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Bigfoot, ETs and Us

If we can imagine a world where Sasquatch/Bigfoot has been 'discovered', ie., solid video from multiple sources, along with the acknowledgment of academia, including the addition of the species to the taxonomic record, how will this scenario play out from that point? Lets extrapolate. Let's say Derek Randles suddenly announces a huge development in his research: Contact has been made, a group of Sasquatches has communicated with Derek and his people and they acquire excellent video footage showing Derek shaking hands with an 8 foot tall, hairy biped. It is picked up and is aired on the Today show and all other major networks. According to Randles, a rudimentary language is employed with hand signals and yes and no verbalizations. The Olympic Project has retained a legal firm, the entire ten acre compound is fenced with 8 foot cyclone and razor wire and armed guards are manning the entry gate.

Contrary to conspiracy theory, Military/industrial complex reps are nowhere to be found outside of local police who patrol the site for crowd control and unwanted interlopers. The Olympic Project, along with Dr. Jeff Meldrum invites the major news networks to bring scientists specializing in human/ animal sciences with the assurance that the Sasquatch People wish to give a message to all of mankind, vis a vis Derek and his advisors. Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Estaban Sarmiento, and a few other highly regarded, credentialed individuals show up and are let into the compound. Once the TV news hits around the world, oddballs begin to move en masse towards Port Angeles. They line the roads everywhere within ten miles of the Olympic Projects acreage. Police use helicopters and their limited SWAT material for crowd control but after about three days the Governor calls in the National Guard and a ten mile perimeter is established with check points and additional razor fencing that runs through all access points including forest service roads all the way to the coast. A standing order to shoot down personal drones is made and a couple of drones are knocked out this way, but not before shaky footage is obtained, sold and aired of something big and hairy moving under the canopy of big Fir trees, away from a camouflaged kiosk that has a multitude of heavy power cables running to it. The first, highly coveted feeds from the Olympic Project Camp begin to air on TV, showing a table with three people seated with their backs to the cameras, two men and a woman in the middle. in front of them is a section of weirdly-lit wooded terrain, tree trunks and stumps. In the low light, the viewer can make out the outline of a large humanoid mass with furry edges standing behind jagged stump.
Not Danzig

The shaggy form shifts, eyes blink showing some white around dark pupils. In comparison to the tree trunk the creature is huge. It moves and you can make out the massive arms and a flash of an enormous hand as it slides down the log to reposition itself to be facing the camera. There is no dialog, no clear voices yet, just the regular clicking of some camera shutters and muffled, excited whispers from somewhere behind the scene. A man's voice begins, "Dave, are the mics on? Are they on? Can we get a feed check?" And then, a loud snort. It sounds like a bull, exhaling and steam is seen rising from the area of the creatures face. A few people beyond the camera exclaim and gasp and then a woman's voice is heard. "Excuse me, excuse me....can we begin?" The woman is only shown from behind, a blonde head of curly hair, but then a screen title pops up, 'Autumn Williams-Crypto-Resaercher' ( misspelled) and the voice continues, "Can you hear me? Can, ah...can you understand me, what I'm saying?"
Autumn Williams 
There is no response, and aside from the camera clicks and distant generator noise, all we see from the green forest set is more steam and a slight shifting of the mass of hair and muscle. Then, a sound. It's a low rumble, like a throat clearing, and then "WE..." The people in the tent breathe sharply, a deep, guttural sound, like a cross between a lion and some bovine animal rasps, "WE SSPEAK...NOT WELL" It's an amazing, historic moment. Inter-species communication from a creature that the vast majority of humanity has never conceived could truly exist. And in fact, so far there is still no proof that they do. The idea of a bipedal human-hybrid hunkering behind a log and speaking human English is too much to assimilate, with too many convenient problems solved like the rewriting of the human taxonomy for most of us to stomach. The main question that stands out immediately: What's in it for Bigfoot? Bigfoot, a silly name for a relationship with a concept-shattering entity, the term Sasquatch at least honors some First Nations People, but still, what can humanity do for what ostensibly, historically, has been a humanoid free agent since a time before humans understood fire or tool use? Because this scenario is so unlikely to ever happen, we can only speculate as I've done here, and we can reflect on the only input we do have, which, as specious as it may sound, does answer that big question. The leaders in the field of Sasquatch/Contactee communication are, in order of total content, Kewaunee Lapseritis,Mike Paterson and maybe to a lesser extent, Joan Ocean.

