Monday, February 22, 2016

The Sasquatch People - People who are into Sasquatch

Every week or two I do an online search of new developments in the world of Sasquatch and mostly there is little to be found. A sighting report, a blurry photo doesn't cut the mustard and so I deepen my search toward the people who have produced interesting stuff in the past.

That's the Toddster in the middle, me on the left masquerading as Meldrum.

Todd Standing is still off the radar, as is Doc Meldrum, (who has begun to surface at distant conventions to pitch his book or to tear apart a questionable bit of footage here and there), Brian Sykes and Melba Ketchum’s assertions of true Bigfoot DNA have never broken through the crust of naysayer opinion and and so I am forced back toward the weirdos like Matthew Johnson, Kewaunee Lapseritis and Mike Paterson. 

Look out Matt! He's right behind you!

Johnson's website,, is so hard to navigate as to render it nearly non-viewable, though he claims his Southern Oregon Habituation location has been overrun by uninvited newcomers, there is some mention of him bringing additional 'witnesses' to that location. He also states that the Sasquatch that speaks to him in his mind ( I said 'weirdos' right?) told him of a new location where more contact may occur.

'and so, ah, we're basically toast..'

Kewaunee Lapseritis is still doing his 'Sasquatch People' tour where along with his recent bride and at least one Native American lecturer/friend ( a fellow known as ‘Sunbow’) he espouses the dire warnings that humans are still screwing up everything, particularly in an environmental sense, and it's not looking good for our future.

Mike Paterson communicates to his flock of supporters and detractors solely through Youtube and because Youtube makes it hard to find fresh information by mixing up everything people post, it's hard to know what Paterson is thinking about his three year relationship (gone awry) with a seemingly inter-dimensional family of hairy, sentient, oversize bipedal beings. (note to Mike, if you happen to read this; Dude, get your own web/blog page so we can learn about what you’re up to more easily. They’re free!)

This last guy is interesting to me right now for a couple of reasons.

Paterson has never made any efforts that I can see to monetize his 'discovery' and he has established a relationship with a documentary filmmaker named Chris Munch who has taken Paterson’s work a few steps farther by parlaying footage and interviews with the Sasquatch Ontario contactee into a separate Youtube account (called Fir and Cedar) where he has an ongoing series of clips featuring 'sensitives' who claim to be able to speak telepathically with the Sasquatch. Weirdos, right? (another note: Munch, please do the same as Mike and make a dedicated blogsite that we can get the latest info on your work. Youtube is annoying, man.) Nuff said about that.

Forced perspective of Thom's own bare foot, probably.

Lastly, we also have Thom Powell, the Junior High School Science teacher whose curiosity about Bigfoot has pushed him into authoring two very good books( The Locals and Edges of Science) and into becoming a featured lecturer at Sasquatch/Paranormal cons and meetups around the region.

I met Powell at a recent conference in Ocean Shores and while he signed my dog-earred copy of The Locals, I asked him about whether he was going to talk about the 'weird stuff' when he was scheduled to speak. He said, 'Oh, you're going to want to stick around...the 'woo-woo' is coming!' 

And he wasn't kidding.

Here I will repost my recollections from the 2014 Sasquatch Summit, when Powell took the stage.

Thom said,

‘They are observers of humans and sentinels’, though he never explains what they’re looking for.

‘They live underground, along with ETs’, but he doesn’t suggest where that might be.

‘Some go rogue’, explaining negative witness reports of menacing bfs.

‘We are being led into a greater awareness’ which is appropriately ‘woo, woo’.

‘bigfoot picks the habituation sites and the people THEY want to interact with, not
the other way around.’ This makes some sense I guess.  And finally,

‘They prefer to interact with humble people’ so this will leave Barackman out. (just teasin’ Cliff.)

Thom suggested that if we want to have an encounter with a bigfoot in the woods, we have to have good thoughts and humble intentions. We should pick up litter. This may be a good idea, but it’s still funny.

Then he posted an image of a wormhole, calling them Einstein-Rosen Bridges and images of books supporting wack-theories including Michael Talbot’s ‘The Holographic Universe’ which I have read and enjoyed, but don’t fully support myself.

I will try to corner Thom on March 5th at the UFO/Paranormal conference and see if he’s interested in my new line of Sasquatch-inspired litter bags. Angel investors, are you listening?

So…is the worm is turning as I suggest?  People who are interested in the subject of Bigfoot are slowly coming around to the possibility that Bigfoot is not just a primitive throw-back from early mans evolution that is really good at hide and seek, but that all of these sightings are more likely evidence of a life form that does indeed exist outside the boundaries of current human understanding of physics

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