Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flesh and Blood vs. Thought Forms

The following report was posted at the BFRO recently and deserves scrutiny:

Large man-like figure seen in the trees while training at Fort A.P. Hill VA.
YEAR: 2008
MONTH: November
DATE: 15
STATE: Virginia
COUNTY: Caroline County
LOCATION DETAILS: Military Installation, during a training operation no one outside of the military had access to this location.
OBSERVED: This report was originally submitted by email and later investigated by telephone.

"I am a former United States Marine who in 2008 had a very
compelling sighting of what can only be discribed as a Bigfoot. I am
willing to tell my story once I am contacted and also I have two other
US Marines that saw the same being. I can assure you that I am 100
percent honest with what I saw and that I can provide proof of my
credentials and location."
ALSO NOTICED: All of the witnesses including myself said that the being had been in the trees over top of us and it was dead quite just before and during the sighting.
OTHER WITNESSES: Yes two other witnesses also where US Marines. We were on watch at the same time during a training operation.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was very dark that particular night, it had been cold.
ENVIRONMENT: Heavy wooded, plenty of water sources, food source,
wild life, and lots of changes in elevation.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:
After a lengthy phone conversation with the witness, the following information may be added to his report:

-The witness was an active duty Marine stationed with his unit at Quantico Marine base.

-During a 2008 training event, his unit flew by helicopter into the training ranges of Fort A. P. Hill near Bowling Green, Virginia.

-After disembarking and maneuvering through the training ranges, his unit set up a bivouac to sleep for the night.

-While pulling guard duty, with two other Marines, between 2 and 4 a.m., the witness looked up from his seated position on the ground and saw a large human shape standing in the trees above him.

-He estimates the figure was 30 feet from him, and above him on a 45 degree angle. Its body was heavily built and the total body height was between 7 and 8 feet. It was silhouetted against the starlit sky and stood out clearly.

-It appeared to be holding onto the trees with long outstretched arms, but he could not make out what its feet were resting upon.

-The Marine blinked his eyes to test and clear his vision, the figure remained. He blinked his eyes a second time and then saw the figure move silently from one large tree to the next.

-He blinked his eyes a third time, and the figure vanished from sight.

-In the morning, the Marine made no mention of his observation during the unit's meeting before moving out. Unbidden, the second Marine who'd been on watch, at a location removed from the witness, asked if anyone had seen something in the trees the night before.

-The third Marine responded in the affirmative, and described a large man-like figure moving silently through the trees above the unit's position. He too was observing from a position apart from the first two men on guard.

-In discussion afterward, the three Marines came to the conclusion that they had all seen the same figure, high above their posts, traversing silently through the old growth trees and circling their unit's position.

-Since this event, the first witness has been honorably discharged from the Corp, the second is deployed to Afghanistan and unavailable for comment, and the third has fallen out of contact.
Like the previous post on this page, I read the sighting report and felt that the general theme of the story was too strange to chalk up to a giant North American Ape.
Firstly, the witnesses could be called ‘trained observers’ from a military standpoint, as they were ‘on watch’ during a training exercise. That there were not just one, but three independent observers lends credence to the story (albeit credence that should be vetted by further contact with all three people).
The first of the main sticking points that seems to fly in the face of the ‘flesh and blooders’is that this entity was so CLOSE to them, and yet never made a sound as it moved. To give the reader some perspective on distances, the main observer stated that the ‘being’ he saw was approximately  ’30 feet away’.
Thirty feet is the distance of about two car lengths. And even if this witness was off by 15 feet, the distance of THREE car lengths (aprox. 45 to 50 feet) is still quite close.
Given that this entity was above the witnesses, at a 45 degree angle, in a very dark, heavily forested area, there is certainly room for error in a physical account, but the aspect of complete silence is very strange, when an 8 foot tall, several hundred pound animal moving from tree to tree, at a distance of only thirty feet SHOULD make at least a little noise.
Finally, the second ‘high strangeness’ point that this entity vanished literally in the blink of an eye gives support to the idea that these Marines did not see a real, live throwback to human ancestry hanging in the canopy above them, but that the entity was far more ethereal, either existing as a spectral ‘thought form’ or as an interdimensional being, either of which is posited in ‘The Law of One’ material.

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