Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bigfoot Doppelgangers

The majority of Bigfoot images I have seen over the years usually resemble that of a monster, a grotesque creature with decidedly non-human features like sharp teeth, prominent brow ridge and sunken, glowing eyes, a pointy crown and deeply wrinkled skin. But sometimes we come across an image of Bigfoot that is not nearly so monstrous, and which evokes enough humanness to truly make you do a double-take.
Posted on Google news recently was this image from a forensic artist’s depiction of a witness account of a Sasquatch reported to be near the DuBois, Pa. area on April 24, 2012.  (Click for more)
Look at the image above and tell me if this creature doesn’t resemble someone you know.
Check out that iron hair line, nicely coiffed, really.

If you just trimmed up that mono-brow and gave him a shave, he could pass for a long lost Jonas Brother.
In fact, if I saw this guy out rummaging around in the trash cans in my back yard, I MIGHT think it was my old buddy Barry. I call Barry ‘Big B’, or ‘B.C.’. (both appropriate nicknames for Bigfoot, by the way.)
Here’s a picture of my pal, Big B:

Not too dissimilar, is he?
And Big B often behaved monstrously, heaving garbage cans around when he was upset or whupping somebody who cheesed him off.
But back to my point, the BF image above is unusual for it’s human-like aspects and this suggests a number of possible scenarios.

Click photos to enlarge  

If we put the BF image above into a police line up, say, along with these two individuals above, would he still stand out?  That's Christian Brando on the left, and Sly Stallone's son, Sage on the right, but the dude in the where have I seen him before....he's so familiar! 

RIP, gentlemen, but I'm angling toward a point, to soon be revealed here.
What I mean is, as humans, we see an object and our brain immediatly begins to try to compartmentalize it.
The human brain, like a computer, rips through our grey matter database to find things that resemble what our eyes are registering.  And usually, we get a hit pretty quickly.

Would any deny the resemblance between the critter on the left and actor Brian Dennehy?

Truth be told, both are big, oafish and pretty scary.

And how about famed Tacoma, Wa. department store Gorilla, Ivan and famed whore-mongering poet Charles Bukowski?

There is a serious similarity between the fellow below and musician Joe Walsh, yes?

'Why the long face, Joe?'

So, when we have an eyewitness account of a strange creature whose features are so close to being human, is that creature still a beast?  Just because our cryptid friend has really thick, hairy legs and unkempt fingernails, does this make him less than human?  What if he was wearing a pair of overalls and a flannel shirt?

Treat Williams could be a stand in for Standing's actor, don't you think?

Still think there is no relation of Bigfoot to Humans?

I rest my case.

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  1. Haha I have thought about this many times! Great comparisons!


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