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Bigfoot on The Fringe

In a manner, all science could be said to start off as 'fringe' insofar as one individual suggests a theory or idea and until it is tested, scrutinized and adopted by others into consensus, that theory is outside of science and on the fringe.

Quantum physics was not instantly accepted as a sensible avenue of research. Today is a major field of study and is standard coursework for graduate and undergraduate physics students.
Today it is commonly agreed in scientific communities that there are three basic components to science; Center, frontier, and fringe.

Yesterday, walking through a local forested trail where other hikers have seen and reported encountering a large, hairy, bipedal figure, I contemplated how an 8 foot tall, 500 lb. creature could occupy that place, ostensibly for many years without making its presence known.  I see evidence of all sorts of animals on my years of hiking here in the Pacific Northwest.  Everything from voles to marmots, foxes to bears, all currently known animals in the woods are detectable if you are patient enough.

I have seen no evidence of a huge bipedal, non-human animal, but I know from my research that many people have had an inexplicable encounter with something huge and hairy. The common thread in all of these sightings is that the subject basically disappears.

From BFRO Class A report #1724
"I was driving home from work about 11:15 when I saw 2 reddish looking eyes in the middle of the road, about 7 or 8 feet off the ground. As I approached the spot where I saw what looked like eyes... seemed to vanish in thin air or into the woods near by. But by the time I got close to what ever I saw, all I did see was like a shadow going in front of my headlights."

She stated that it took off into the woods opposite their house. Mrs. Tallik told me that "She came down the road honking her horn, pulled into the driveway and jumped out of her car and ran to the front door yelling 'Mom!' in a very frightened voice. 'There was something standing along side of the road with red flaming eyes.' I told her it was probably a deer or some sort of animal. She replied, 'No, it was taller than a person.'

Outside of a few riveting but unsubstantiated stories of governmental involvement in the cover-up of a cryptid discovery (google 'Battle Mountain Bigfoot' or 'Mt.St. Helen's Bigfoot, eruption') we are left with a witness account where our quarry is observable one second and within a few more is simply not observable.

 In the book 'Hunt for The Skinwalker' by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher is this excerpt:

'On the evening of August 25, 1997, whilst surveying the ranch, two scientists witnessed a glowing opening in the distance. This egress grew in the lenses of their night vision binoculars. From within the portal, a black, faceless, 400-pound humanoid emerged, stepping onto the ground and walking into our current dimension. Moments later, the opening vanished. Following suit, the entity disappeared, as well, but only from view, as the men realized they were now alone, in the dark, with a being from another reality.'

Some BF aficionados will suggest that the heavy cover of forested areas provide enough occlusion to allow a Bf to escape or hide nearly instantly, and this is arguable because the ability of other animals in the forest to escape attention by simply standing perfectly still is known to us as a common occurrence, but there are far too many accounts that refute this an a catch-all explanation.

It would seem prudent for the researcher to widen the scope of possibility to include a quantum explanation.

From BF researcher Sharon Cornet;
'We must keep in mind that a mere couple hundred years ago things like holograms, mini-computers and worldwide electronic and/or wireless communications, exploration of space, weather-monitoring satellites, infrared vision night scopes, and other technological advances would have seemed like “magic”, so it may be that phenomena which seem to defy science or elude us today (since technology is really in its infancy) will all be rectified via science in our near (or far) future.  This goes for transparency of biological entities, teleportation (like “beaming up” in the TV series Star Trek), portals, time travel, and the like.'

Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics (The City College of New York) said: “Some people slam the door on the question of other civilizations visiting the Earth because distances are so vast. I say, Not so fast! The fundamental mistake people make when thinking about extraterrestrial intelligence is to assume that they’re just like us but a few hundred years more advanced. I say, Open your mind. Open your consciousness to the possibility that they are a million years more advanced. Einstein said you cannot go faster than the speed of light. However, he left a loophole open. You know in school we learned that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. But actually that’s not true. You see, if you fold a sheet of paper and punch a hole through it, you begin to realize that a wormhole is the shortest distance between two points. Only those civilizations millions of years ahead of ours, capable of harnessing the power of billions of star systems have the ability to open gateways to space and time, to travel perhaps through portholes, to go these enormous distances in a blink of the eye. You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by an advanced civilization, a civilization far out in space, a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of us. You simply cannot count out the possibility. When you look at this handful, handful of cases that cannot be easily dismissed, this is worthy, this is worthy of scientific investigation. Maybe there is nothing there. However, on the off chance there is something there, that would literally change the course of human history. So I say, let this investigation begin.” ABC News, Peter Jennings Special: UFOs - Seeing is Believing (25 February 2005).

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