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Telepathic Bigfoot

Last week during my search for Bigfoot news, I found a story in the Willamette Week News called 'Sasqautches are Aliens'  (link below)

The author, Martin Cizmar did a fairly straight ahead interview with Sasquatch authority Kewaunee Lapseritis and included a very good, tongue in cheek send up cartoon of two Bigfoots with an Alien Gray in a hardhat by Brad Alston.
I have read both of Kewaunee's books (The Psychic Sasquatch and The Sasquatch People (and their Interdimensional Connection), and I enjoyed the first and tolerated the second.
The reason for that disparity is that while the first book, while filled with some unusual conjecture, the second book went into metaphysical territory too deep for me to accept. Just a personal opinion.

I read the story at the WW News,  and commented in the comments section that I would like to see, for once, a bit of solid evidence of the claims. Evidence in the form of a televised, multiple witness (TV reporters in a news conference setting) situation where these interdimensional entities can speak directly to the world. This could really help bolster the work of people like Mr. Lapseritis.
Sadly, this does not seem likely and the posts that followed on that website concurred, including on anonymous 'guest' who decided that I am an 'asshole' who never bothered to read Kewaunee's books.   I commented back 'Why are you so angry', and that was the end of that guy as he never posted again.  But another person posted, saying (paraphrase) 'This is nothing new, other people have been channeling bigfoot.'
The poster named names. 'Brad Johnson' and 'Darryl Anka'. Now he's got my attention.
I googled Brad Johnson and Darryl Anka and learned that Anka, at least, is a high profile 'channeler' who downloads a extra-dimensional entity he calls 'Bashar'.  Try not to spit fluid and hear me out.

For regular readers of this blog, you may know that while I wish for hard evidence of the existence of a population of huge hairy people in the forests of the world, I tend to favor a paranormal explanation. In this vein, I have cited a collection of 'channelings' called 'The Ra Material' as a good source for this explanation. The Ra Material, in brief, explains that Bigfoot creatures are not simple flesh and blood animals that have existed for millenia but for some reason did not evolve along with humans, but are a (hold on to your hat) from another planet.
I'll wait while you clean up the coffee you just spit out.
Ok, ready?  Google 'The Ra Material, bigfoot' if you want the whole story, which doesn't take long. Here's an excerpt about how Bigfoot will ultimately be discovered:
From 'The Law of One/Bigfoot'
64.17 Questioner: Dr. Monroe, I understand, brought a four-toed Bigfoot cast by here the other day. Could you tell me which form of Bigfoot that cast was?
Ra: I am Ra. We can.
64.18 Questioner: I know it is totally unimportant, but as a service to Dr. Monroe I thought that I should ask that.
Ra: I am Ra. This entity was one of a small group of thought-forms.

64.19 Questioner: He also asked— and I know this is unimportant— why there were no Bigfoot remains found, that is after the Bigfoot entities had died on our surface. He had asked why there had never been any remains of these entities found. Could you answer this for him? It’s just of no importance but just as a service to him I ask it.
Ra: I am Ra. You may suggest that exploration of the caves which underlie some of the western coastal mountain regions of your continent will one day offer such remains. They will not be generally understood if this culture survives in its present form long enough in your time measurement for this probability/possibility vortex to occur.

To continue my earlier reference to the story printed in the WW News, I found one response to a post I made from the gentlemen below:
Brian C  Stefan Dozier • 2 days ago
Great discussion you two! I met Kewaunee at a workshop he gave in 2012 and bought his Sasquatch people book and will get his first book after reading your comments. He is a good hearted intelligent man and went to hear him talk at last Saturday at the McMinnville UFO festival. I enjoyed him very much and everyone there! I've had a sighting of a group of them up at Mt. Baker on a very remote FS road after stopping for a black bear & her cubs right in front of me. I thought they were bears also as they were black in tree shade 100 ft in past the bears. They all froze for like 10 seconds, then moved across the gravel road were I could see they were walking and disappeared behind the trees so I thought they were hikers, but I drove several hundred feet to find a vacant dead end open field trail head. They couldn't have gone that far & didn't see any backpacks on them! I hung out for awhile and saw nothing. It wasn't until I drove back & at the spot where I saw them cross the road it became like a vortex as my vision became very vivid & colorful (I'm partially color blind) that I realized I really was missing something special here and figured it out hours later driving home!
This is the first time I’ve posted my story and since you are reposting & free to do so. I wasn’t expecting that so I added more details that I thought might help explain why sightings are few or not reported like mine.
It makes me sad today thinking back as my camera was in the passenger seat as I just used it! I had just stopped my SUV next the only view point along the miles of that road I’ve never taken before, and got out to take some pictures of the valley and Baker Lake down below. I was 20-30 ft. from my car for 10-15 minutes before I received a notion to get going. I had just barely started my car & moved before I saw the bears 8 feet in front of me! Two happily trotting cubs & mamma bear watching them keeping up with a quick glance towards me before I completely stopped & my engine hood blocked my view. I was overwhelmed with the idea that I was nearly stuck on a rocky point with bears between me and my car as they approached from the other side of it so I had no idea of their presence.
And then I quickly became absorbed wondering what I was seeing beyond them. I was all alone and absolutely no one had any idea where I was & starting to feel foolish with the need for caution didn't include the idea of pictures then. This was supposed to be a spontaneous side trip to some hot springs nearby since I had the extra time & I haven’t visited in a decade so my intuition was guiding me even if my left brain disagreed. :)
The other time was at my cabin near Mt. Index last year. I was painting it and from around the corner a large one I could see through came walking by and within 15 ft disappeared. I didn't say anything to anyone for the longest time as I still didn't believe it and wasn't sure I want to be associated with it. It's all good now! :)

I asked Brian if I could post his experience and his photo of Kewaunee and he agreed.
Here's Kewaunee speaking at the conference:

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