Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bigfoot at The Beach

Here is an incredible new report from the BFRO about a Class A Bigfoot encounter in
Ocean Shores, Washington that happened only a few months ago.

Click the link (or copy and paste it) and read the story and view the photos and come
back for my comments, below.
Welcome back,
First of all, I am particularly interested in this story because I live here in the Pacific Northwest and have been to this seaside community numerous times. I know the area well enough to say that a Bigfoot encounter in this location is very unusual because the entire town ( Ocean Shores) is on a sandy peninsula, nearly separated entirely from the mainland.  While it would be possible for a Sasquatch to get from the densely forested foothills (where vastly more BF reports originate from) on his big feet, and even possible that the creature could have swam to that place across North Bay, it is an unlikely place for a Giant Hairy Creature to spend any time since it does have a sizeable population of humans.

The others truly amazing aspects of this story are:
 The look of intelligence the creature made evident to the witness
 The observation that the BF seemed to be moving along with a number of deer
(ostensibly these are a food source as opposed to friendly forest buddies)
 And how the witness 'felt that he had made a friend.'

In all of the BFRO reports I've ever read (and this includes pretty much all of them) I have never seen any mention of potential friendship between Bigfoot and his observer.
It's like a Hallmark moment, if you will pardon the saccharine, where the big hairy monster befriends a fragile old man, then says goodbye and leaves with his traveling companions, a trio of gorgeous Does.  It is so odd a report that one might be inclined to call it bullshit, but, thankfully, Mr. Scott Taylor and his companion for the report did thier due diligence and wrote it all down, complete with excellent photos, like a crime scene scenario that could be admissable in court.
There ARE other reports of Bigfoot haunting beachy areas, and while he didn't appear to make any friends, it could be said that there is enough in the way of food products there to entice a visit.
But the Bigfoot diet is more focused on deer meat than razor clams, and in this instance, the Bigfoot was hanging out with his food, ostensibly more like a pimp than a rancher.

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