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Quantum Bigfoot

From a story posted in The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, by Rob Boston>.
Scenes from a Bigfoot Conference - Dec. 2003

Paul Johnson, a chemistry professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, followed Gordon and offered his explanation for what lies behind the Bigfoot mystery. Johnson told the crowd that his original interest was in UFOs and admitted that he considered Bigfoot “silly.” But a fellow researcher of the paranormal felt differently and pestered Johnson to take a closer look at reports of the creature. He was soon drawn into Bigfoot research.

Johnson then unveiled his startling theory: Bigfoot is a “quantum animal” that moves freely between the real world as we know it and a “quantum world” outside the reach of conventional physical laws.

“This creature does not always behave as a real animal,” Johnson told the crowd. He noted that some people have claimed they could see through Bigfoot, or that Bigfoot seemed to transport across long distances in the blink of an eye. Others have fired guns at the creatures at close range, only to see them vanish.

“We've always ignored these things over the years,” Johnson said. “I just decided not to ignore them.”

Johnson claimed that in quantum physics, electrons do not obey the classical laws of physics. They can, for example, move through barriers, he said. When Bigfoot is in this quantum state, Johnson opined, the creature has no mass or weight and is “just a wave.” Bigfoot’s quantum nature, Johnson told attendees, may explain the lack of clear photos of the beast. “He probably communicates with cameras,” Johnson said. “He knows when they are around. He won’t let you take a picture.”

Johnson acknowledged that his ideas are unconventional and pointed out that nothing in quantum physics supports the idea that an animal as large as Bigfoot could behave like an electron. He noted that many physicists would reject his ideas and even went so far as to say that, as a chemist, “I have no idea what I am talking about” when it comes to quantum physics.

Despite these disclaimers, some in the crowd were clearly bothered by Johnson’s ideas. One Bigfoot hunter from Ohio angrily called out during the question period, “In other words, you’re saying Bigfoot’s an alien?” The man claimed to have captured Bigfoot howls on tape and demanded to know, “How could I record a mass of energy?” Johnson replied that when Bigfoot is in the real world, it smells, eats, growls, leaves droppings, and otherwise behaves like a conventional animal. Others in the audience seemed open to Johnson, and one man asked him if Bigfoot could possibly move between worlds by “vibrating dimensionally.”

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