Monday, June 25, 2012

Bigfoot Bothered by Bullets?

Cruising the BFRO for any new reports today, I found the following story.
Read it and my comments will follow:

YEAR: 2009
STATE: Illinois
COUNTY: Jefferson County

OBSERVED: I have saw what I would call a big foot three times. The first time it was in the fall of 2010. It was late at night. I woke up by my dogs barking. I got up to see what was going on. Thru the screen door I could see a large dark figure walking across my pasture going to my barn. I went back to my bed room and got a gun. I stepped out the door. The creature was a few feet from my barn and I noticed its head was level with the bottom of the roof of my barn. It was very large. I fired one shot in the air to try to scare it off. It didn't phase it. I then opened fire. It took off running across the pasture running thru 3 strands of wire. One of my dogs took off after it and I followed. I shot 14 40 cal. bullets toward this creature and it didn't slow it down. It disappeared into the corn behind my house. I had goats in the barn. Twice in the fall of 2011 I saw it walking across the field once in the field behind my house once in front. Both time going south to north.
ALSO NOTICED: I didn't hear anything then but a couple times at night I have heard strange noises coming from the woods

OTHER WITNESSES: First time my wife. She was sleeping before.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1-2 a.m. and dusk
The BFRO is run by a number of administrators who work at maintaining a non-biased, hard evidence oriented format.  It’s a good idea, as flights of fancy in regard to the mystery of Bigfoot’s true nature get out of control quite quickly.  That said, when I cruise the sight, I look for the stranger aspects of these stories, because I’m quite certain that a number of the submissions they get are not included due to the ‘iffy’ feel they might impart.
Also, I might go further and suggest that some reports could even be edited to make them usable, when in fact they may have included paranormal aspects. This is impossible to prove, unless someone inside the BFRO admits it and backs that up with proof, but in the big picture this is unimportant. We believe what we wish to believe.
One initial aspect that I found to be troubling was the mindset of the witness. He hears a noise, sees 'a large dark figure', he retrieves his gun and just fires at it without any attempt at contact or identification. The warning shot was his one act of kindness in the situation, and the suggestion that he was protecting his goats was his motivation. Weak.

I am waiting for the news report that somebody from this area has shot a man who had wandered onto his property, thinking it was Bigfoot.

The even stranger thing about the report above of course is that this witness states that he shot at the creature ’14 times’ with ‘.40 cal’ rounds. The witness expresses surprise that the creature ‘didn’t slow down’. We could surmise that he simply missed his target, or that he is lying altogether, but if he isn’t lying, it would also seem unlikely that not one of his 14 shots made contact.

A .40 caliber bullet is a very serious bit of ammunition,  and without invoking all the minutia of caliber sizes, it is safe to say that if a bullet of this magnitude impacted a human, even in the enviroment of a dark, night time location, it would alter that humans behavior markedly.  My point in all of this is that the story is reflective of other stories of Bigfoot not being fazed by gunfire. In all of my years of reading about this stuff, I can remember maybe one or two stories that indicated a Sasquatch reacted to being shot.

What might this prove? It proves nothing except perhaps that Bigfoot is not bothered by bullets because he is not a flesh and blood creature. The witness did not state whether he looked for blood, hair or other evidence the next day. This exclusion is suspect too. But my main goal with the blog post is to suggest that these creatures are not simply a Great mutant Ape hybrid, but a complicated combination of types, including interdimensional and even a sort of Spirit animal.

Before the reader dismisses those explanations, it is important to consider the work of George Knapp and Colm Kelleher at the Skinwalker Ranch, where the investigative reporter and authors witnessed and wrote about the very similar incidents of large anomalous animals being shot at close range with high caliber ammunition without suffering any consequences.

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