Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking For Signs

Among the first steps for anyone seeking a Bigfoot encounter, ostensibly, is to find signs of their presence. Bigfoot aficionados suggest that  bedded down areas of brush, broken branches at heights above six feet and deer carcasses are solid indicators that a Sasquatch may be in the area.
Another possible sign is a rock cairn. According to the BFRO's behavior page,
'They seem to be rather "orderly", stacking rocks in cairns during searching (Fig. 16) and not tearing human food caches or backpacks apart randomly in the manner of bears. Secondly, they have a tendency to leave "gifts" in the same location in which food was deposited for them. These can range from little piles of stones, a dog skull, handfuls of evergreen shoots, to small live animals..'

                                                          Click to photos to enlarge them

On a dog walk near our home at a green belt area owned by the Weyerhaueser Corporation, I routinely see rock cairns at the trails edge, small piles of gingerly stacked stones that did not get there by chance.  Intelligently controlled hands were involved in these operations, for what purpose I cannot say.

But what strikes me as improbable, and even absurd is to suggest that a creature as large as a refridgerator and a half might be able to balance stones the size of small golf balls when they are purported to to have hands twice the size of humans. Are we to assume that fingers the size of hotdogs are still agile enough to manipulate these small rocks?
Also, in order to build these little piles, wouldn't they have to travel to and from the site?
This is another long-standing issue I have with flesh and blood theorists about how Bigfoot gets around without leaving much evidence. Footprints, sure, we have a good number of casts to prove this happens, but what about moving through dense forest.
Great Apes like Lowland Gorillas leave crushed vegetation in the jungles they pass through, and they are recorded at up to 6 feet tall and weighing up to 400 lbs.
Imagine a creature twice this size not leaving more than a pile of rocks to show he had been there.
This is the conundrum for me, that a few broken branches and a matted down area of grass do not help answer sufficiently.

Tonight on the BFRO I found a couple of new reports that intrigued me.
The first is a Class B encounter (heard but not seen) in an area of Washington State where my family has a vacation cabin. Two fisherman were hiking out of an area next to the Dungeness River when they felt spooked and found large footprints. Then a crunching sound of branches breaking underfoot alerted them to the presence of a large animal very near to their position and they wrote about how it shadowed them as they continued out of the woods.  A couple of years ago I was camping on the edge of our property there on the Dungeness with some friends. They laughed as I clumped a couple of three foot pieces of firewood together and then hushed them with a finger to my lips. On the third attempt, out of the darkness somewhere across the river we hard a clacking sound like rocks smacking together, smack, smack, smack, in the same pattern that I had done with the logs.
Certainly there are homes in the area, and that sound could have been produced by someone just thinking they were communicating with Bigfoot too, for all we knew, but the area is a known wilderness zone where other BF encounters have been recorded.

The second report on the BFRO speaks to the extremely odd nature of Bigfoot locomotion.
'Eric mentioned to me an interesting observation, he thinks it was avoiding walking on the patches of icy snow that was scattered all around the area, since there was no sign.
Eric described its movement as "running when it was walking." It had incredible speed as it left, and it was just walking away.'

I have not read anything from Dr. Meldrum that addresses this weirdness, but in the report, a group of Elk hunters in Colorado saw a very large, white Sasquatch as it approached them at their campfire. When it turned to leave, 'Eric described its movement as "running when it was walking." It had incredible speed as it left, and it was just walking away.'
This description is in defiance of physics as we understand it. In our gravity based world, bipeds either walk or they run, they cannot do both, but yet this creature appeared to do just that, and with 'incredible speed'.  The sheer mass of a 10 tall creature would seem to perclude rapid motion, but again, not in this story.
Another very interesting comment made by the writer of that post was in regard to the size of the animal. "It looked like a giant man", a male. The shoulders were very wide, extremely wide and bulky in the chest. His estimate was 5' 6" wide in the shoulders, and its overall height was between 9' 6" - 10'. Eric said "that it wouldn’t fit through a standard doorway.'
Italics and underline, mine.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bigfoot at The Beach

Here is an incredible new report from the BFRO about a Class A Bigfoot encounter in
Ocean Shores, Washington that happened only a few months ago.

Click the link (or copy and paste it) and read the story and view the photos and come
back for my comments, below.
Welcome back,
First of all, I am particularly interested in this story because I live here in the Pacific Northwest and have been to this seaside community numerous times. I know the area well enough to say that a Bigfoot encounter in this location is very unusual because the entire town ( Ocean Shores) is on a sandy peninsula, nearly separated entirely from the mainland.  While it would be possible for a Sasquatch to get from the densely forested foothills (where vastly more BF reports originate from) on his big feet, and even possible that the creature could have swam to that place across North Bay, it is an unlikely place for a Giant Hairy Creature to spend any time since it does have a sizeable population of humans.

