Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bigfoot Doesn't Exist

'Mahalo, dude'
There, I said it. After what is basically my entire adult life, I am ready to embrace the truth that Sasquatch is a myth.  This conclusion is born out of frustration, yes, and many would say that unless I am willing to truly devote all of my time and resources to the search, I could never believe they exist. 

But that would be foolish too. 

Should I stay the course like Rene Dahinden, who died still believing in a hairy, bipedal forest monster? Should I spend more than 50 years searching like Peter Byrne or John Green only to find nothing but a few questionable hairs and reams of ridicule and doubt?

What about the thousands of 'eyewitnesses' who claim to have seen a giant ape-like creature? 
Or the special few who seemed to have recorded images or sounds that point to a non-human  thing? Can I completely discount all of that as imagination or hoax?

In the paucity of hard evidence, a person who is on the fence has to decide, at some point, whether a few anomalous DNA samples and some blurry video footage is enough to keep them on the path of discovery. 

This is the case for Jeff Meldrum, who rests his reputation as a tenured, full Professor on the fruition of scientific consensus. 

It's the case for serious investigators like Derek Randle and his Olympic Project team, who chase and catalog, lecture and argue that Bigfoot IS a real, extant creature, it's just that...he's real elusive. 

This is where my rope starts to get thin, when humans have cataloged every other creature that we co-exist with down to the bones, and yet there are still intelligent people out there who think big hairy forest people exist WITHOUT any bones. 

Also, I think it's too much to accept that raccoons and porcupines are so good at eating bones that this is why we have never found any, just doesn't wash when bears, cougars and mountain goats are also elusive, yet we have their bones to add to the mammal taxonomy. 

Also, I have personally seen and photographed bears and mountain goats. (Still working on cougars, but I'm pretty sure they exist).
                                                                              Bear hemorrhoids...the worst.

You, the Sasquatch Whisperer are asking, 'How hard have you really looked?' 'What are my field credentials?'

That's a fair question, and I am miles behind the hard core investigators like Derek, Meldrum or the crew of Finding Bigfoot. What I have done is paltry, but:

1). Spent several overnight trips with BF-related individuals as well as luminaries, with recording gear and a serious attitude of quiet patience.

2). Attended four conferences that featured the big names in Sasquatchery including Doc Meldrum, Derek and his team, Thom Powell, John Bindernagle and was in attendance when Todd Standing was shouted down by the crowd for grandstanding on weak evidence while fellow panelists like Les Stroud worked hard at staying neutral. 

3). Have personally bugged the hell out of Meldrum, Powell, Randles, Tom Baker, Scott Taylor, Standing and Stroud with pesky questions. 

4). Have dug into the meatiest eyewitness accounts with people like John Carlson, Scott Taylor and Randy Hunt, all of who claim to have witnessed Sasquatch or similarly-related entity's.

5). Have had four inexplicable experiences that could be construed as Bigfoot-related, ie.
      a).On a hike up a ridge in the Gifford-Pinchot as dusk approached, wife and I got the     distinct, unnerving feeling of being watched. On the hike out we found a pile of bones, provenance undetermined, but likely Elk.
      b). Another hike at Packwood Lake had us stopped after a wood knock noise. The lack of sound in that section of trail was palpably creepy and hastened our departure.
      d). Hiking at Mud Mountain Dam, our group of three got temporarily lost and stumbled onto another fresh pile of bones, probably deer, but not established.
      d). During an overnight stay at The Olympic Project's HQ in Port Angeles, I experienced a sudden onset of extreme cold and fatigue that layed me out just prior to a night hike. I shivered in my sleeping bag for twenty minutes thinking I was becoming deeply sick until the feeling stopped abruptly and I rejoined the group feeling as well as ever. any of these experiences help me ?

Apparently not, because I'm posting this rant. 
So now, are you are fully ready to argue for the GHH (Giant Hairy Hominid - my term)?

You: 'But S.A.R., there's thousands of reports...from credible witnesses!'

Yes, the BFRO in particular has lots of witness accounts...and they're fun to read but are they really enough by themselves to make a case for existence of a previously undiscovered species?

In a word: No. Eyewitness accounts are admissable in courts of law, but recent court cases based on memory recall and individual perceptions proved that they can be unreliable and biased. Consider that bears can and DO walk around on their hind legs and when upright an adult brown can clear 6 feet pretty easily. Also, people lie for a variety of reasons.

This, coupled with false identification and outright hoaxes leaves us with delusion, not a GHH.
'I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.'

You: 'But Your Majesty, they've got footprint casts...and, and HAIR and stuff.'

Mmmm, not so much. Again, search youtube for 'bear tracks' and look at how amazingly similar they look to a very large human footprint. Also, those annoying hoaxers are getting increasingly good at faking trackways, ask any well known Sasquatch researcher and they will admit that they have seen faked prints.  As to hair, and 'stuff' (which is what we will call bigfoot shit for now) SURE..lots of hair and stuff has surfaced and gotten tested. Sykes, Ketchum,, have made claims of 'novel DNA' but since we don't have a body/specimen to type against, that stuff is a basically a 'one-off', meaning, it is not repeatable and hence not real in a scientific sense.  I'm starting to feel like Bill Nye now, but maybe we should just ask him.

Bill: 'nobody has come up with strong proof.'
(Bill Nye The Science Guy's Big Blast of Science-Perseus Publishing - 1993)

Ok, so Bill's out.

You: 'But what about those dudes, like Meldrum and Krantz and Bindernagel? huh, HUH!?'

Yes, these gentlement are real scientists and they all think 'something' big, hairy and bipedal is cruising around out there. But they're still just three dudes with an There are many more scientists who disagree with the good Drs. and biologist Bindy. They cite that pesky requirement of a body to add to the taxonomy.