Lapseritis is an herbalist/healer and self-proclaimed Crypto-Anthropologist from rural Washington State who claims that a concurrent communication from both Extra-Terrestrial and Sasquatch intelligences contacted him telepathically a few years ago. Since that contact, Lapseritis has written two books, 'The Sasquatch People {And Their Inter-Dimensional Connection} and 'The Psychic Sasquatch'.

Kewaunee is making an important point attention! 
             Love this art - He looks so confident

Mr. L tours the country lecturing (mostly at UFO conferences) and has recently posted on his website (SasquatchPeople.Com) a series of 'letters' from the aforementioned to humanity chronicling the history and future of our relationship with these apparent, sometime off-planet entities. The message is written in a way that sounds like a Native American with a College education might write it, with only a couple of odd word uses (for example, specie, for species) and the tone is familiar to UFO abductee stories. ”We are not giant apes nor even related to them, as your cryptozoologists pretend; nor are we primitive hominids, nor even more related to them than to you, as some of your anthopologists tend to believe. Recognizing our true origin from the Star Elders and our spiritual wisdom, is the acceptance of yours. We are offering you your best opportunity to re-enter into inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations, and to realign with the Cosmic Order, to join back in our Star Elders Council, like your first ancestors did.” The entire 'message to humanity' is available for free at this link:

The second most prolific paranormal Sasquatch conduit may be Mike Paterson.
                                                   Mike Paterson, (let's pretend this is Mike, ok?)

 For newbies, Paterson is a Canadian dude who happened to be contacted by a largely invisible creature while camping in the woods near some friends of his who owned a cabin and property somewhere in Ontario. Paterson, like Lapseritis uses Youtube as his main message delivery vehicle and his videos are a combination of quizzical, child-like name exchanges coupled with shots of footprints in the snow and gifts of marbles and twisted sticks. There is a focus on the audio portions of Patersons relationship which feature guttural howls and squeals interjected with an occasionally recognizable word or name. Patersons attitude and delivery are endearing if incomplete in explanation and after listening for a while it feels like a man taking care of a mentally-challenged family member. (Sorry,MP, no disrespect meant, just trying to reach the masses). Mike Patersons work hit a road block when a relation of his hosts interfered with his occupation and forced Mike to regroup. One important offshoot of his content is his partnering with documentary-maker Chris Munch (Letters From The Big Man) and who subsequently started his own youtube channel (Fir and Cedar) where Munch has employed a group of 'sensitives' to explain the Sasquatch and their counsel for us 'hairless ones'. I won't introduce the sensitives again (it's in a previous post and available at Munchs channel) but the message is very similar to Lapseritis' theme, with Lapseritis siding much more thickly on the doom and gloom aspects of Global Warming, pollution and enslavement by our 'lower lords'.


 The only other online, sizable Extra-normal Sasquatch content comes from a lady named Joan Ocean, a counselor and author who resides in Hawaii and who offers dolphin and whale swimmimg sessions. Ocean also claims a series of physical and non-physical contacts with Sasquatch persons that she has decided have names like Medicine Woman and who write responses to her letters in decent penmanship.
and maybe . I have not listed two of my favorite paranormal Sasquatch writers since they only report on and comment of anecdotes they have heard from others. Linda Moulton Howe and Thom Powell are probably the hugest profile people on this subject ( followed by Stan Gordon) and they deserve their own, upcoming post. I welcome comments from anyone on the communicators above and if I have impugned anyone, I apologize as I am the blogger of a site called Bizarre Bigfoot and i am just trying to grok this bizarre  mystery.                               Joan Ocean - w/ Whale photobomb.                                                                     


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