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Channeling Bigfoot

I KNOW you're in there!

Note: the reader is advised that while I am now in agreement with Thom Powell that the term 'Bigfoot' is less palatable than 'Sasquatch', I continue to refer to it because it is still the more common term online and because that's the name of my blogsite. Also, keep your sense of humor, people. SAR

To begin, I want to cover the latest developments in the Sq world and this means we need to talk about paranormal stuff.

Unfortunately, the only new info we have is just more personal, anecdotal stories. Videos and radio shows and podcasts are hard for me to listen to because, as an invested researcher who has been reading and digging and asking questions about Sasquatch for 20 plus years, they take too long to get to the information I'm interested in, so in order to speed the assimilation of info, I am writing this much like a Wikipedia page.

Dr. Matthew Johnson
As a lecturer, Matthew Johnson is also hard for me to listen too because he becomes pedantic, defensive and childish often and he repeats himself. Johnson makes lots of amazing claims during his presentations, including that the Bigfoot creatures he meets (mostly as phantoms or in 'dreams'), have the ability to 'cloak', they call him 'Matt', he hears footsteps, gets bumped into and he cites his own physicality often. (He is 6'9" and about 300 lbs.) He sometimes carries a .44 Magnum pistol he calls 'Maggie.'

Dr. J
And once again, Johnson leads the pack with his 'interaction area' YouTube posts and his conference diatribes.
Johnson cites the Portal Incident at each Con, repeating that the devilish little critters seen by Adam Davies and John Carlson are NOT demonic (as Carlson maintains) he goes on to state as part of his 'Great Reveal' series of videos on YouTube. 
Doc, Davies and Carlson - Not The Three Amigos
Here are some truly fantastic revelations: He claims that in order for him or his attendees at SOIA to have any contact with Bigfoot people, they must first go visit the Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery, where the electromagnetic force (which Johnson calls 'the juju') will rub off on them.

I've actually been here. Total BS, but fun.
Johnson claims that he has had at least 10 witnesses to portals at SOHA and SOIA and that he can now re-open portals at will.

At his new Southern Oregon Interaction Area, (SOIA) he claims to have helped immigrate as many as 23,542 Bigfoot Souls from their dying planet to Earth where they entered our dimension as orbs, then became trees. 

Not a Free Energy Machine, but close.

Johnson used a device on loan from his friend, inventor Steve Bachman they called a Free Energy Machine, which consists of a set of deep cycle marine batteries, an inverter and a series of plastic wheels fitted with Magnets. Its design is claimed to be based on Tesla models. 

The device was used last June, after being upgraded with additional batteries to bring as many as '4000 souls an hour' from a dying planet here to Earth. 

The Bigfoot people live an average of 220 years, with some reaching 300 years of age.
Not a day over 230
Forest People are healers. They healed his leg, which was afflicted with a 'life-threatening DVT clot' and that during a follow up 'catscan' after a colonoscopy he was 'healed' (but does not say from what.) Johnson says that Bigfoot individuals he has met have the names 'Seska, Onx and Zorth'. He was told by Onx via 'mindspeak' that the background of dark red sky and decaying vegetation witnessed by himself, Davies and Carlson was 'their home world.'
Help us..we're not scary at all.
Was told by Seska that their planet started to die and that their sun burned out. 25% of the dying planets population was able to immigrate to Earth by manipulating a portal.
Is that McGiver in there!!
They need the help of humans to save the remaining inhabitants. Johnson claims that the 'president of the planet' and the 'council of 12', a Bigfoot named 'Zorth' told him the following; 'We do not knock on trees, we 'pop' them...from the inside.' He claims that Jon Erik Beckjord harassed him with '50 phone calls a day' and told him 'They're in the trees, Matt.'

J.E. Beckjord- Maybe not so wacky after all.

He visited Lori Simmons in Marblemount, WA. where he learned from Lori that there is a 'Big Guy' living in a tree there.

Lori Simmons
Nice kid, also maybe right about the tree thing.

According to Johnson, the Bigfoot people love bible scripture.

Who doesn't! (satan maybe, but he's dumb.)

They travel power lines because they use the electrical power from the lines (somehow.)

Zorth told Johnson, 'We don't eat mammals, we have coyotes and Cougars as pets and the deer you see us kill are for our pets.'

I just met you and I love you, Zorth!

'We eat squirrels and rodents.'

Johnson says that Zorth told him 'The Treykons' eat mammals, and were created by the Annunaki to mine the planet. They are 6 to 8 feet tall, have red glowing eyes and are malevolent.
If you see this jerk, run.

They take people, as per David Paulides suggestion.

Two witnesses, Steve Bachman and Mike Kincaid both claimed that 'They live in the trees.' (Not in the branches, per say, but INSIDE the trees.) 

Zorth- 'We are beings of light, we are the orbs.'

Zorth -'We are inside the trees during the day, we get nutrients through the roots, and energy through the sun.'

Zorth- 'We can shape-shift into anything.'

