Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Great Bigfoot Habituation Race

It is arguable that the holy grail of the Bigfoot phenomenon is either a body, or a documented, long term habituation study (with clear, daytime video evidence).

What is more convincing to you, the laymen? Rick Dyers hoaxed 'Hank' body lasted for a few weeks, roiling up the online boards, blogs and forums.

And following the fall of that debacle the main thrust of interest in the subject focused on guys like Todd Standing and his pets, Meldrum and Bindernagel.  Todd stole more than the limelight, apparently, because the interwebs teem with stories of hab theft by Todd from previous seekers of bf.  

The Browns (Jon and Sara) were particularly incensed, after Standings thermal footage was released (and, at least initially, endorsed by Meldrum) and this pulls interest away from the Browns 'Grays Harbor Thermal' footage.

Who else is tripping on Habituation locations?  How about Mike Paterson? Mike of Sasquatch Ontario' Youtube fame (note the order of the name) was posting a large amount of audio (including some nebulous video)from Ontario, covering the middle portion of the Canadian territories while Standing had dibs on the eastern portions in Alberta, (along with Ontario Sasquatch) until his Youtube account was killed for 'copyright infringement', purportedly at the hand of the property owners wife. Some undisclosed personal conflict, apparently.

 Mikes stuff was patently weird, with great emphasis on woo woo like speechifying and the gifting of marbles. Youtube being the tool of choice now for disseminating Bigfoot video and audio, the content is subject to the whims of any complainant, hence Mikes departure. I looked for a Facebook page for him but didn't find it.  It has been suggested that he will resurface soon with his own dedicated site.

And this is how the big reveal has evolved.  Ten years ago nobody had a personal drone, nobody had a phone that was capable of high definition video and trail cameras were mostly still just for bear, deer, cougars and elk. Now we have multiple habituation locations where researchers do overnight forays into the woods and/or simply leave sandwiches on a stump. My friend Ben uses high quality audio gear to record sounds throughout the night as video is just too difficult to obtain. He also uses trip wires with shriek alarms (though I believe none have ever been truly tripped. 

As these on-site waiting games continue, our knowledge base increases and this is appropriate and akin to any good study of animals in the wild. 

Hunker down, get comfortable and be patient, because just like the study of Mountain Gorillas in Burundi, hairless humans are in Sasquatch territory once we leave the comfort and confines of our homes, RVs and tents.

At the last Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores I met a man who claimed a family of Sasquatches were routinely visiting his home on the Long Beach peninsula. His story, documented by Scott Taylor of the BFRO is without question the most amazing, potentially huge advance in Bigfoot/Human interaction stories. I withhold his name (as does the BFRO) to preserve the mans privacy. I own a residence very near this families location and, with his invitation 'sometime this summer', I hope to visit it in the next few weeks.

His experience includes attempts at speech and physical contact, but stops short of any extra-normal claims. I asked him, 'Do you think there is am ongoing plan, where we are being educated little by little by these creatures?' He said 'Yes..this is part of a larger plan.' That was all. 

And In this vein, we have individuals like Kewaunee Lapseritis (and more recently, Christopher Munch) who are way past the nights of cowering in a tent and have moved on to full-on telepathic communication. The messages are very similar to each other, though Lapseritis' long diatribes are fraught with vague warnings about 'waves' of non-humans soon to arrive with bad intent, while Munchs assimilation of Bigfoot sensitives like Kathleen Odom and Andrew Robson are gentler and more about human apathy for the planet. 

And we have heard this before.

The main thrust of many UFO abductee messages, obtained either directly from memory of a proclaimed real experience or garnered through hypnosis speak of the terrible legacies of pollution and the threat of nuclear proliferation by humans and that, like the return of Jesus, a day of reckoning is nearing soon.

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