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The Silent Sasquatch

In the BFRO database resides a Class A Bigfoot sighting report that deserves special scrutiny.
Report # 8547 -Texas, April of 2008, a hog hunter has a purported twenty minute observation of a female Bigfoot as it takes a hog, less than 80 yards away, seen through a rifle scope.
What is most interesting about this report is that the hunter, who is described by the investigator as 'very credible', claims that the creature was able to become totally silent at will, while moving.
Copy and paste the link for the rest of the rather lengthy report, but for now, here is an excerpt:

'The movement from tree to tree: all tree to tree movements were two legged jumps, landing on two feet, anywhere from five to ten feet. Each movement going closer to the feeding hogs. Each movement animal was holding its body very still, slowing moving sideways just enough to look around the tree. All those movements, and landings were totally silent.'
(Italics and underline, mine.)

The point here is that we are talking about an animal that is said to be '7 to 8 feet tall' and 'heavily built', a typical Bigfoot description. Imagine now that you are the hog hunter and you are positioned 80 yards from your target. You are keenly aware of the environment you are in, watching and listening intently.   The hogs are rooting around, coming closer and then you see an animal nearly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle as it hops around, ten feet at a jump.

Do you think you would be likely to HEAR this happening?

I do...and so we have to ask ourselves how this can happen. I have read Dr. Meldrum's foot and stride analysis paper, and the description paper that is posted on the BFRO about compliant gaits and the anatomy of Bigfoot's foot, but I don't believe any of it addresses the 'on/off' aspect of such a large animal.
I saw an (old) episode of 'Finding Bigfoot' last night and watched as a woman and her daughter described a close encounter with a Bigfoot as it ran down a hill past them at a high rate of speed. One of the ladies said that it made no noise as it ran.

Bobo Fay attempted to recreate the event and both women told him that the Bigfoot was much faster.  In the episode, the camera clearly picked up the sound of Fay as he bolted down the hill.
Someone suggested to me that in the heat of a witnessing of such a strange event, we cannot count on our senses to work normally, that our ears might deceive us, as well as our eyes.
I think this is silly, since the animal sense in humans is much more likely to become heightened instead of dulled.

   What we are experiencing, I submit, when we see but do not hear a Sasquatch is the ability of that entity to make himself or herself silent.

Big cats have this ability, and this is well documented, but when big cats stalk their prey, they do so with very wide, soft pads, applied slowly and gingerly to the ground.  This flies in contrast to the hog hunter's description of the 8 foot tall, ostensibly 1/4 ton biped 'hopping' from tree to tree.

From the web page for the Carnagie Public Library in East Liverpool, Ohio comes this posting:
"Craig Young of Harmony Hills Stables in Columbiana County went on a trail ride on a March afternoon with a friend. When they got to a frozen creek crossing, they saw what they thought was "a guy in a black parka fishing". When the thing looked up it had "a flat face like a monkey, all wrinkled looking". It stuck something under its arm and ran up the hill like a man with very long arms. It stayed up on its legs too long to be a bear. The men couldn't get their horses to cross the creek to follow it."

Craig's wife Nanette related another experience, "Late August, early September in 1991 we had gone out on a two-hour trail ride, when suddenly it became very dark. The horses stopped dead. We heard something, we didn't know what, coming through the woods. Whatever it was was breathing heavy; you could see the trees parting as the thing pushed them aside. We didn't hear any footsteps, like the thing was floating.
"I couldn't imagine anything that would frighten the horses so bad as to freeze them. We urged them on and finally we kicked them. they wouldn't move. Real soon that thing was going to be on top of us. It was high as the horses' heads--past six foot. It was definitely hair-raising. Whatever it was, it was not touching the ground. I thought we were dead. Finally one of the girls screamed and that unfroze the horses. We rode so hard out of there, I thought sure one of the horses would go down. When we got back to the barn we slammed the door shut. We were lying against the door; nobody said a word. I could hear my heart."
"When they went back the next day, branches and shrubs were broken where the creature had come crashing through the forest."

Is Nanette deluded? I don't think so.  There are too many reports that include this strange aspect of silence which defies logic and physics.  What do I think?
Glad you asked.

I think we're still stuck with the 'Law of One' explanation. I won't recap it here if you're unfamiliar with the Law of One and the Ra Material.  All you have to do is copy and paste this link:

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