, but we did not see many others and were alone for much of the hike. 'Hello Bigfoot...we're here to visit.'
Nothing. I wondered about the physical aspects noted in most sightings, and about how a Sasquatch might travel through dense terrain. The forest around us was thick with old growth and second growth Firs and Cedars, a lot of smaller downed trees and shrubbery like Huckleberry and ferns, hemmed in by rock cliffs and steep valleys.

So to be clear, we're talking about a figure who is often described as over 8 feet and even 10 feet tall or more. This creature weighs at least 300 to 600 lbs. Looking at the surrounding forest and the trail, one would think that this guy would be inclined to leave some tell-tale signs of his presence.
On the other hand, if I was that big, I think I'd be inclined to use the path of least resistance, ie., the trail itself, so evidence of this giant might show up at least in the occasional muddy creekside.
Still, I look UP to spy any broken branches or twisted tree trunks. I look closer at the big stumps and shrubs to find any crushed vegetation or scraped off bark. Nothing.

Last spring, we hiked up the Greenwater Lakes trail with some friends. There are a couple of good sighting reports on the BFRO from the area just above our destination that day, and though we didn't see anything ( I was the only person with a sighting on my mind), we had just left the parking area in my Explorer and were only about a 1/4 mile down the hill when I heard a loud 'thunk' noise, something having hit the outside of the truck. I didn't stop or even slow down, and my guests didn't even really notice it. It was LOUD however, and my thought went immediately to a rock having been thrown. Back at home I read about rock throwing BF and found that the majority of reports indicate a very high degree of accuracy from BF to target. In the dark of night or faint light of dawn, visual acuity does not seem to matter. These guys are marksmen, as it were.
So Big Sas can apparently thunk you with a rock from a safe distance with little problem, and there are a few reports of much larger rocks, boulders even, being tossed into water or into nearby bushes, ostensibly to frighten the attendant humans, and those reports indicate good success at this too.
But in getting back to the manifesting of a Bigfoot creature, I feel more comfortable with the concept that we just aren't dealing with a hairy giant who stomps his way around the forest.

This entity seems to have the ability to move effortlessly through any terrain and almost never leave any evidence, unless he wishes to be noticed. Then, we have reports of much commotion, bushes being rattled and trees being pushed over. Bigfoot is a moody fellow. He either wishes to be noticed (and avoided) or he wishes NOT to be noticed. Either way, it would seem evident that he doesn't really like to have humans around.
That's a problem. There are waaaay more of us then there are of them. And we have cars and backpacks full of food, rain gear and radios. We have insatiable curiousity. We can go nearly anywhere and be relatively comfortable for long periods of time. So if Sasquatches are stewards of the wild places, as has been promoted by others, he has his work cut out for him.
Like the 'Alien on the White House Lawn' scenario, why can't Bigfoot make a formal entreaty for humans to stop interloping in the deep forest, especially for purposes of extricating oil or trees, for mining and the destruction of the earth. I think the reason why not is because it would go something like this:
President Obama: "It has come to the attention of the White House and myself, through the auspices of the Department of Natural Resources and the US Forest Service, that we have come to an impasse in regard to our use of this Planets trees and wild areas. In order to set things straight, we have been contacted by a representative of the Planet, who some of you will recognize as a Bigfoot Creature. So without any more delay, I turn the microphone over to Mr. Bigfoot."
(note: The camera sees a big furry mass enter the frame, then slowly pans up to his face. A LONG way up.)

Bigfoot: 'Urrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!....(samurai chatter), grunting, Errraaaaghhh!'
He crushes the podium with a massive fist and the camera people scatter, the camera falling on its side. The viewer sees only a giant foot as it walks past the camera and then...nothing.
Ok, so I got off on a tangent, but I stand by the concept that there will never be a meeting of the minds in a big, televised public way. For one, there is no benefit to a true meeting of the minds (although it could be argued that a fake, trumped up meeting might not be out of the question for it's use as population/mind control), and two, I still maintain that we're talking about animal entities that do not occupy physical space at all times. Underground is a good place to hide, and I believe that there are humanoids there who do not wish to be fully known, but I am officially lumping Bigfoot into the same spaceship as Gray Aliens, and if you want to really flesh out the menagerie, I'll include Lizard men too.
(Next week: Is Bigfoot an Ancient Alien?

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