Johnson claims he saw a Pterodactyl fly over him at his Southern Oregon Interaction Area (SOIA) and was told by Bigfoot that there are a number of portals there, at least one of which goes back in time. 
The 'P' is silent
Johnson shows a photo of a maple bar he left on his Puyallup, Wa. bedroom dresser. It has what Johnson claims is a lip mark on it from a Bigfoot that entered his bedroom. 

Johnson has a 36" long piece of scat that he has shellacked and which he claims came from the Bigfoot named Zorth.

(Note: Again, I am aware of the terrifically absurd tone of this story, but am trying to remain as neutral as possible to get it on paper.)

Now that we have covered to latest from the King of Strange Bigfoot Stories, we can move on to Mike Paterson.

Mike Paterson - When he was in a band.

Mike Paterson is a Sasquatch researcher/experiencer from Ontario, Canada. He posts his videos on a YouTube channel and they include blurry photos, clear footprints in snow, a fair amount of audio with various grunts, howls and apparent guttural attempts at English speech. Paterson shows photos of 'gifts' he has received like twisted stick figures and glass marbles,both of which seem to show up out of nowhere. Paterson has cultivated a relationship with the Sasquatch people and claims they have told him their names, including, 'Nephatia' and at least two other names. Patersons methodology of contact has been to just pitch a tent in his chosen area of interaction and then to wait with his audio and video recorders on.

There seems to be very little online in the form of written explanation of Patersons experiences, but all the information I list here is gleaned from YouTube/podcasts and video clips from a few different sources including the YouTube sites 'Fir and Cedar' and Patersons own 'Sasquatch Ontario' channel. Paterson fields queries about his contacts on the YouTube message boards, he does podcasts and Internet radio shows and has partnered with Documentary filmmaker Christopher Munch. (Letters From The Big Man). Munch, in turn, took the incentive to contact a series of 'sensitives' who claim contact with Sasquatch people. He publishes their video interviews in his YouTube account 'Fir and Cedar.' Somehow, Munch himself has become a channeler of the Sasquatch people, though I have not yet learned how this came to be.  

In a June of 2016, interview/podcast with Keegan Reid, Mike Paterson and Christopher Munch related Mikes history of interactions and Munch's channeled message. 

Munch channels a Sasquatch individual they called 'Telemarskis' where he cites nearly every known paranormal concept, straight from Velikovski, including the Annunaki and Illuminati, The nephelim, the dogmen and GOATMen, (he called the Fayne?) Draco/reptilians, greys and (zeta) reticuli.

Munch is asked by Reid to allow Telemarskus to speak, which Munch does instantly, no trance state required.

A normal voice, only slightly different from Munch's, each answer preceded by 'Of course' and ending with 'thank you' following each response. Munch never stammers or repeats, speaks slightly haltingly but doesn't screw up.  Paterson, who was apparently in the same room as Munch during interview, does not seem surprised, just weary. 

Telemarskis/Munch responds quickly to Reid's questions about 'Eye shine' ( all colors), represent differing states of mind, that the Sasquatch people have been on the planet since the Annunaki created them through genetic tinkering with Gigantopithicus and that Lemuria is also cited as a source/location.

The interview ends.

I can see you...

Munch's Fir and Cedar YouTube channel features a number of interviews with other Sasquatch sensitives like Kathy Odom, Jann Weiss and Andrew Robson. The central message is about how humans are destroying the planet, just as Sasquatch experiencer/channeler Kewaunee Lapseritis maintains. 

This message of concern for the planet has a deep historical precedence in UFO literature. Cessation of war, pollution and genocide as the only humanity will survive is among held theme passed from Alien abductors to their temporary captives.

This concept speaks to the idea of myths and storytelling as a constant in the human experience. That for whatever reason, humans have a genetic need to have overlords calling us on the carpet to straighten us out. In the same way that mothers warn their children not to stray too far from the campfire and safety of the clan, our Alien/Sasquatch/protectors seek to keep us from hurting ourselves. But are they really?
Dudes, you are, like, totally harshing the planet!

Neither is the channeling of non-human intelligences is a new concept, if we consider that mediums who claim this ability have done this since the time when gypsies made money by gazing into Crystal balls and, really before this time when biblical figures claimed to be messengers of God. The phenomenon of a simple mortal, becoming a source of hidden messages or wisdoms by dint of magical intervention is as old at written history itself. 

The differences between Moses, JZ Knight's 'Ramtha' a 35,000 year old warrior, Jane Robert's 'Seth', Carla Reukert's 'Ra' and Kathleen Odom and Kewaunee Lapseritis' Sasquatch People are subtle but similar enough.

35,000 years old!

Biblical prognosticators and law givers like Moses spoke the word of God unequivocally, creating edicts and commandments, as rules to live by, whereas modern channelers, chosen as conduits by less demanding voices, merely enlighten and guide the host and their listeners. Odom and her friends, now including Christopher Munch, seek to convey that the Sasquatch People are loving, benevolent brothers to mankind. Answers to all questions seem to come easily to these channelers, if only we will listen.

How bizarre.


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