Monday, October 15, 2012

Explaining Bigfoot to a Scientist

Driving home last night with the wife, we were listening to a scientist on a popular radio show as he fielded a call from a listener.
The caller asked the preeminent Astrophysicist (paraphrased here), ‘Dr. _______ given that we agree that there is enough chemistry floating around in all of our multiple universes to ensure that other life forms are not only possible but likely, at what point in your estimation does intelligent design become impossible to ignore?
The Scientist replied that he has spent many hours arguing with people who came from the intelligent design camp and no longer wished to do so, and at this he went to the next caller.
I thought: This situation, where those who believe that Extra-terrestrial entities exist and those who do not is tiresome.  People in the naysayer group basically clam up when it comes to any further discussion about Ancient Aliens, UFOs, Abduction phenomenon and all of the attendant information that goes with it.  I will include that Bigfoot/Sasquatch falls into the same chasm of stonewall vs. reasonable investigation, for reasons I will list later, but the overall issue here is:
We have an interesting mystery.
It does not seem to be nearing a resolution as to it’s nature.
Hard Science allows for only solid, tangible, repeatable evidence.
But witness testimony, along with solid scientific investigation is still not allowable.
So the stalemate continues.

But I also think that we have individuals involved in the equation who work at keeping the mystery unsolved. In that respect, it’s reasonable to assume that full disclosure would be counterproductive to the betterment of Bigfoot as well. If a government official, say, from the U.S. Forest Service released a memo something like this:

What do you suppose would happen?   Would campers politely heed the advice and steer clear of any Sasquatches. Would they simply report a sighting to a Ranger and then go back to their campfire for hotdogs and s'mores?   No, I don't think so.

It's far more likely that word would get out quickly of a 'Bigfoot hotspot' and the area would be inundated overnight with researchers, TV news people, hunters and simple nutjobs seeking fame.  The loser in the scenario is Mr. (and Mrs.) Sasquatch.

So at this point, I have made a case for the reason why the mysteries of Aliens, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Bigfoot might be kept secret.  For anyone who seeks the truth for themselves, we are still mostly on our own.

But we have some good help.

In the arena of E.T. there is much that has been done that has furthered our understanding of the who, what, where and why of Alien involvement in human affairs.

Dr. John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs and Jacques Vallee, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Linda Moulton Howe, and a number of other very smart, accredited and credible, thorough individuals have laid the groundwork and hypothesis for a solid understanding of the story.
And it is reasonable to accept that Aliens (as an incomplete moniker) are here, have been here, are interacting with humans in various ways. This is the strange part, however. Even though the  work of the aforementioned, including many hours of hypnotherapy, repeatable witness testimony, the recovery of implanted devices, as well as radiological event site samples should conclude that there is a real phenomenon going on, because the mainstream media does not funnel it into the homes of the average earth citizen as a news flash, it does not exist.

My point in reiterating all of this is that we have a connection here that makes much more sense once the puzzle pieces, however intangible, are put together.

If we accept that Aliens exist, then we are faced with rewriting a great deal of history for the common people, but it is necessary to do so if we seek the truth. And strange part of this summation is that so many of us have been brainwashed by various traditional text books, teaching curriculums and religious doctrines that anything that comes along to challenge it is instantly blown off.  Why?
Why is it so hard to believe that other life forms, much more advanced that ourselves, might have been involved in the human story, any more than the concept of an invisible, benevolent (and sometimes malevolent) God who sees everything we do all of the time?

I submit the following quote by Dr. John Mack:
‘UFO abductions are not a rare phenomenon and have been estimated to have occurred to three-million Americans. There is a remarkably precise correspondence to the reports. Abductees exhibit relatively little psychopathology. The author uses a combination of hypnosis and a breathing technique as treatment in helping the abductees confront and move through the terrifying memories of the experiences. Abduction events and descriptions of aliens are relatively uniform. There is both subtle and highly robust physical evidence (underline mine) that accompanies some of the abductions. The aftermaths of these events are usually highly traumatic. But in processing these terrors, abductees are often able to find these events a source of transformation, in connecting them beyond themselves." From The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: What Does it Mean for the Transformation of Human Consciousness? by John E. Mack, M.D.

What is your summation of the paranormal hypotheses being used to help explain the existence of Bigfoot?

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