The others truly amazing aspects of this story are:
 The look of intelligence the creature made evident to the witness
 The observation that the BF seemed to be moving along with a number of deer
(ostensibly these are a food source as opposed to friendly forest buddies)
 And how the witness 'felt that he had made a friend.'

In all of the BFRO reports I've ever read (and this includes pretty much all of them) I have never seen any mention of potential friendship between Bigfoot and his observer.
It's like a Hallmark moment, if you will pardon the saccharine, where the big hairy monster befriends a fragile old man, then says goodbye and leaves with his traveling companions, a trio of gorgeous Does.  It is so odd a report that one might be inclined to call it bullshit, but, thankfully, Mr. Scott Taylor and his companion for the report did thier due diligence and wrote it all down, complete with excellent photos, like a crime scene scenario that could be admissable in court.
There ARE other reports of Bigfoot haunting beachy areas, and while he didn't appear to make any friends, it could be said that there is enough in the way of food products there to entice a visit.
But the Bigfoot diet is more focused on deer meat than razor clams, and in this instance, the Bigfoot was hanging out with his food, ostensibly more like a pimp than a rancher.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Did The Bigfoot Cross the Road?

Note: This article starts out with the premise that Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a fully realized, successful forest-dwelling creature who exhibits all of the most common traits associated with him from many years of comparative anecdotes. Read on.

Ok, picture Bigfoot.  It’s nighttime and he is hunkered down in the forest, doing whatever he does. All of the sudden, he hears a noise. It’s a truck on a nearby road, chugging up the hill.
Bigfoot gets up and bounds through the impermeable thickets, gracefully dodging trees and fallen logs, he reaches the forest edge just as the truck is approaching.
In six or eight giant steps, Bigfoot has glided across the double lanes and disappeared back into the deep canopy of trees.

The truck driver is so stunned that he does not even think to apply the brakes, as because of the speed of the astounding creature,  he is long past to point of any possible collision anyway.
So as the truck slows to an idle, the driver is left to ponder what he has just seen.

But more importantly, there is the question of ‘why’.
Why did Bigfoot choose this moment to dart out in front of a vehicle at the risk of being struck?
If we are talking about a highly intelligent, highly sensitive woodland beast whose very existence depends on he or she being in fine tune with the enviromment it calls home, WHY would it then choose to risk being injured by running in front of moving metal machine?

Before anyone can suggest it, I will nip in the bud the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ argument.
Bigfoot EATS deer for breakfast, very literally.  He’s smarter than a deer, faster than a deer, He is at the TOP of the Forest ecosystem food chain. So it is ludicrous to suggest that he would be likely to be startled out of a peaceful existence by the sound of an approaching motor vehicle in order to run in front of it in abject fear.

Fear by the way is almost never described as a characteristic of any BF involved in a motor vehicle/Bigfoot encounter.  The reaction of BF to the car or truck is nearly exclusively either complete ignorance of just a nonchalant glance as he tromps off again.

So what is it that would prompt the Giant Hairy Person to choose this juncture to cross the road?

Read the following, recent BFRO report:
Recently at about 4am I was traveling east out of Fort Scott, Kansas. Just over the Missouri border the road gets narrow with heavy forest almost coming up to the edge of it. Ahead of me at the end of my headlights I saw something run across the road on 2 legs. It was covered with thick brown hair and it had to be big because in just 2 or 3 steps it was across the road and gone into the forest on the other side. It wasn't a bear or a farm animal because they run on 4 legs. And it wasn't a man either unless he had never had a shave or a haircut in his life. A man might be able to run fast, but he couldn't possibly have a stride long enough to come out of a forest, cross a road, and disappear again into the forest on the other side in just a couple of seconds.

This is the proto-typical report, posted hundreds of times for many years.
Why didn’t BF just WAIT for 15 more seconds to cross the road? And here is the point of my question:
I suggest that Bigfoot WANTED to be seen.
He had ample time (he runs about 35 miles an hour, remember) to avoid the encounter, so he MUST have decided that there was something he wanted to achieve by this, either in his own curiousity, making a simple observation of the humming,  gravel crunching machine, or perhaps more likely, just to make the pilot loose his marbles for a moment.

Is Bigfoot’s reason for making an appearance part of a ‘program’ of some sort?
Could Bigfoot populations be trying to make contact with humans in a desensitization plan, in small ‘visits’,  in order to prepare us for the full Monty: Bigfoot Human Contact?

What do you think?

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