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Bigfoot World Gone Crazy?

It’s been a while since my last entry here on Bizarre Bigfoot, mostly because we have not had any solid developments worth noting. As I keep tabs on the internet end as much as a non-facebooker can, I continue to see a swelling of adherents in the non-physical Sasquatch camp. This evolution of thought is mixed for me now, because even though my belief about the nature of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon has always been one that includes a paranormal aspect, I was not prepared for the depth and width of the weirdness that increasing numbers of people are ascribing to the Giant Hairy Humanoids. 
Meldrum and Randles - Giants in the Physical BF World

Having spent time with Derek Randles and Dr. Meldrum, the two main holdouts that Bigfoot is a solid animal, I felt comfortable letting them keep the faith while I added the possibility that these Ultra-Humanoids might also just be able to do stuff like run super fast, detect nearby humans with super senses and to hide like they’re almost invisible. But in just ten minutes of surfing ‘Bigfoot’ on youtube and it’s now a situation where Sasquatches are phantoms from another planet that can read minds, possess bodies, materialize marbles and turn into trees.

Cussing internally 

I feel like Rene Dahinden now, in a camp full of drunken ghost hunters.

So I am divided now. While I completely respect the journeyman's work that Derek Randles and Dr.s Meldrum and the late John Bindernagel have done, and that this sort of ‘boots on the ground', evidential detective work is necessary, I also maintain that the reason we still do  it have a body or fossil evidence is that GHH creatures truly do have the ability to work outside our understanding of physics. It’s the only thing that makes sense given the large number of credible witness accounts.
The struggle now is to reign in the wilder theories and to try to apply some semblance of science fact. With as much accuracy and non-judging as I can muster, let’s check the list of the most circulated weirdness;
1) Dr. Johnson says Bigfoot people are healers from another planet and that he recently helped them immigrate here with a homebuilt thingamajig to the woods of Southern Oregon where they have taken residence as trees, coming out in phantom form at night to excite, caress and heal people who come and sleep on open cots.
2) Mike Paterson (really a sincere sounding, intelligent guy from Ontario) continues to interact with a non-human creature he calls Nephatia, with mostly audio and some video clips of an off-camera voice that croaks out apparent responses to his entreaties of communication, but mostly the way a parrot or might respond. Mike also claims that marbles and small stick figures continue to materialize at the hand of his ghost-like friend.
Mike P - Could use a haircut..

3) An acquaintance of Mike’s, Christopher Munch, has gone on radio interview purporting to channel a Sasquatch personality in order to explain why contact is being made with humans. The theme is the familiar complaint that humans are on the brink of destroying the planet.
'You are really messing up, humans.'

4) With less internet presence and more focus on books and conferences, authors Thom Powell and Ron Morehead stand out as guys who started their research of Sasquatch from a physical evidence perspective but have both morphed their views to believe in a Quantum explanation for why the GHHs can be interact with humans but still not be visible to our eyes. 
Ron Morehead - 'These are non-physical beings.'

5) To an even smaller effect are the bandwagon jumpers on YouTube who employ the easy uploading tools there to make lots of claims of contact with Bigfoot creatures who can become invisible, can project emotions of fear, awe and excitement onto these people who camp and explore only a few feet into the forests behind campgrounds during daylight and overnight visits. The notables are Barb Shupe and Samantha Ritchie, both from my neck of the woods near Greenwater, Wa. Both Barb and Samantha post videos of campers and forest trompers and video stills of what they say are Bigfoot creatures in various states of materialization.
6) Lastly there are the YouTube posters who claim psychic contact as channelers and sensitives. The names have become unimportant because it seems like new ones pop up every month, but the message is still the same: humans must cease efforts of nuclear war and divisiveness and pollution and come together before we kill everything.

Barb and Samantha with a friend

The parallels to the UFO/Abductee experience are important to include here. Both Sasquatch and UFO Alien/Occupants are considered to be ethereal and highly elusive. Both come to humans with warnings to mend our ways. But the connection diverges with the apparent technological capabilities the Aliens possess and their penchant for kidnapping and experimentation. Where Sasquatch only wishes to bond with us puny humans, Alien Grays want to probe and impregnate our women.

'Yo...where the women at?'
I am being a little flip here, but the salient points are now noted.

Also, it bears mention that there are undeniable similarities to both the aforementioned social phenomenon and that of demonic possession.
Though I haven’t included the recounting of the Adam Davies/John Carlson/Matthew Johnson story here in this post, the devilish aspects of that story seem to dovetail with known details of demons and demonic possession, ie.,appearance and disappearance, deep human feelings of fear and long-standing visitations that span decades. 

Davies and Carlson - What did they see?
Just some Bigfoot image I found online..

Can we discount that the creature visitations that campers in the woods of the West Coast of North America are not evil tricksters? It would seem just as likely that they are off-planet ghosts, and so we are left only with what Astrophysicist and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek called ‘high strangeness’.

And there is the important distinction here too, that Dr.Hynek also evolved in his opinions, from UFO debunker to an acceptance that ‘a technology exists which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.’ ‘We have gone from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in some seventy years, but its possible that million-year-old civilization may know something we don't….I hypothesize (condensed) the psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.’ 
Dr. John Bindernagel - RIP

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