Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paranormal Bigfoot: Turning the Corner of Public Opinion

I cruise the BFRO nearly every day to see the latest BF encounter reports and I look hints of the anecdotes that stick out as having an extranormal aspect. My opinion about the nature of Bigfoot is that they are not simply some sort of left over Mega-Ape that survived the Ice Age just so they can hang out in the woods and throw rocks at campers. I think that Bigfoot has abilities that defy our notions of physics and other laws of the natural world.
In the report below, BFRO # 34043 the witness, described as an avid outdoorsman and hunter
notes that while looking at the subject BF through a rifle scope, the entity simply disappeared.
He also noted that there was no noise made that would be indicative of a large biped leaving the scene. This part of the story is a common occurance in BF encounters, where the huge creature leaves the scene without making any noise, much less leaving evidence of his presence or departure.  Read:

'OBSERVED: To keep it short..I was deer hunting in the new river gorge in Fayetteville WW and it was in 2007, the week of thanksgiving.
It was evening with about two hours of daylight left and I noticed movement about 60 yards towards the gorge from my position..I raised my gun to view the movement through the scope..after holding it in position for 10 sec or so I saw a very large hand appear from the side of a large Poplar was palm against the tree and I saw fingers mostly..then to my surprise I saw a head peek from around the large tree and two LARGE eyes affixed on a head if a creature I've never seen before..and I'm a hunter..have been since I was 8..I'm now 38.. The Bigfoot blinked twice while looking at me and then stepped back behind the tree..I viewed it for about 20 seconds while it was looking at mind just couldn't figure out what it was and I knew what it wasn't..I had no desire to shoot it and very well could have but my mind and body almost seemed to be in a state of shock while viewing it..I had to cross near the location on the trail out if the woods and I was F'n terrified even with a loaded deer hair stood on end when I realized that I would have to go towards the location to get out of the woods..I called my uncle as soon as I got to my jeep and told him..he believed me..I am a VERY honest man and would never lie about this..the thing is though..I never heard it run away or move through the leaves..and you can hear movement from 200+ yards off in these's like it just disappeared..I came home very shaken from the experience and it changed my I know that it is out there.'

To be fair, there ARE reports of BF making LOTS of noise and of being at least partially visible while paralleling the path of someone moving through the woods, and in this regard I would suggest that BF can turn on or turn off this ability as desired. But in the case of a creature the size and weight of three refridgerators stacked on each other, how can we explain it's ability to leave the scene so abruptly and in complete silence unless we invoke a paranormal explanation?  This is interesting also, because the BFRO is very stringent in it's posting guidelines about what should be considered evidential reportage and what could be construed as plain fantasy.  They instruct their investigators to fill out the report form in a detective like manner, leaving conjecture out.  This is how it should be done, of course, because you cannot form a tangible hypothesis without following evidential procedures, but as more and more encounters are posted I suspect we will see more embracing of these odder parts of the BF mystery, because even though these reports lack good photo or material evidence, the observational skills of so many of the witnesses are very good and cannot be ignored.

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