'Hey..I feel like I exist..that should count for something!'

Dr. Krantz, probably the father of modern scientific inquiry into Sasquatch-related shit believed that Bigfoot could be a relict population of Gigantopithecus. Fossils of Giganto mandibles and teeth WERE found in Asia but due to the lack of a full set of bones, it is arguable as to whether that creature was bipedal or ambulated on all fours. Also, Dr. Krantz's work failed on scrutiny when it was determined that he had fallen for hoaxes.

Meldrum, who currently carries the brightest torch for existence, believes they exist based mainly on his examination of numerous plaster footprint casts. He IS an expert on primate locomotion ( what a cool job title!) so we should consider his point of view carefully. BUT, because we don't have a living, breathing creature to observe actually making these tracks, we still forced to speculate as to it's existence. Bottom line. I like him, have bothered him a few times with stupid questions, and I like Bingernagel too, especially when he bailed on Todd Standing at the Sasquatch Summit in 2014 when the Toddster tried to get Bindy to agree that they had found bigfoot prints on a hillside. "No," he said.

So what are we left with?

Those reports from eyewitnesses, as compelling as they feel, are not enough. We need a body, really.
And after we have that body, it must be made available to the whole of the scientific community and to establish independent corroboration. This is a big deal, after all, the rewriting of history.
'Saddened, S.Quatch walks forlornly back to his cave.'

Do I think it will happen? No...just as I don't think we will ever see governmental acknowledgement of Aliens, Sasquatch will remain a mythical figure. I now open the floor for discussion.

Your turn!


  1. a couple points by me, a rank amatuer! 1. Bigfoot is a big business 2. People have an insatiable desire for drama and mystery. Having been proven or captured, people's tiny attention spans may move on to something else. Why do the tv shows stop after a couple attempts, in a spot where the apple was missing, but the trail cam fell over. Keep trying! Two nights in a row with missing food and trail cam failure, better move on!
    Take the D.B. Cooper mystery-it is more fun unsolved.

    1. Absolutley valid points, Mr.Stenberg.
      Interest in the subject has never been higher, so it seems worthwhile to keep our eyes and ears and minds open for developments. With a hyper-vigilant,fully digitized awareness oozing out of our daily perusals of media, one might expect a revelation in the BHH/cryptid field. Because nothing solid or lasting has surfaced is exactly why the research should go on: we look but we do not see. WHY?

  2. Gotta laugh! Especially about 'bugging the heck out of Thom Powell'. Ha! It never happened. Anyway, your crisis of confidence is commonplace among the flesh and blood campers because they seek unassailable proof of a set of creatures they presume to NOT be self-aware. I see evidence of bigfoot maybe not daily, but certainly weekly, yet I have never seen 'proof'. How much evidence constitutes proof? A lot. More than we got. How come we got no proof? Because they don't wnat to give it to us. Why? Cuz the BHH's are A)at least as smart as us and B)theey are absolutely determined to stay hidden from us. Why? Long story. In any case, when they die, they bury their dead, just as we do. Has a body ever been recovered, regardless? Hell, yeah. Where is it? another long story. I think you already know the answer. (Think: Mt. St. Helens.) I somehow suspect your crisis of confidence is not totally genuine but the complete answer to your dilemma requires a book length reply, which is why I wrote a book called 'Edges of Science'. But before that, I wrote a novel called 'Shady Neighbors' which no one read but which may address that precise issue more succinctly and more entertainingly than any non-fiction tome.
    For those web surfers who don't read books, suffice to say that,when one puts one's self out there as an arbiter of both science and the paranormal, I routinely encounter folks come to me with accounts of sustained interaction with the creatures/beings/people. Proof? hell no! Intel and annecdotal data? Most definitely. And the underlying patter to these stories/anecdotes is abundantly clear: Invariably, the long term witnesses (LTWs) are abhorrent of publicity or even scrutiny buy self-anointed bigfoot researchers because they fully understand that the beings themselves absolutely don't want that. "Convenient." you say? You bet. Still, I have become convinced of the veracity of these accounts after doing everything i could to refute these extraordinary claims. I am quite certain that the BHH/forest people are resolute about remaining in the shadows.Indeed it is a rule in their culture. the whole line of thinking is an eye-roller to the f&b camp. I get that. Fuck 'em. I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody anymore cuz I know I cannot.
    So Scott,I too have given up on the phenomenon but for a different reason: I feel like I get it. Everything makes 100% perfect sense to me. I can only re-sail the same already charted waters. Nothing new to discover, anymore. Time to move on to the next uncharted mystery. Ever heard of the 'California stone lines'? Totally amazing! Very under-the-radar AND it may connect to the sasquatch mystery as well. Time will tell. Mysteries still abound in this world but for me, sasquatch is no longer a mystery.
    Anyway, question the truth all you want. You got the best bigfoot blog out there! Keep up the good work! But when it comes to staring down the question of why we don't have better evidence, remember the lessons learned while dating girls in high school: Don't ask for more than they're willing to give. That's a total deal breaker. If you want the keys to the kingdom, you have to play by THEIR rules if you want to get anywhere, and first you have to figure out what those rules even are. One of the big ones is that you have to earn it. They're not going to give you ANYTHING for free and they're certainly not going to 'give away the whole store' just because that's what you want them to do.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Comparing Sasquatch to dating high school girls! Who gets away with that but you POWELL!? Excellent...and I appreciate your great input as a seasoned researcher. I feel encouraged and enlightened but, I still want a deeper understanding of the phenomenon. Will look up 'California stone lines'... SR

  4. If they are as smart as us, how come we don't see them buzzing us in helicopters, or passing us at sea in their yachts?


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