Friday, January 4, 2013

Bigfoot Discovered: Not

This is the headline, the most likely public indication that will pop up on most internet news browsers, on the third page of your local newspaper or as a ‘weird news’ feature on the evening television broadcast.  ‘Bigfoot Found’, ‘Sasquatch Real!’,  the reporters will divulge the details in mocking tones or feign surprise, ‘Two men from southern Georgia have a Bigfoot body in their freezer.’
Or, we will be treated to some more compelling video or photographs, followed by a number of live witness reports and then the shift happens.

Wherever this story originates from, people will flock there. Worse than an Elvis sighting, the curious campers, hikers, videographers and gun-toters will inundate the area of the report and for a while, the hysteria will go on until, like all things sensational, the hubbub will abate and we’ll go back to our football games and American Idol, workaday jobs and grocery store gossiping.

This has happened of course, and it will happen again, but I suggest that that a true, full-on accounting of a Hairy Giant living on the fringes of our societies will never happen.

I don’t dismiss that Bigfoot exists. I truly believe that so many excellent witness accounts and well written reports by very intelligent people point to an entity that physically occupies the forests, swamps, high desert mountains and grasslands of this country and around the planet.

But we will never see a Sasquatch in a cage,  we will never have a definitive corpse to dissect and we will never read a science text that includes a true taxonomic classification for this mysterious hominid.
Why? Because although I believe Bigfoot is real, I also believe that Bigfoot is more than real, existing as a Super-Real creature with aspects of its character that defy traditional human concepts of physics and of nature.

Science requires unequivocal, empirical data sets in order to form bona-fide conclusions. This is the way we have classified everything around us since recorded history. So until there is a body or a live specimen in captivity, everything we think we know about Sasquatch will remain speculation.
The one caveat to this position is that I believe there are individuals who do know the larger story about the Hairy Hominids, but are held back from public disclosure by the fact that they work for governmental departments, including the Army, the FBI, the Corps of Engineers and the Forest Service, as well as Police agencies.

While there has been some reportage from the aforementioned in the form of individual cops or soldiers (on and off duty) Park service workers and construction crews, any continued investigations always are routinely quashed by that witnesses superiors, so that any inquiries eventually lead to dead ends.
This phenomenon and technique is the same one perpetrated on UFO investigators and the reasons are the same: There is no benefit to the public at large from full disclosure.

Think about it. Let’s say your favorite TV news anchor is abducted in the night, then turns up a week later, disheveled and bewildered, but with a hell of a story about a bright light, some little gray critters that put him a table and examined him and then dumped him out on his lawn.  Instead of this TV news guy’s bosses killing the story, they run with it and as the story grows in its coverage, another similar incident happens, and then miracle of miracles, the President of the United States decides to hold a special news conference. The POTUS explains that, yes, our military has been in contact with ‘Aliens’ but that we are not to worry, the situation is under control.

How do you think that admission will play out?  Would you sleep better at night knowing that at any time, some unwelcome invaders could remove you from your home and do whatever they want to you?
This scenario, while completely viable, is not likely to happen. And so it is with Bigfoot, because although there are only scant reports of a Bigfoot abuction, the upshot is the same. Nothing useful will come from an admission by the U.S. Forest Service that there are huge hairy people all over our park systems and that we should just leave them alone.

In Thom Powell’s fine book, ‘The Locals’, he lists the story of the Battle Mountain fire fighter encounter.
It’s an amazing story that outlines exactly what I have suggested, where a group of fire fighters came upon a badly burned bipedal creature. "I observed an animal wounded by fire moving on all fours not like a bear. More like ape. Fire fighters captured animal, contacted local vet and medical doctor. U.S. Department of Fish and Woldlife, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Land Management on the scene.”
The story continues explaining the Bigfoot creature was loaded into an umarked Forest Service truck and taken to an undisclosed medical facility for treatment, and then was alledgedly released back into the forest.

Any and all of this story is suspect of course, but it has the ring of truth about it, especially in the small details that Powell includes, as he was the contactee for the firefighter who was there on the scene.
The best part of the story, that the Cryptid/Homind entity was returned to the woods from wence it came, is the moral and the greatest good that can come of a relationship between us and them. The worst part of this story is that there are far too many immoral, unprincipled invididuals who are actively seeking Bigfoot who would stop at nothing to enrich themselves with any sort of similar encounter.  Hopefully, it will never happen.

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