Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bigfoot Stinks

A commonly reported aspect of many Bigfoot encounters is how Bigfoot smells.

The descriptions of the odor of the big Cryptid creature is not far ranging, but rather distinct and reported as:
 'the smell of wet musty roadkill with dirty diaper that caused me to gag for air.'
'It smelled like Swamps, skunks, dead skunk.' or ' like a Super Bowl locker room.'

That can't be good.

Cabbage, rotted vegetation, wet bears, spawned salmon, rotted waterfowl eggs, various dead animals even dirty loggers socks or any combination of the above figure into witness accounts and one report I found claimed that 'bigfoot can have a sort of has a corn-chip like smell... I hear some people actually like it.'
About 10-15% of close encounters with Bigsmell are connected with an intense, disagreeable stench, comparable to the odor of smegma. How this comparison is ascertained, I will leave to the scientists, but the overall picture is clear: Bigfoot stinks.

Bigfoot Forensic expert, Dr. Henner Fahrenbach notes an observation of mountain gorillas as recorded by anthropologist Dian Fossey. "She describes male gorillas as producing an overpowering, gagging fear odor, either when fleeing from enemies, or when in confrontational encounters with other male gorillas. At eighty feet, the smell is very intense, and may be coincidentally accompanied by a discharge of diarrheic stool."  Nice touch, Magilla.

' there, like, a bathroom over here somewhere....NOW!?'

Doc Fahrenbach continues, "The origin of the odor seems to be in the axillary gland, a mass of apocrine sweat glands many layers deep in the armpit. Noted in the autopsy of a male gorilla, one gland was reported to be smelling and the other not, an indication of neural control over the discharge."
So...ostensibly we have an enormous hairy dude (and probably dudettes too) that can be found in forests around the nation that can basically 'shart' their way out of trouble. That's talent, but the reports go even deeper.
Fahrenbach says, "Repeated reports of people feeling like they are being observed, being overcome by unreasoning fear, abruptly retreating from the forest without obvious cause may concievably be due to a hormonal component of sasquatch sweat, percieved below conscious level, although it elicits an immediate emotional response."
Ok, so not only can Bigfoot shit-smell us into spasms of fear, his B.O. might also be so toxic that it can cause humans to immediatly exit, stage left. What other animals have this power?
In the 1930s, Karl von Frisch, the famous ethologist, theorized that injured fish release a substance that is transmitted by smell and causes alarm. But Dr. von Frisch never identified the chemical composition of the signal. He just called it 'schreckstoff', or “scary stuff.”
 Dogs are known to defecate and urinate when suprised in an aggressive manner, and humans, when faced with extreme fear also employ Autonomic innervation of the bladder, urogenital diaphragm, and anal sphincteric musculature to void urine and feces explosively.

In the BFRO, report #23245, a hunter in B.C. Canda in 2007 stops to enjoy a chocolate bar while leaning on a stump and turns to see a Bigfoot that was observing him from a mere 50 yards away.   He posts, "this god awful smell permeated the whole area." and then "The odor arrived and left as if someone had "turned it on and off".

In another BFRO report we get a more final summation of what the Bigguy whiffs of:
 'I live outside Farmington MO and I have a deer lick just out side the wood line in my back yard and there is always deer. I was just getting home from work one night after I closed, it was about 11 and I like to see the deer just to see what we have around my house. And in the upper left hand corner of my yard about 25 yards away from my deer lick I saw a big figure about 7' maybe 8' tall. I was thinking it was a poacher in the yard killing deer. So I turned my brights on and started walking toward the figure. As I was walking I started to smell kinda like a smell of body odor and mildew smell and I was scared when I realized it wasn't a hunter. It took off down a game trail in the brush. I also need to say I'm not hunting off the lick, and the deer run when I pull up. I wasn't walking over there with a group of deer. But to continue, the next day I walked back into the woods and looked. There is a bunch of nesting spots for deer and a spot where it looks like a rock bed that smelled awful, like death.'

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  1. Last nite I smelled the odor of wet dog and body odor.My whole back yard had this strong pungent odor to the point that my eyes almost watered .I live close to an area called Sunk Lake close to the Mississippi River in West Tennessee.Could the odor I smelled belong to a Bigfoot? Please let me know.My email is Please let me know ASAP.Thank you!


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