Thursday, October 23, 2014

GUAG the Talking Bigfoot

From a new posting at the BFRO
'One evening, the witness was on his front porch, and the younger male was standing in the brush about 30 feet away. The witness patted his chest and said, “Dad” three times. Then the Sasquatch patted his chest and said, “Guag”. Possibly this could be the name of this Sasquatch. If so, this is a remarkable break-through.  Another time, the witness and his son were demonstrating what hand shaking was. They repeatedly shook hands with each other. Then, one of the Sasquatches which was standing about 20 feet away on the far side of an old vehicle reached across the top and put its hand out in an offer to shake hands. The witness stated that he was too scared to bring himself to actually walk over and shake its hand. What an opportunity lost! The witness stated that if there is ever another opportunity, then he will take it.'   Click for more

Remarkable break-through is right!  Scott Taylor wrote this report as well as a previous report  where a motorist describes the following:
'After about a minute of looking at it, wondering what to do next, and being in an open 1951 MG sports car, he made a little hand wave and said, “Hi”. This is when the creature pulled it lips back in a bare-teeth threat expression and yelled what sounded like the words, “Sheea-hooah-Huh!” The witness said that the creature was very loud, and he could feel a vibration as it yelled at him.'
Click the pics, make 'em bigger!

So here we have TWO instances of verbal communication between humans and Bigfoot.
Yes, these are anecdotal, and anybody can post anything on the interwebs, but I'm choosing to believe they are true experiences because of the power of ridicule. What I mean here is, if you decided to announce to the world that you heard a Bigfoot tell you his name and offer to shake hands with you, what do you think your friends would say?

There is some anonymity in the BFRO, but I think this sort of information would leak pretty easily, especially if you describe where you live in detail in the post (as the Ocean Park men did) or if you drive a vintage convertible sports car and live in a retirement community.

Eventually you will get hammered for being crazy. Why would anybody want this sort of attention?

Now is when we have to discuss people like Rick Dyer and that asshat on youtube who calls himself 'ButchyKid'.

These guys are anomalies, insofar as they are aberrations in the overall witness accounting archives. Dyer is probably insane. He could not have made enough money to make it worth the abuse he brought on himself and his family. Not in my estimation. And the other idiot is just a mook with a video camera, ostensibly trying to get laid. Good luck, Kid.

It doesn't take very long to ferret those types out, as the ring of truth echoes pretty loudly once you have done some research and know what to look for, agreed?
But getting back to the best thing about these new reports is that they truly represent a real breakthrough. This statement is a qualified conundrum, I am aware. When I say represent, it is because we still don't have a Sasquatch walking up to a microphone and a camera crew to explain himself.

We have to accept that it is possible that these witnesses are telling the truth and if so, what it means for Cryptid research.
I have a theory.  I think we all agree that Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Skunkape creatures vary in physiology a bit from region to region. But I believe that they vary in other ways as well, including temperment and probably in I.Q.
                                        This dude reminds me of Willy Nelson, Am I right?!

 I believe The Coastal Sasquatch is more intelligent and less afraid of humans. Maybe it's because we don't have the same good old boy 'shoot it, grill it' attitude that pervades places like Texas and Georgia, and moreover, we may be coming to a point in our coexistance where we will make contact, mano y bigfoot and we will come to a much deeper understanding of these amazing, highly secretive animals.

 Time will tell, as Scott Taylor will undoubted stay in touch with both reporting parties.
When I met Taylor at the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores in 2013, he told me that there are 'many more reports' that have not been added to the BFRO database, due to the time it takes to investigate them properly. This is exciting too and though he has not been added to the list of speakers at the 2014 Summit, I hope he goes and gives us more information on this new development.

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