Thursday, June 23, 2016

Invisible Bigfoot

This morning as I let my dog out to do his business in the yard, I noticed the same phenomenon I’ve seen many times before. If I stand very still with the door slightly ajar as I watch him, he does not seem to notice me and he soon walks out of my view.

The practice of an animal becoming stock-still in order to avoid detection is a common one throughout all of the natural world, including that of Sasquatch.

DATE: late Nov. 1990-92
STATE: Texas
COUNTY: Red River
NEAREST TOWN: Manchester, Texas
OBSERVED: I was deer hunting 10-12 years ago in late Nov. I was on a deer lease in Red River County. I was sitting on a stool and observed deer scrapes on trees along a creek bed. I was watching for these deer to approach. After I had been sitting there for an hour or so I turned my head and noticed what looked like an 8 or 9-foot tall stump that wasn't there earlier. It was approximately 120-130 yards away. I raised my deer rifle and looked through the scope at it. Through my 6X scope, I was able to see it as close up as if it were 30 feet away from me. It was looking right at me. It was a large ape-like creature. I kept it in my sight for 15-20 minutes. It never moved. I then heard a snap off to my left. I turned my head to observe where this noise came from. I didn't see anything. When I turned back to the creature, it was gone! It had been standing in grass that was knee-high to me, about a foot and a half to 2 feet tall. I feel that it couldn't have moved away in the short period of time my attention was drawn away. I feel that it dropped down in the grass to avoid detection. I feel that the snapping noise was made by another creature to divert my attention from the other one. At this time, I got up and left everything but my rifle and backed out of the area. I had this thing dead to rights in my scope but couldn't shoot because I did not feel threatened.”

Come ON people! How conceited are we to assume that Bigfoot conspires to trick us with misdirection and by hiding in plain sight?  Are we so self-important to believe that these creatures should need to play games like hide and seek?  Maybe we are, and maybe they do, but it seems like a waste of time for Bigfoot to toy with hunters this way.
You would think they would be more concerned with avoiding us altogether so they can spend time chasing down a deer or something. But the most important parts of this hunter's story is how insanely fast the huge creature disappeared, and how the creature did it so quietly. In the two seconds this guy turned his head, it was gone.

My point here is that if a creature the size of a Volkswagen Beetle stood on it's end can disappear from sight in the time it takes to turn your head, without making any discernible noise, it must be doing so in a non-physical way.   In other words, the Bigfoot isn't running way, he's dissolving from view. He might still be there, but we can't see them for reasons that have not been satifactorily explained to date.

All of this lack of success leaves me feeling a bit militant about Bigfoot being a real, live creature.

To be fair, ultimately it is up to each of us to make up our minds, do our own research if we want incontrovertible proof.
Look, the exit is THIS way, dude!

Bigfoot, WISHING he was invisible right about now.

But one source of information about BF invisibility can be found on Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo site;
'Invisibility of Bigfoot has been known about since at least the 60’s. People who know about, do not become Bigfoot researchers because they are pretty sure it is a waste of time trying to study something that is invisible most of the time. People who do not know about it, may become Bigfoot researchers because they do not know what they are up against. So the law of natural selection weeds out those who know about Bigfoot invisibility in the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Green’s book describes the evidence but fails to reach any conclusion.'

 Here is a link to that page, and it's an amazing story:

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